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The “cult” experience


Many “seekers” may have embraced a cult or a sect in their journey.

The word “cult” deals with a system of religious practices, veneration or devotion towards someone, characterized for being out of “mainstream” and because of that, it is relatively small in size. The word “cult” is not intended here as a pejorative label to a religious institution.

The keyword is “away from mainstream.” This is a very important feature.

A very superficial opinion about a “cult” will only deal with the “process of indoctrination.” The label used is: It is “bad.”

For a “seeker” who knows that every experience in life has benefit, that “mainstream” label is meaningless.
A “seeker” knows that his journey is to walk through the avenues that life offers, and to realize things by himself.

In fact, joining a cult may be another experience in his journey. Someone in “mainstream mentality” could say: “But they are dangerous. That experience can even kill you.” Death is a “mainstream” word to infuse fear from walking away from “mainstream.”

We cannot judge the ways that life has to teach someone who is “searching” for meaning in life. Death is not the end of the journey.

As mentioned before, the typical dualistic reaction of someone who is not aware of the teachings in life, is to “embrace something” and then to “reject it” later on.
The ones who embrace a cult will be oblivious of everything but how to “be” there, how to “advance” there. That experience becomes a “support” for an otherwise lonely path of self-discovery.

The ones rejecting that experience after being sometime in a group; will usually feel “cheated.” They will feel that their time was wasted and antagonism will grow against “them.” Being immersed into “mainstream” again, becomes their solution.

A honest “seeker” has to be willing to empty his mind with every experience that life brings. That is what an experience away from “mainstream” brings, the opportunity to empty previously learned concepts which were labeled as “the truth” in the past.

A “sheep” like individual, is not an adequate material to be a “Life walker,” a seeker.
A “cult” or “mainstream” (the office’s world) is continually hiring followers, to be part of the “livestock.”
Followers are always in demand!

The above is not a “teenager” reaction against every institution or business about the way society runs. No. This is merely a description of what a seeker may find in his path.

A honest seeker will not react against anyone or take positions for or against. However, a “seeker” has to be willing to change that “old” mind which is engaged in the security of knowing a belief or a dogma, that mind needs to be free like the one of a child. Life teaches something new at every moment.

Changing the mindset of an individual seems like a good way to move on, right? Any change based on rejection of the “old” to embrace the “new” does not affect our current consciousness of separation or individuality. It is that rejection, that separation which will bring issues in the individual’s life later on.

As consciousness changes, another avenue will be shown in life. Again the mind, wants to “stick” with the comfort zone of what is known to be “good,” even though deep inside; there is a force pulling someone to change.

The struggle will be between that which is felt as “true” and the “rationality” of the mind.

That suffering, is another opportunity which life brings to create that change of consciousness in the “seeker.” Guts and trust in life are required. To look into the “pros and cons” of the occasion is not part of a honest seeker profile.

The path is already made but someone has to do the walk. The “inner feeling” may need to be heard. That happens when the mind is empty.

Any experience, which allows our mind to be empty from preconceptions, beliefs and judgments, is definitely a step forward in our journey.

Until next week… Will be in a “parasailing” experience…becoming one with the Ocean and the Sky. 🙂