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Question: Please could you explain why Hinduism is not represented as a ‘branch’ of religion in the Kalpa Tree nor is it shown as a religion which emerged in the Copper Age. Thank you.

Thank you for your very good question! 🙂

According to gyan, Hinduism is the “Deity religion” in its “copper” and “iron” age state.
Baba has mentioned that there is “Deitism,” (Golden age) then the “Warrior clan” (Silver age) which obviously continued in the “Copper age” as Hinduism.

As we know, Hinduism does not have a “founder” like the other major religions. What is the reason? Because It came from before the Copper age. That is why, it is known as the “oldest major living religion of the world,” however, without a founder 🙂

Even the name “Hinduism” does not denote the name of a founder nor a religious ideal. It basically came to describe people living near the Indus River.

Therefore, Hinduism is portrayed in the kalpa tree as “Adi Sanatan Devi Devta Dharam” (Original Eternal Deity Religion- now, it makes sense why it is “eternal.”) Which is “Hinduism” in its most elevated state; (Deitism) and now we can see that “Hinduism” did not emerge in the Copper age, but it is “eternal.” It has existed with different names throughout time.

This is a great churning point.

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