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Oneness and God

Living life in joy means to take the training wheels of beliefs, off the bike. You can fall, you can hurt yourself… but with courage, you will know how to ride the bike.

Someone whose consciousness perceives “good” and “bad,” is not ready to perceive Oneness.

“Yes… I BELIEVE in Oneness, but you have done wrong and you will be punished.”

The game of “good” and “bad” requires to reject that which we perceive to be “bad.” The fight against evil.

“ Err… but if “I” don’t fight against evil, what should “I” do?

The “I” should do nothing. Anything the “I” does will only perpetuate that which the “I” wants to fight against.

This could be misinterpreted as Gandhi’s “ahimsa,” when some people whose consciousness is full of “I” are told to suck it up and do nothing in front of their perceived “enemy.”

“Yes… but it worked. The British left the Indians alone.”

Observe how your response keeps separating people, that reflects your consciousness: British = bad, Indians= good.

Indians kept fighting against each other. Violence between religions appeared. Gandhi himself was a victim of that violence.

A person whose consciousness is not able to see how “good” and “bad” are interrelated is truly stuck in the belief that God is “good” even though, that person may not believe in a God.

“How is that?”
They believe to be “God” themselves. What they do to be “right.”

Notice how the word “God” is interpreted in different ways and assigned to different entities or beings through the belief of different religious systems, but the bottom line is that this word, “God” represents “good” and thus there is the opposite, evil, bad.

“If God is neither “good” nor “bad,” then what is what he does?”

NOTHING but to allow for Life to be as it has to be.

A religion in Oneness full of BELIEVERS is a dishonest endeavor.
Oneness is change of consciousness not of beliefs.

“Yes… but I should start believing in something, so that belief could be a reality later on.”

That is another belief. Be honest with your current level of consciousness. It has something to teach you.

It is time to acknowledge that consciousness makes the change and not a belief system. Consciousness changes through the assimilation of Life experiences and not through the indoctrination of a belief system.

Whether someone believes in God or not, it does not matter at all.
What truly matters is how open a person’s consciousness is to accept and appreciate all.

The duality of “good and evil” can only create fear and fear is not a vehicle for changing consciousness but only behavior.

Someone who behaves like an “angel” is not truly an angel but a fake.

Could you envision God and the Devil (Maya) together in an effusive embrace of Love? 🙂
Observe how your belief is not allowing you to perceive beyond your comfort level.

“It is the belief in God “bad” then?”

For God’s sake, it is not “bad.” Believe in whatever you wish. But acknowledge that your belief has as much weight as someone else’s. That is all.
Your “spiritual experience” is as valid as someone else’s.
The bottom line is opening in consciousness.

Have the openness and courage to change when your consciousness is capable of perceiving something different in the horizon, get out of your rigid mind and accept what your heart is calling for. Be honest with yourself.

That is the beginning of inner knowledge where beliefs are no longer needed. The training wheels are left aside.

The world is equal to our consciousness


The paradox of being and not being is the beginning and the end.
Some say: “You are a soul. A spirit. A person. An individual. You are a thing separated from everything.”

That consciousness will become aware of “his” actions. When living in society, a line must be drawn.
That is the beginning of the duality of “good and bad … right or wrong.”

With that duality the representatives of those extremes will arrive: God, the angels the seraphims, the religion which represents them on Earth are “good.” The Devil or Maya or Lucifer or Satan along with everyone who opposes a Godly religion are “bad.”

The above is the collective consciousness of the majority of individuals on this planet. It is so easy to follow. It is so easy to understand. Very logical. Very reasonable.. It is the “battle” between good and evil!… but yet that consciousness is just a perception of “what is.”
Major religions, cults , sects and philosophies follow that line. In “Democracy,” majority rules. Therefore, that collective consciousness rules.

In the above, the need to reward some and to punish others arises automatically and with that the sense of guilt, forgiveness and fear. The need to create this “system” for the afterlife is imperative.
Otherwise, there is no motive to obey.
That is the bottom line.

It is that “self” which has been nourished by that conditioning.

When consciousness changes, then perception changes.

The monotheistic God all by himself as the “superior” being does not need a believer or a non-believer.
It is not about that. That is to be trapped in duality.

It is about that which we call “I.”
Other religions and systems will take the opposite approach.
“The “I” does not exist. We are empty;” will say.
When this description becomes just an intellectual exercise to believe in; the “concept” is completely worthless.

To believe in whatever without an experience… it is a trap, which will teach us about self-honesty. That is why beliefs are not “bad.” 🙂

“I believe in this. I believe in that.”

“God is not omnipresent” is as good as “ God is omnipresent.”
Senseless , meaningless words.
It is not about an intellectual exercise to debate about and to proselytize a dogma. It is about that “I” which can be perceived without the mask of intellectual knowledge, thinking and reasoning. Can we see that?

As some individuals have experienced another “reality” beyond the collective, their words have been misinterpreted.
Grossly misinterpreted, by those who only excel in intellectual endeavors but have no “real” experience on what they are interpreting.
Then, the “belief” must continue. The Intellectual “steps,” the Do 1 then step 2 and then you will be enlightened if you do them right...That “catch” makes the game interesting.

Let me quote this guru. Let me read this “best seller,” let me watch this “spiritual movie,” let me believe that “I am learning.”

Nothing wrong with the above; but consciousness does not change through those means. Consciousness changes through life experiences and there is no life experience which is the ultimate, for life does not evolve into perfection when it is already perfect, as it is.

“We” are not separated from life. We are life itself and because life changes, we need to change.

It is in the contemplation of that “perfection” how we realize that if we feel like worshiping someone or to practice devotional love… we should start with life itself and by doing so, God is included and so are “you” and “I” as well.
That is called Totality, completeness… Perfection.

Question for June 7, 2103 – Maya – The Illusion

What are the different forms of maya. How can a bk recognise it. Baba says the sronger you become in effort the stronger is maya. What types of maya affect a senior bk? Please help.

Dear soul,

Thank you for your great question!
Maya or “illusion” is just that, an “illusion.”
In Sakar days, it was about the “illusion” of taking you away from the “Father’s lap.” In our days, it is the illusion that removes you from self-transformation if that is what you value in life.

The stronger is our ego, the stronger will be the “effort” needed to “overcome it,” thus, that “illusion” becomes stronger.

From a child like understanding then, Maya is “bad.”
We need to destroy “her.” We need to “make effort” to go over it…

Once the child grows up then, “Maya” is a teacher. (This is something which Baba has said as well.) Nothing to be afraid of, but it becomes the way that we learn about ourselves when we have that honesty, awareness and Spirituality is our aim.

I don’t know what kind of illusions a senior has. But, definitely, just like the rest of us. My illusion may not be your illusion, but your illusion is an illusion just like mine.

Once we awaken from those illusions, the nightmare is over.

What are the different forms of Maya?
It is formless. Or as many forms as the sand grains at the beach… It is omnipresent 🙂

How can a BK could recognize it?
By suffering. Unless you are able to see it at a “distance,” and no reject it, but play with it… 🙂 or just wake up from sleeping mode.

How can you recognize day light?
By having experienced night time.

Best wishes!

Questions chosen to be answered for May 22, 2013

om shanti ,BABA often says us to be yuktiyukt and yogyukt .meaning to be practical and logical in different circumstances necessarily on the basis of gyan and also to have yog with baba simultaneously. different circumstances in lowkik or alowkik life demand different responses from us.but still it is found that while i am dealing with the world around me which is necessarily tomoguni but behave firmly in the way as baba tell us ,I face a problem as I find myself not suited to this world .just as an example if my husband says me to go to a cinema ,i have to go as I don’t have any option to deny it as it seems to be my duty as a wife.i choose to go but still I know by seeing those vulgar and violent scenes,which I don’t like to see as baba says us not to see evil what can I do?.really it has an impact on my mind how much detached I can be ,for which I have to struggle to clear my mind again as the previous sanskars may rise at any time.how can we be yuktiyukt where it is the responsibility concerned with both lowkik and alowkik .if those people I am related to say waste talks and also demand my opinion on that which I feel it is basically the waste of my intellect to think on it,neither can I ignore them nor can say anything as I don’t want to make waste talks . introversion and silence inside I am feeling in soul consciousness does not permit me to talk unnecessarily..how to be yuktiyukt in such circumstances?how can I use all of my time in earning spiritual treasures as baba inspires us to do?thank u. ur thoughts. pls……

Thank you for sharing your circumstances for the benefit of all.

Dear soul,

The words “yogyukt and yuktiyukt,” represent soul consciousness and using the right method according to knowledge.
Logic has nothing to do with Spirituality. Reason does. Logic is merely a game with words. Logic does not have substance of experience. You can infer a most probable outcome through logic. That is as far as it can get you.

My assumption is that those who are reading this blog, from the BK world; are beyond the “childhood” stage and the world of “black or white.”

Your example personifies that “being beyond.” If we hear in the Sakar Murli: “The cinema is hell.” Then automatically we take that as “the cinema is bad. I should not go.” We forget about the time and circumstances when that Murli was spoken; we blindly follow words without deeper understanding.

If I say: “All movies are bad,” I am generalizing, which doesn’t fit the “reality” of gyan when we explore the concept of “numberwise.”

The issue is not that you have to go with your husband to the cinema and watch whatever he wants you to watch. The issue is if you have communicated to him that there are certain movies that you would prefer not to watch because of their violent content.

Hopefully your husband is “reasonable” (not logical) so he could care about your wishes. Otherwise, you know who you are dealing with; thus, you could prepare accordingly.

Someone may take you to the cinema but that person cannot force you to watch. In my experience, I have gone to the cinema with some friends including BKs, and If I do not find that movie to be suitable for me; I will tune out. Shut my eyes and practice remembrance despite the noises and the highly emotional voices coming from the movie. I will get up and go to the bathroom at my own leisure as it there was no tomorrow…. 🙂 and then, believe me; the person will get the drift without a word from you.

When is time to talk, you need to say what you feel is proper from your perspective. Only be careful on the form that you use to say it. I had people who may get upset because I do not agree with their opinions; but at the same time; to be honest with them is of paramount importance. Sometimes, it is better not to say anything, some others, you need to: Become assertive, non emotional and in good manners. That is all. Then forget about it. Don’t bring the topic up, anymore.

It is a balancing act, what we need to learn to get those “black and white” concepts out of our minds and use the situations to see how much we have gone “beyond.”

It is of no use if I label this world as “tamoguni” (degraded)It is what it is and I rather have my mind clear from duality. We need to learn to live in this world and make the right decisions according to the situation, the circumstances. We need inner flexibility to be able to live harmoniously, in balance… and this dear soul; takes greater wisdom than just to say “No” to everything which life presents to us.

Best wishes!

Question: Who is the ‘creator’ of ‘Maya’? Who is the ‘creator’ of ‘the drama’?

Thank you for your question!
Dear soul,
The “creator” is our own mind.
That word “creator” has been used extensively in devotion. It is meaningless in deep Gyan for creation brings automatic destruction; (dualistic) but; it is an eternally repetitive cycle; thus “creation” or “destruction” are just perceptions of the mind. We make a difference when there is only continuity.

Nothing is created in this Drama. Nothing. It is what it is. We can label things as our “morality” dictates; but those labels are not real. “Maya” is a label with the meaning of “bad” an illusion, the “opposite of God.” Just labels. The illusion goes away when we wake up. There is a time to sleep and a time to awaken.

The “Drama” has always existed. Always. “Drama” is a word that we use for “life.” Existence has always existed and always will.
Non-existence, only exists in our own minds.

Best wishes!

A soul is like empty containers – Reader description of the Drama of life

“om shanti brother,your understanding of the knowledge is simply tremendous.baba/drama has rightly selected u for the glorious role u r playing and will play through all kalpa.now as i had been reading all ur articles regarding how to be detached observer and also following BABA’s murli points some experiences occur to me what i want to share to u again{pls verify is it right or wrong}.that we the souls are only like empty container in reality and also neutral silent completely detached from drama,as drama is only continuous movement and have all within it linked to each other.bt we souls are only the entity in substance.the souls are like container containing only the light and might of God.now BABA injects within us His powers which simply reduces as time passes by thru different ages.in that vacant place darkness or maya enters.therefore the struggle all the souls are experiencing is only the fight between BABA’s powers and maya,invariably it means our’s is nothing,as all power or lack of it are from baba or maya in absence of baba.similarly the body,role,wealth etc we think as ours bt these are only the result of baba’s powers depending on that how much we contain that or lose.so these also not of ours bt of baba in reality even the last drop of it.similarly baba’s power or that darkness maya act through our thought,bacha .karmana.so we are doing nothing at all simply is playing unconsciously. we just carry and play forgetting all these through the whole circle.we are only enlightened by god as the earth is by sun.on the contrary absence of that light causes as maya making the way dark for us to lead.so we can just be detached and see the struggle between light and darkness within ourselves whereas nothing is of us.again the light or darkness work through us creating the drama for us whereas we simply dont have any role or part except playing it.in that way the containers of bk souls and others are different in size in amount of taking and losing the energy of god.so it is called numberwise.so i cant be a big container like brahma baba or small like the soul who take only one birth as the percentage of heaven and hell are same to all bt varies in quantity.i am what i am bt neccessarily i am not more than a container,nothing to call as I or mine as both are created by baba or maya.i have not created anything or shall not create.therefore my thought is also not of mine.your thoughts on this pls share.thank u dear soul.”

Dear soul,
Thank you for your kind words.
Disclaimer: “My” understanding is not the “truth.” It is just a description of Gyan from another perspective. I am happy to know that you see it as useful, and that is great.

Congrats for your realization! Please just be aware that it will change. It needs to change as your understanding and experiences evolve. Your descriptions are valid as much as you have experienced them for the most part.

The “war” between “good and evil,” or “Baba and Maya,” is not part of my repertoire anymore. It is just continuity through entropy. No wars, no fights; just experiences and different range of consciousness.

The soul is a soul. A word. The experience of the self cannot be put into words. No one “creates” anything in this Drama for we are all eternal.. and that is because even though we could be many… we are one at the same time… 🙂

Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

Best wishes!

Introduction to Good and Evil 101

In Spirituality, the “laws” are different than the ones we have learned by being surrounded and colored by the understanding of a “materialistic” society. One of the most misunderstood themes is our awareness of “Good and Evil.”
We have been taught to “reject” evil and to “embrace” good. However, our perception of what is “good and what is evil” have been changing in time. Do you see that? Today good, tomorrow evil.

Was the “holy inquisition” good or evil? Is “dying for your country” good or evil? Is euthanasia good or evil? Is sex good or evil? Are religions good or evil? Is the devil really “evil” and God really “good”? 🙂

The above will probably make some people frown . Let me assure you this: If you pick any thing as being “good,” I will certainly have many arguments to let you know how “evil” your choice really is.

The above concepts are things that we are willing to die for, to fight for etc; when truly those things are merely conceptual thoughts. Even if we pick the well regarded and worshiped word: GOD. That word has many meanings and understandings by many people. Even within Brahma Kumaris knowledge; there is this perception of God as being “good.” Let me share a secret. God is neither good nor evil. God just has a role in the Drama, a role which is performed when it is necessary. (Disclaimer: I am not talking about the EXPERIENCE of God. I am referring to what is typically known as HIS role.)

Don’t you believe me?
Let me play with “illogical” logic a bit:

1. Why God didn’t “help me” at the end of the Silver age to become Satopradhan again quickly?
Answer: Because that is the way the Drama is made.
Therefore, God cannot do anything that the Drama does not dictate of Him. See?

2. Why God is allowing me to go through so much suffering so then He can “help me” at the end?
Answer: Because God can only do what it is in the Drama. It is predestined like that. How can He be really “good” if he has “no choice”? Why I wasn’t made just like that? Where is my “free will”? 🙂 You know the answer.

3. Why doesn’t God do one “miracle” which will be seen by the whole world once and for all, so everyone can know about Him and then “decide” whether they want to shape up or not?

4. Why is there punishment if there is predestination? Why John was born sick if there is “free will”? There is a word which answers all questions: Drama. Is the Drama good or evil? 🙂 The Drama IS what it IS. We add the “moral” labels.

I can feel the frowning is deeper now by some “true believers”… Some at this point, decided not to continue reading for they may get “waste thoughts” in their minds…. No problem. Let me continue.. 🙂

Have you seen a martial artist in action?
Someone attacks him and then he uses the energy of his opponent to re-direct the force so it comes back to the attacker. That is the principle in Spirituality, to transform rather than to oppose.

However, we have been “brainwashed” to oppose anything that is against our path, that is anything which is “evil” to us. By opposing, we have to put energy at least equal to the opposing force otherwise, we will be crushed. That is “we will divorce the Father.”

Lust is energy. We can call it “evil” to make some feel better; but that energy coming from us cannot be “rejected” by us at the same time as if there were two different people in “me; the “good guy,” and the “evil guy.” That is called “dementia.”
Let me call the evil guy, “Maya,” so I feel better… Oh ..the deceiving magic of words!!

With Gyan, which is a very high spiritual knowledge; we can understand that everything that has happened in the Drama is BENEFICIAL. (Disclaimer: Not my own “manmat,” but BapDada has mentioned that)

We are looking at things which need to happen as they have happened. Unless you are a detached observer, you will not be able to “get this.” Otherwise, we can apply our own pitiful morality to label something as “good “ or “evil” but in the unlimited is just NECESSARY. It will repeat again; so “get used to it, the innocent”… 🙂 (Drivin N Cryin lyrics)

There is no good without evil. There is no evil without good. That is the nature of duality. To embrace one and to reject the other side is the way of “ignorance” or lack of understanding. Once we understand the law of karma, we will realize that regardless of the labeling, the one who planted the seed of an action, will eat the fruit himself. There is no escape. That is the “law.” No need for labels to “elevate” our ego into self righteousness.

Gyan is deep. Let us take a deep dip.

Question: OM SHANTI: I actually wanted to ask what is Maya? Is it the negative attachments or addictions, negative influences, negative emotions, weaknesses, being slaves and also hurt our own self because of outer people and things?

Thank you for your question.
Dear soul,

Maya is an illusion, although a recurrent illusion.
To live a “maya free” life means to live in consciousness of our a-temporal, eternal and all pervading reality of unity with everything that is. That is “purity.”

Best wishes!