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Looking into meaning behind “Spiritual” words

Spirituality is a deceitful word.
Forget that word and you may find Life. By finding Life, you may start living it. By living it, enjoying it. By enjoying it, finding the meaning of spirituality. It is not a concept.

To find honesty within ourselves, sooner or later we may learn to forget everything we have been taught, only to find who we ARE.
Every experience in Life only will show us who we ARE at that moment in time.
When we learn to accept ourselves as we ARE in an unconditional way, then we may be able to accept “others;” not as an idea, a concept, a “spiritual” virtue to practice, but as genuine, unrehearsed, unlearned, natural way of being.

Want to practice empathy?
Want to work on being more loving?
Want to practice detachment?
Do you have sainthood as an objective?
Want to teach peace to others?

Then your mind is engaged in the intellectual world of ideas, concepts and “spiritual” words.
When the mind empties itself from the intellectual world, there is knowing in BEING.

Does not make any sense?
Wonderful! That is a step forward.

Forget the “practice.” Forget to label virtues. Forget all dictionary words defining Love.
Unlearn all of those concepts.

“To surrender,” is not to give up something in Life. It is effortless openness when the “I” dilutes itself.

“To love someone” is not just a mushy feeling. It is to allow that one to be, without conditions. To grow together in joy.
“To be detached” is not to be insensitive, aloof. It is to acknowledge the process of another, knowing that we have our own.

“To go with the flow” is not to follow what Life offers for there is no option to choose from. It is to BE one with Life.

If you “practice” any of my “definitions,” you will deceive yourself. If you repeat any of my definitions, you will not be honest with your own findings.
Know that your own definitions will need to change in time, just like mine. That is what we have in common. Change.

It is said that to know “Spirituality” there is a need of a teacher to teach.
I am assuring you that none of the “spiritual values” can be taught.

It can only be found in your own walking path. As you place one foot in front of another in your Life journey, you will recognize the teaching that Life offers, only because you already know it. Concepts can be taught, not Living Life.

To teach “spirituality” is deceitful. We can only share our experiences as a friend shares with another.

When that one is ready, your words can only inspire, allow for a different perspective, but words are not meant to teach in the realm of Life.

Life is the teacher, without being appointed for that.
Thus, we can only teach when we are ONE with Life…. and at that moment, there may be nothing to teach. 🙂

Attraction in relationships.


Mathias the wise tree, was sharing with his friends Ananda and Raysha, about the significance of human attraction.

Mathias:” Attraction brings a collision. It is like a magnet. When that magnet attracts another object, a collision is unavoidable. Attraction has the ability to make someone lose their own essence. A “Life walker” does not reject attraction. He simply observes it in himself, smiles at the scene and continues on, not forgetting his life purpose. When a “Life walker” forgets his purpose for a few days, then that attraction will distract his mind, then his thoughts and his feelings will deepen that attraction.”

Relationships made out of attraction will experience that collision, a crash of “selves,” which is in direct proportion to the attraction being felt.
For many in our society, attraction is “good.” That is love for many. Songs and poetry are written to reflect that enchantment. The “Blue lagoon” syndrome. 🙂
Is attraction “bad” then?
No. It is “what is.”
Choosing between “good and bad” is known as “living in duality.”

It is childish to reject and suppress attraction, when that is a teaching that Life is giving at that moment. For a self-aware individual, that is a brilliant opportunity to observe himself.

Although the question: “what is the purpose of life?” may be meaningless as life is the mirror; the question of “what is my life purpose?” may have some meaning.

Ananda’s life purpose is love.
That is his essence.

Someone else may have a different purpose in life, as everyone brings his own essence into this huge game.

That “inner-purpose” is the compass to be observed.
Everyone and every circumstance brings something in life, like colorful advertising. When the mind engages into that “free ad,” a story will be built. At that point, the story becomes our “inner-purpose.”

Is that “bad”? I must never think about anyone?
No. That is rejection. Rejection brings greater strength to that which is being rejected. For example,”hate” is rejection; and that is the “best way” to be fixated in someone to the point where we lose our own essence. Someone who hates something is sentenced to be a slave of that which he hates. He will remember that thing and he cannot let go.

Nothing is “bad” or “good,” we just need to observe, experience, enjoy and move on. Life is change.

Our awareness makes the difference. Someone who is “studying” himself will take advantage of every moment to know something about himself.

“Know thyself” at this point, has meaning.
The mirror of life will only reflect that who we are, back to our own perception.

The “Other” and God

Rituals Important

Consciousness is like the Ocean. That Ocean has a particular movement and timing, which appears in a particular circumstance.
What makes the Ocean to move?
Many things and nothing.
It will be many things if our consciousness is residing in the “Self” for that consciousness separates.
The moon, the wind, the particular Season, the Earth moving, the beings residing in the Ocean, human activities and their consequences, etc.
Many different, separated things.

It will be “none” if our consciousness could observe that everything that exists is inter-related and our separation is fictitious. All the things named above and many others, act as one… they are one.
Life is change, it is movement in itself.

When that consciousness manifests itself through different forms (humans, manatees, dolphins, bees, flowers, rocks, etc.) that consciousness will vary according to the nature of those forms.

When that consciousness identifies itself through its form, then ego appears and thus, separation.

The above has been simplified tremendously to explain something that is not meant to be explained through words.

Observe carefully the Ocean, Nature to grasp the meaning.

When we say that “we want to help others,” what is the consciousness behind those words? Is it the “self” speaking? Then, that action even though it “looks good,” it is full of ego, separation.
That is why it was mentioned before, that “Karma” is not related with the activity but the intention behind the action, the consciousness.

When a drop of the Ocean, separates itself from the Ocean and starts thinking, then that thinking comes from a point of reference, the self.
“I think therefore, I am ….a drop.”
That drop could live a life in separation from the Ocean. That drop could only see its own benefit. That drop could perceive the Ocean as “others” separated into other drops, which are different. That drop perceives duality through its separation. That drop could imagine that there is a hierarchy; a “bigger drop” which has created all drops… and who will save the “self” from experiencing darkness, death, hell, fear, etc.
That “bigger drop” needs to be worshiped, feared, obeyed and … loved.

For God’s sake… All there is …is the Ocean…

It is in that consciousness of “self” when God is perceived as separated from everything else. It is in that same consciousness when “good and evil” appears and with that, all dualistic religions and philosophies…

If the Ocean is all there is, where could you find “God”?
Your answer will be according to your consciousness. 🙂

Nothing has meaning, except the one you give

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Sharing a very interesting article written by Satinder Bhalla. It is about those mental conceptual structures that we use as supports and call them “truth.”
We are used to look at life from that perspective. Because it is only one perspective, our “unlimited vision” is hindered.

As we are finding out, it is important to become open to different points of view, different visions for that will give us a greater “picture” of what is. Then, through many viewpoints, we could clear the corrosion in our minds, that is our dogmatic way of looking at things which creates a mental block which does not allow us to go over our own mental limits.

Spirituality resembles in this as being like a well-trained athlete. Life is training us. We are finding our limits through this training, our mental limits; that is. Until we “open up” we will be stuck in that position. Stagnation brings a “bad” smell….Everything moves, changes, flows in harmony.. that is…remains alive… 🙂

Enjoy the training!

(Translated from Spanish by Avyakt7 and Google.)

Nothing has meaning except the meaning we give to it.

Nothing has any meaning except what is written on our walls of the Palace of Possibilities.
What do we do when we find something about which nothing is written on those walls? How can we make sense when the walls are empty on the subject?

Simple. We invent a meaning that most closely matches the “truth” that is already written on our walls.
That “meaning” is probably fictitious, of course, but that does not prevent us from doing so. It is a human need to make sense of the world around us and we always do so to fit our beliefs.

When children do this, we call that fantasy. But when adults, do it, we call that reality.

If there is no reference to follow, we simply create it, using what is already written on our walls, a meaning that could fit.

What happens when new information is in direct opposition to what is already in those walls? Here, we introduce our final “trick.” It is an internal dialogue which provides instant objection to any new information that may conflict with our “truth” about the existing world.

What is written on your walls is there to help you navigate a world that is often uncertain.

It helps you make “smart” decisions. It helps you to avoid danger and reinforces your view of what is valuable in this world. … It is there to keep you safe.

We rely on the support of our “truths” much stronger than what we think, and that becomes more obvious when we are directly challenged.

A first-class way to challenge the scripture on the walls of someone, is by the use of affirmations.

This technique has been around for decades as a tool for personal improvement. From the most popular assumptions of “positive thinking”, “mind over matter”, or “what you think is what you are.”

In general, a goal is decided; something like losing weight, earning more money, or anything else you can think of, and then we design a statement that assumes that your goal has become a reality.

If properly designed, an affirmation enters into direct conflict with the Scripture on your walls. It asserts a reality that not only is not still true, but also extends the limits of your belief about what is possible. More importantly, it also produces new “tricks,” which bring valuable information about your emotional structure.

The trick is to overcome the old “tricks”, to enter a new reality.

– Satinder Bhalla

Question: Dear brother, The tests in life comes in many form to get rid of the “I” ego, this could be loosing your status in society, jobs, property, health, and ,even family members, does this mean Once “I” the ego is lost before the tests make you do that, you will have everything , even though at that point it will not mean a thing?

Thank you for you great question!

Dear soul,

Once there is no ego, you will have everything for there will not be “you” to take it away from “you.”

Meaning is something that “you” give. When there is no “you” the word “meaning” is meaningless… 🙂

Best wishes!

Topics with Depth:The truth cannot be spoken.

Topics with Depth:

2. The truth cannot be spoken.

“the soul is an infinitesimal immaterial point of light, located  in the middle of the forehead.”

If I ask, what is honesty? Someone could give me a definition. That definition is based on that person experience at the best or a dictionary definition at worse. There is no definition that could fit reality. All definitions fit experiences.

Words are defining. Any language is a “closed box” for spiritual truth. Even if “God speaks” those spoken words could not fit “truth” for it can only fit a reality. Life is movement. Words are static. Static words cannot fit a changing reality. They merely point out.

It has been said: “scriptures are like a pointing finger. They point to the stars. Do not get trapped with the finger. See the stars.”

“Death is better than to live in Hell.” (SM 5-4-12)  If we analyze those words, we will find inconsistencies with gyan.  It is not hell for everyone.

We need to go beyond the analysis and to see the motive, the point in discussion; what the speaker is trying to convey, the feeling rather than what is being conveyed through words. Communication does not happen through spoken words, it happens when I am able to sense other things about a person (vibes, attitude, vision, manners, face, etc.)  Those things which I perceive about a person cannot be put into words. It is something to sense, to feel.

I can read something and see that the author matches my thinking, my experience, however; that cannot be called the “truth.” It is “my truth.”

The experience of something magical in life, like meeting Baba or something unusual could be described as magical, unusual, wonderful, etc. Those labels do not represent the truth of living life.

Someone may say that his “Ferrari 458 is unusual, magical and wonderful as well.”  Same words different meanings. Different truth.