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Question: What is the UNIT of measurement to measure Power, Purity, Peace, Love and Bliss? In this PHYSICAL WORLD we measure TIME in an UNIT of MEASUREMENT called….Seconds, Minutes, Hours, Day, Night, Days, etc.,. …. and so on. All these are the ‘names’ of ‘words’ that we have coined ourseleves in this LOUKIK WORLD. It is the ‘experience’ that we have coined these words on the basis of our ‘own experiences’. If so, is it that ‘with the experience’ that ‘we experience’ with ‘DUALITY’ and ‘ETERNITY’ that we can measure Power, Purity, Peace, Love and Bliss in this PHYSICAL WORLD?

Thank you for your question.
Dear soul,

The moment you come for the first time in the cycle of time, gives that “measurement” that you are looking for. That is the “natural” way. Time as we know, does not exist just as triangles do not exist. However, we use those “non-existent” things all the time. A clock does not measure time. It just ticks every second and we “believe” that to be measurement of time, just as when we observe the sun setting in the horizon and believe that the Sun moves around the Earth. As a matter of fact, that was the “belief” for many centuries.

Different perspectives, different understandings, different realities. All according to the Drama.

Best wishes!