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Fear is the disease and the medicine.

Swimming naked in the Ocean was the cure, from the fear of being naked.

Fear is the demon. The saviors are not “out there” but inside that fear.

Is fear “bad”?

It is ironic how that which will help us to be free, is considered “bad” and because of that rejected.

There is no need to conquer fear. There is no “I” able to do that, for fear is not something that could be conquered.

We feel fear, we acknowledge it, we observe it, we become aware of it, fully, without hesitations and without beliefs of what it should be.

“It should be love.”

That rejection will not allow us to become aware of what is.

The same principle, which I’d like to call inner honesty, is very important to be at ease, for without acknowledging “what is” there is no way to be open to what “could be.”

In another consciousness, “spirituality” has nothing to do with spirits, nothing to do with the after life, nor with God and the Devil.
“Spirituality” is about living Life in joy, “now.”
Heaven is “now.” You are “now.”

No worship needed, no religious hierarchies, nor dogmas to believe in. It is the search for Oneness without striving for it, without doing things or practicing things to “accomplish“ that. It is a process, which already has its own destination, ready to be unfolded as the path narrows down into oblivion.

It is truly the encounter of that which we call “self” into its seldom-walked path, called “no-self.”

As we become closer to the reality of “lack of I-ness” there will be acceptance, openness, love and joy without someone, the “I,” trying to “make effort,” to “work on virtues” such as being loving, detached, tolerant, and all of those meaningless words; those ideals which are only existent in the mind of those who are filled with concepts, analysis and beliefs. A word is meaningful for them, but a definition is not the thing. It cannot be.

“Spirituality” is openness of feelings, the heart, consciousness…awareness.

It is at that point, when we could truly appreciate Nature, which is Life in its “natural” way.
As that appreciation increases, oneness with all there is, will no longer be a “concept,” but it will be truly felt, truly experienced and with that knowing, any sort of intellectual knowledge will be completely discarded as superfluous and even limiting.

The concert of Nature, the ever playing sounds of that orchestra, is an exquisite healing experience, irreplaceable, unique and beneficial for all beings.
The common good.

There is no church, temple or worship place capable of coming close to Nature’s beauty.
There is no meditation room able to bring completeness, fulfillment and peace without having a purpose in mind: The “I am meditating because I want this other thing to happen to me.”

There is no symphony of human instruments capable of bringing the spirit of “non-being” completely alive, as a gift to humanity. Nature is the perfect teacher without words.

Every bird, every element of Nature merely acts as it should, without looking into becoming the “star” of the show, or the creator of the melody. No one asks for credit.
There are no directors nor composers, no gurus or clergy to follow, no hierarchy. It is only Oneness without a name, without a title for that playing song of the “now.”

Those who are capable of observing the silent teachings of Nature, are able to follow its rhythms, pace, movements and understand that the intelligence behind it has no name; for every single species, every single being makes up everything there is.

Most humans are concerned with names, labels and limiting definitions; which do not allow an experience of what is, but just a description of what “should be” according to someone. In that world, to follow is a necessity.

When a human being learns to be in communion with “what is,” then there is no need to find anything outside himself…. Not because there is self-absorption, a “me” to feed; but because there is no-self.

Paradoxically, no-self means the capacity to be everything.

It is at that point when we could realize that there was no time when the “outside” was different than the “inside.”

We cannot be separated from Nature. That is our “nature,” the human nature. What comes after that experience cannot be manipulated. A human being needs to have the experience of a human being while being a human being.

As societies and religious groups are interested in changing man into something else, whether an angel, a saint or even a murderer and a corrupt being; the process of taking man away from mother Nature, is unavoidable.

When man loses his roots, man loses his sense of belonging. Then it is an “I” against another and the belief to be “right” will appear supported by the righteousness of Gods and Devils, which are residing in a fearful out of balance mind.

Fear will take us away from Nature. Going back to Nature is the medicine for the mind and the heart.

Remembering the past


Remembering the past is a “past time” for most individuals. When we observe our minds going into the past to re-live those moments, we could observe that our emotions will change, with that our mood will change and our outlook towards life, the experience of living the moment, will change as well.

Nothing wrong with remembering the past; what is important to recognize is how our emotions will change our experience of “now.”

Those emotions, whether elation or sadness are just ghosts. They no longer exist, nevertheless, our emotions are timeless.

A factual past becomes a hurtful psychological past. That psychological past has a charge of emotions, which will affect our present.

For example, some will remember a loved one who left, several times a day for many months. When this condition is beyond our control, this becomes a mental disease.
It is a chronic depression.

The solution does not reside on “not thinking” about things, or to have the “self control” not to think, to avoid this condition. Most will recur into further pain by doping themselves to avoid remembering.

The issue resides in our inability to understand the emotion underneath. Thinking about that loved one is merely showing that emotions need to be expressed. Thoughts are the vehicle for that expression.

The key element then is to find which is the emotion which needs to be understood, which neediness is being expressed by our rejection of the present, that is why we go into a recurrent past.

For example, the “9/11” episode. Many will gather today to remember that event. What will those individuals be remembering?

That is the key element to know. If it is about the sadness and pain of losing a loved one, if it is about maintaining the fire of revenge in their hearts; they are actually opening a wound that needs to be healed to “move on” in life.

“Move on,” means to transform that anger into acceptance. That is to have openness to life again. The obstacle in moving forward is resentment.

For a spiritual aware individual, revenge does not accomplish anything but the certainty to experience further suffering. Life has its own ways. There is no one who can escape the reaction caused by his or her own activity.

What you do unto others, you truly do it to yourself. That is why the teaching is: “Do unto others as you would have them do to you.”

On the other hand, to gather and to remember the contributions of every human being who met their last breath in that event, brings a different attitude. It will not be about suffering anymore, but about appreciation, about recognizing the unique qualities and roles that every person plays in life.

It is in this way, when the past dissolves in the past; and our present brings a different fragrance. For once a hurtful situation is transformed into the flower of acceptance and openness, then there is the opportunity for that flower to blossom in life and to share that beauty without ‘trying to.’

That is the best way to give, to teach and to live a human life.

Nature as a source of healing


Nature is that source of harmony and balance in life. Everything in Nature has its own cycle; however, nothing is the same; everything changes but yet there is harmony in continual change.

Peace in movement is harmony. Balance means harmony; thus peace is balance.

Nature can be used as a source of inner healing. A closed heart due to fear to love or to relate with others is a common spiritual disease nowadays. This condition will bring sadness, close mindedness, lack of trust and our inner world will be dried up. This spiritual condition will manifest as a physical disease sooner or later.

We can observe our inner selves to break those mental complexes, beliefs and ideas which are shattering our spiritual progress, but that work may not be complete. There is always something coming out from our darker sides, as rabbits from the magician’s hat.

Here is where Nature can help.
Just completely abandon yourself in the presence of Nature and quickly, go over the issues in your mind. The sensation will be as when a little dog is kept in a house for a long time and the first thing the dog will do when let go outside, is to look for grass and turn around in it, in happiness.

That is the way to cleanse our energy field through the help of Nature.

Similarly, we could use different elements in Nature to energetically “clean ourselves.” The sand at the beach is another, or just floating in the water as a “dead body.”

As long as our hearts are closed due to feeling emotional pain, there will be further accumulation of emotional sorrow.
The feeling of universal love is needed to open that heart.
Nature brings that universal energy by contemplating its unlabeled beauty.

A similar experience is experienced by those who seek God. Then, God means that universal form of love that could open our closed hearts; rather than what is usually seen as: A selective, individualized love.

From the universal we can go into the particular, individual. We cannot pretend to only know love from an individualized view and extend it to the world, for love is universal.

Harmony is in the totality of things. Appreciation is that totality. Wholesomeness is in that which is Universal, because it is complete, total. When something is complete, it is harmonious.

Question: Dear brother, This article [about evil spirits] is at the right time, as lately I have been experiencing lots of distractions internally which is very unusual for me, with lots of unwanted emotions and feelings, never been like this in my life, more than 20 years in gyan, sometimes it is very difficult to sleep at night, with becoming detached and point, to some extent I am able to stay away from this . I am not sure what is causing it … this has been the case for about a month or so…. I just don’t want to rule the possibility of evil spirit right away…. but I am not sure either…?

Thank you for your good question!

Dear soul,

If there is something which I have learned in this spiritual life, is that I cannot rule out possibilities. Information comes to us at a certain time for a “reason.”
Through sharing this, I am not implying that everything which makes us feel “out of balance” is due to an “evil spirit,” that is an unhealthy generalization. I am merely sharing information which could apply to some of us.

Before being a BK in this life, I had a “blind faith” in Science and his doctors. After becoming a BK, when the body gets some sort of disease, I have my “arsenal” of subtle help (acupuncture, Tibetan singing bowls, Bach flowers, traditional Chinese medicine etc.) I had spent $$ in costly tests to find out what was wrong in my health, just to find out that “everything is normal.”

As a Brahmin soul or someone in the spiritual path. may find out that most of the issues that we experience as a “disease” in the body are of emotional nature. Those emotions are the cause of diseases in the body which we like to call “karma,” but also a disease in the mind. I would also check that, by using non-traditional help.

Finally, if it is about “spirits” there are some people trained to discover them and allow them to “continue in their path” (spiritist,) some of them are “professionals” in this.

Whatever it takes to get me healthy in mind, body, emotions and spirit. There is so much “to lose” at this time… and a lot more to “gain.”

Best wishes!

Question:dear brother star. plz detail me the maryadas of being brahman soul. i knw the suoerficial ones bt want to ‘view’ the in depth principals fr deepening my exp of ‘being’ the being dat i am love u fr all the help.

Thank you for your question!

Dear soul,

Here is an article about it, which was shared here sometime ago. I would recommend you to take a look at it.

Also, there is a good article here http://www.brahmakumarisforum.net/chat/post5841.html#p5841 titled, “Medicine for the diseases of the body and mind is – Mera Baba.” Go through it as well. Towards the end, it will mention about “purity” and its meaning.

This article could be helpful for those of us who are looking for medicines for the soul… 🙂 I believe this article was originally in Hindi and translated by Sister Gayathri from India.

Best wishes!

Question: Dear brother, Welcome back from vacation, hope you had a wonderful time… om shanti.. As my awareness of emptiness in thoughts/soul conscious increases, I feel different physically too, my question is lately I have had some articles about a doctor curing cancer with this meditation/yoga/soul conscious , is it possible we can cure physical dis(ease) with the power of this awareness?

Thank you for your question and for your warm welcoming!

Dear soul,
It depends on the “type of soul” and the karmic accounts that soul has. Through soul consciousness you may feel a “crucifix to be a thorn.” Cancer is one of those diseases which are usually emotional in origin. A prolonged experience of soul consciousness definitely will take care of the emotional issues and then healing could start. For a Brahmin soul this may not be that easy for the amount of karmic accounts over our “shoulders,” but for a “newer” soul may work.

Mama had cancer. How is it possible for the #2 soul to “die of cancer”? Wasn’t her soul consciousness enough to overcome it?
As I said before, a Brahmin soul has many karmic accounts which are pulling us until settled. Although the body maybe dying, and there may be pain which I am sure Mama was feeling, soul consciousness will diminish that experience of pain. That could be a real challenge if we are not acquainted with that experience of soul consciousness despite physical illness. Mama had a good stage despite her illness until the end, that was the fruit of her experience of soul consciousness. This challenging experience was an obstacle that she had to overcome, so she could be “kar

A “newer” soul may develop cancer, then through that experience of suffering, their karmic account may be settled and then something like meditation or something which could induce emotions to heal, will make their health better. We may think that meditation made the trick, but before that “trick” there was a small karmic account which needed to be settled.
Underneath every disease, there is a small or large karmic account which will translate into healing or additional suffering until the account is settled.

Best wishes!