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Apathy in life

strawberry cake

If we have been observing ourselves, sooner or later we will find out that our mood is constantly changing. Typically, we will remember the complete opposite sides of the spectrum; that is when we are elated, full of zest and enthusiasm; and then when we are depressed, when we feel down or with complete apathy of what is going on.

To be aware of that constant flux or change is to notice how nothing is lasting in life.

The disciple said: “My meditation was extraordinary.”
The Zen master responded: “It will go away.”
The disciple, after a couple of days said: “My meditation was awful today.”
The Zen master responded: “it will go away.”

The issue is when we do not notice this natural fluctuation and rather than center ourselves in the observation of life without judgment, we try to grab a particular moment in life, a particular feeling and posses it.

That will go away as well.

To just observe means to be aware. When we stop taking ourselves seriously, we can smile. 🙂
When we smile, life changes its color.
A rich, eloquent, nutritious smile can turn our own winter time in life into a fruitful Spring.

Any feeling that we feel, any sensation, any thought has its cusp and its bottom. In between there is movement, inevitable change. This is a fact in the world of duality.
Being aware of that, means to become free from the fleeting sensation while enjoying it.

Life is like eating a piece of strawberry cake: We can only enjoy the taste of it while eating it. That means that at the end of the experience, there will be no cake left.

Most, worry about finishing the piece of cake, thus; there is no enjoyment in the experience. Others will rush themselves into finishing the cake for the anticipation of a “better future.” Yet others, will practice apathy in front of the strawberry cake, saying: “it will go away. I’d better no get used to it.”

Please see how the Zen teaching: “it will go away,” could be easily misinterpreted.

Enjoyment, appreciation of the moment needs to be there. Our capacity for enjoyment of life will depend on our openness to life, our ability to experience the experience and to let it go.

This is not about thinking: “I’d better not enjoy the strawberry cake because it will be gone while I eat it and then I will miss it.” This creates apathy out of fear.

Taste the strawberry cake of life, enjoy it and be grateful of that experience…This creates gratitude in life.
When there is gratitude there is enthusiasm and with that vitality, strength… Then, a new human being is born.

The Energy of Anger – Part 2


As mentioned in the previous article, anger is energy. Energy has the power to transform matter. This means that anything touched by that energy depending on the intensity of it, will be colored by that energy. If you are cooking, you will put the ingredient of anger in your meal. If you speak with someone in angry mode and that person is “unprotected” (energetically) that current will go through in the form of fear or further anger.

Please be aware of this: To say that anger is “bad,” is to go back into the duality of it. A person who has the understanding of things as being “good” or “bad” has the understanding of the level of spirituality 101. This is not “bad,” it means that it is a beginner understanding.

A little puppy is told “bad dog,” when we would like to correct the behavior of the puppy. Because the dog does not have complexes related with moral teachings; what the dog merely understands is: “do,” and “don’t do.” The dog does not comprehend the complexities of “heaven and hell” and “punishment forever… ”
We may need to learn from that puppy dog 🙂 and rather than qualify something as “good” or “bad,” just refer to that as “do it” or “don’t do it,” for in this way guilt and repentance are avoided, for we know that in spirituality, whatever we “do” or “don’t do” has a return; thus, it is wasteful to resort into meaningless thoughts, when we will have to “pay the bill anyway” or “obtain the fruits of our activities.”

“Not doing” is actually doing. Not acting is acting.

If we consider that anger is “bad,” we will repress it. In a few words, we will be allowing that energy to cause damage in our being. The “healthy” alternative given by “experts,” is to send it away, to “others,” in adequate doses, 🙂 to “express it.” “Experts” recommend to hit a punching bag or to go for a 15 mile run, etc.to dissipate that anger. That is to merely waste our own energy unnecessarily.

As we know, in Spirituality, the “other” is non-existent when it comes to karmic returns. Basically, that anger will just come back to the originator.

Therefore, whether we keep it inside by labeling it as “bad,” or whether we send it out by calling that “healthy” or “good,” it just comes back to us.

It is very important to understand that anger occurs because we are not aware of it at the moment something is triggered in us, and the ultimate reason as to why we are not aware, is because our state of being is chaotic. Something we will not hear from the latest M.D research or “expert” advice.

That is our mind is not stable and nourished with serenity and calmness.

Thus, we cannot expect a method to deal with anger when our minds are not experiencing continuous serenity.

On the other hand, if we nourish ourselves continually in the morning with the experience of serenity and lightness coming from Nature or by some tranquil activity such as meditation or a combination, then our state of mind will be tranquil; and when something may likely trigger anger in us, we will be able to recognize it and to feel the consequence of it in our own bodies and beings. It just takes a second.

The stove of anger is burning, but we keep putting our hands in it as an automatic, learned response. If on the other hand, we are aware of the heat coming from the stove, we will learn about the pains of being burned… which we call “living life,” until all of a sudden, we know better by experience.

If we awaken to the awareness of anger without labeling it, then we can transform that energy in us BEFORE it happens by being serene calm, observing it… until it goes away…
A serene, calm mind will feel the disturbance of anger and self correct by itself without the need of remembering “moral codes.”

Anger bouts


One of the first “juicy” issues to find out about ourselves, is our immediate disposition to become angry.

To show anger is so common that it has been named as a “normal” thing to experience. It is so “normal” that to relate with another human being without anger is considered a sign of weakness, of being meek, of not having the force to oppose others, etc.

Anger is just a mental disease, the turbulence of the mind. When tolerance and inner strength are lacking, then anger arises. Thus, anger is weakness in itself.
It is the little pussy cat pretending to be a big tiger. 🙂

Anger could arise as a mechanism to protect our “weak” ego. There are some individuals who use anger to support their position in life, to manipulate people around them; that is to control people and situations.

The emotion behind anger is: “things are not going my way, I must force them to go my way at all costs.”
Any form of anger has that motto.

In a competitive society, anger is used as a “boost” mechanism. If I get angry I will fight with greater courage, with greater force, with greater strength, etc.

However, what is not observed is that anger “hits” our own body/emotions by way of diseases: Heart problems, high blood pressure, digestion issues, strokes, depression, anxiety, etc.

Anger is energy. That energy could be directed to someone or something, but at the same time; that energy remains in the person producing it, which has ill effects for his own well-being.

Emotional anger could be felt when a person raises his voice, when a person becomes ironic, when a person develops thoughts against someone or a situation, when a person uses harsh words to express himself, when a person has violent movements or lacking gracefulness… different ways of manifesting anger; some are very visible, others are more subtle.

This problem with anger, gave birth to the duality of expressing “healthy anger” and avoiding “unhealthy anger.” That is how “anger management” took birth.

In this duality of “good or bad,” we oversee the problem; as long as our minds are not balanced, harmonious; there will be anger and with that the problem of defining levels of anger as “good” or “bad.”

This harmony of the mind is not resolved by taking a pill or by going to classes on anger management or by taking up meditation or by “doing” something to “get anger out of our systems,” when there is a cultural understanding that “we need anger so we can deal with people.” We need to get rid of that complex first.

Anger merely demonstrates how dysfunctional our society has become.

When kids are angry, they fight to find who “is the boss.” The issue does not matter but it is all about physical force. When adults have anger is about screaming and putting up an emotional performance to take the audience in deep silence…and fear… It is the master and slave complex.

🙂 The one who screams the most wins…at least at the moment.

Anger is a very immature way of dealing with life. It is the rage of someone who didn’t get his piece of chocolate cake, and wants for no one to enjoy their piece to “get even.” That is the cowardice of the pussy cat performing the roaring voice of a tiger.

As we observe, as we become aware of our own minds; we will recognize the rage of someone who does not know the meaning of tolerance, compromise and calmness without taking a pill to numb his mind, to dull his feelings.

This realization, will bring change without side effects. This is the task of a healthy mind.

Nature as a source of healing


Nature is that source of harmony and balance in life. Everything in Nature has its own cycle; however, nothing is the same; everything changes but yet there is harmony in continual change.

Peace in movement is harmony. Balance means harmony; thus peace is balance.

Nature can be used as a source of inner healing. A closed heart due to fear to love or to relate with others is a common spiritual disease nowadays. This condition will bring sadness, close mindedness, lack of trust and our inner world will be dried up. This spiritual condition will manifest as a physical disease sooner or later.

We can observe our inner selves to break those mental complexes, beliefs and ideas which are shattering our spiritual progress, but that work may not be complete. There is always something coming out from our darker sides, as rabbits from the magician’s hat.

Here is where Nature can help.
Just completely abandon yourself in the presence of Nature and quickly, go over the issues in your mind. The sensation will be as when a little dog is kept in a house for a long time and the first thing the dog will do when let go outside, is to look for grass and turn around in it, in happiness.

That is the way to cleanse our energy field through the help of Nature.

Similarly, we could use different elements in Nature to energetically “clean ourselves.” The sand at the beach is another, or just floating in the water as a “dead body.”

As long as our hearts are closed due to feeling emotional pain, there will be further accumulation of emotional sorrow.
The feeling of universal love is needed to open that heart.
Nature brings that universal energy by contemplating its unlabeled beauty.

A similar experience is experienced by those who seek God. Then, God means that universal form of love that could open our closed hearts; rather than what is usually seen as: A selective, individualized love.

From the universal we can go into the particular, individual. We cannot pretend to only know love from an individualized view and extend it to the world, for love is universal.

Harmony is in the totality of things. Appreciation is that totality. Wholesomeness is in that which is Universal, because it is complete, total. When something is complete, it is harmonious.

If you don’t want to get sick …

munay 4 elementosn

Talk about your feelings: Hidden and repressed emotions and feelings, will end in illnesses.

Confide: Be sincere and share your sorrow, secrets and mistakes: Be free!
People who repress their feelings suffer from gastritis, ulcers, lumbar pain, back pain, cancer.

Decision Making: The undecided remains in doubt, in anxiety, in anguish. Indecision accumulates problems, worries and aggressions. Human history is made of decisions.

In order to know how to decide, it is important to know how to renounce. To know how to lose advantages and values to win others. The undecided suffers from: Nervous diseases, gastric and skin problems.

Find Solutions: Negative people do not find solutions and they enlarge problems. They prefer to lament, to gossip, pessimism.

Better to light a match than to regret darkness. We are what we think. A negative thought generates negative energy that is transformed into illness.

Stop living out of appearance: Those who hide reality, pretend. They want to give the impression of being right, they strike a pose and want to appear perfect, good-natured … That person is accumulating tons of weight! It is a bronze statue with feet of clay. Their destiny is the pharmacy, the doctor, pain.

Accept yourself: Self rejection, low self-esteem will make us to alienate ourselves. Whoever does not accept himself is envious, jealous, wannabe, competitive, destructive. Being you is the core of a healthy life.

Trust: Those who do not trust, lack communication, become closed, isolated. That generates unstable and shallow relationships. Without trust there is no relationship or faith.

Laugh: Good humor restores health and brings a long life span. A happy person has the gift of improving the environment where he lives. Good humor prevents a visit to the doctor.

Dr. Drauzio Varella. Oncologist, educator, scientist and writer.

(Translated from Spanish by Google and avyakt7.)

Practical Spirituality in our daily life


Once our minds are free from concepts, we have the “reality” of dealing with life as it is, that is waking up, eating, sleeping and relating with others in a day-to-day basis.

Spirituality then, arises from the time we wake up. That is, how enthusiastic we feel, if we have that zest for life and if we enjoy our little morning rituals to get ready for the day.

Eating is another dimension in itself. Our own well-being will create the proper atmosphere to ingest physical nourishment. That is complete purity. Food by itself does not determine purity but our state of being does that.

That means that our emotions and thoughts should be ready to feed ourselves.
In this way, we can see that nutrition does not deal only with the type of food items that we eat, but it is a wholesome way where mind, body and emotions are aligned.

One day a disciple asked his Taoist master, about his spiritual meditative practices. The sage responded:
” My practice is very simple. When I eat, I eat. When I sleep, I sleep, when I cook, I cook.”

Behind those simple words, we could experience plenty of spiritual teachings.
Mindfulness, the moment, the now. Pay full attention to it, for every performed action will bring a similar action to be performed later and then, little by little; that becomes our own life of many years, which will become difficult to undo.

The moment that we choose to sleep is a sacred moment. We are giving away our conscious life back to life so we can recover and be completely aware the next day. This is not a small thing; considering that lots of individuals cannot sleep or do not sleep properly. Our minds, body and emotions need to be aligned in “sleep mode,” to sleep properly.

Of course, “in between;” there is life.
If we are not feeding ourselves correctly, if we are not sleeping well, we cannot hope for a full day of inner sunshine.

No matter how much we try to smile throughout the day, our vitality and strength will be gone.

To preserve our precious energy is truly important. In this respect we need to learn and choose the activities that we will perform throughout the day.

As we can see, life is an interrelationship of diverse activities. All of them are related with each other in a “domino effect” and the quality of our life, depends on our inner well-being.

This is more than physically exercising every day to “look good,” it is a balancing act, where our physical experience is meshed together in balance with our emotional life which is aligned with a clear mind.

This is known as being in harmony.

Our activities and the way we perform them, will demonstrate our level of spiritual growth. This is not a religious belief but true spirituality.

Spiritual ups and downs

roller coaster

Some days calmness, serenity and tranquility will be experienced. Some other days, the mind will be rushing thoughts in a non-stop way, stressing our lives and watering the soil for making mistakes… 🙂

When there is change in life, “normal” people react: cry, laugh, feel sad, feel elated. Spiritual individuals on the other hand, understand and move on with the direction of the wind.
The difference as we progress is that those episodes of feeling hopeless despite knowing better, will diminish as we ride along in life.

Stability of the self is “work in progress.”

This is a very important realization because there is the sense of feeling guilty if something does not “happen” the way it “ought to be,” that is despite my “efforts” to change this or that in me, despite yesterday’s experience of feeling calm and easy, today; it seems like everything went down the drain… 😦

The “illusion” is to believe that spirituality is a straight path going “up.”

As long as there is awareness of what is going on in life, “training” will occur.

Sometimes we could feel as if barely making it through the day; our vision then will be on finding lots of difficulty on maintaining a pleasant self with ourselves and others.

Nevertheless, if we see this by changing our vision; as for instance, “an athlete being trained in the competition of life;” we will realize that “reaching our limits,” is what training is supposed to do, so we can go over those limits according to our capacity.

We will know about our limits by “going down,” so we can make that space to recuperate and jump back it again with greater strength.

The “ups and downs” in life are the same. Going up means to have been able to go over a previous limit. Going down means the space to rebuild the self and to use that momentum to climb up again.

It is a roller coaster.

If we hide inside the little wagon at the top, hoping that we will not go “down,” it means that we are repressing ourselves in the experience of living life. The wagon will go down just to go up again.

When we make a “trauma” out of the experience of going down in life, there will be pain and fear. Going down is only the momentum needed to go up again.

Children are the ones who could enjoy this experience fully. A grown up, is usually busy remembering what has happened, pointing fingers to blame to others, fearful that the future will bring the same “dreadful episode” again.

The roller coaster of life is a ride. Our vision could make that ride enjoyable, free and unencumbered or just a fearful experience. Our vision changes our attitude towards life.

Going up and going down. Duality.
If we go up, we need to come down.
If we don’t come down, we cannot go up.
If we stay in one place, we stagnate.
If we are afraid of going down, we will be afraid when going up.
If we enjoy the experience of the roller coaster and take that in a wholesome way… we live life free of fear!