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Question: “They don’t know the Father, and so how could the Father have mercy on them? Only when they follow the Teacher’s directions can there be mercy.” I don’t get it, Father must have mercy on each and every soul whatever they are. Why Father said so? Could you explain pls?

Thank you for your great question!
Dear so

It would be nice if you quote the date of that Murli as well. I know it is from today’s but for the future. Below the excerpt in reference:

“They fight when they don’t belong to the Lord and Master. They do not know their Mother and Father. They even sing: You
are the Mother and Father and we are Your children. Through Your mercy we receive the treasures of
happiness. Because there are no treasures of happiness now, they say: We receive no mercy from the
Mother and Father. They don’t know the Father, and so how could the Father have mercy on them? Only
when they follow the Teacher’s directions can there be mercy.”

Accordingly, a couple of answers for you:

We know that the “Father’s mercy is his knowledge.” He has mentioned this in avaykt Murlis.
You are pointing out one of the issues with Sakar Murlis: It is talking to the children in “general,” but to Brahmin souls in “particular.” In that view, Brahma Baba is merely pointing out the “BK children fortune” of “knowing the Father.” (For they have this knowledge.)

However, we know that every religion experiences God according to their teachings and experiences. Because we have a higher grasp of the understanding of he Drama (at this time) and can understand that “reality is just a perception of it” based on a role, we can see that other religions also experience “God’s mercy.” 🙂 (however they want to define it.)

Now, if we want to be totally “devotion” free; there is no such a thing as “God’s mercy.” It is a Drama. Roles will arise at a certain time for those who according to their capacity (expressed through their karmic accounts,) are able to put it in effect. In this Drama, those who need to understand, will understand and then, in a numberwise manner.

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Question: Baba says he is the creator of drama then why so many bad scenes.. I understand karma effects is making these souls suffer and be in bad scenes. Since baba is the lord of mercy, why not forgive them and not make them suffer

Great question!
News for you, dear soul: Baba (God) hasn’t created anything. Sometimes I feel like writing 108 times in an article nothing, but GOD DOES NOT CREATE A THING.
When listening to the Murli, I am surprised how still BKs go along with that devotional talk despite “knowing” gyan. 🙂

The Sakar murli says: “Baba is the creator of the Drama.” But yet we know that nothing can be created for everything has always existed. However, we do not remember the Sakar murlis when Baba says that “He is in bondage of the Drama,” or when He says that ” The Drama is more powerful than God.”

None of that is to be taken literally. Please, let us remember this….alright??

Scenes in the Drama are just that, scenes. What you call “bad” may have a hidden benefit in it, for we know in “pure gyan,” that “everything is beneficial.”

Everything that happens is meant to make us experience the full range of life, that is duality, at this time. Brahmin souls become soul conscious, so Brahmin souls can experience a world without duality as well. A Brahmin soul experiences happiness in greater intensity than any other soul, but also the most sorrow than any other soul. There is no ‘free lunch’ here.

Life is to experience. We are imperishable. Nothing lasts forever, but…everything repeats forever! 🙂
Therefore, there is no need for Baba the “lord of mercy” to do anything, but Brahma Baba is doing lots of things for Brahmin souls “up there.”

Best wishes!

Question: i want to get your advice or views on how should be our way of reaction or attitude towards bad people/people with negativity….? That means gossip around talk bad things waste time on talking and thinking bad About others…dont know how to respect people n be a barrier in service?.

Thank your for your question.

BapDada has given the answer to this in the last avyakt Murli (7-29-12.) Constant pure feelings and good wishes. This is not as simple as it sounds for we need to get out of our “old pattern” of negativity, of looking for someone to blame things on.

As your feelings, then your activities will be. People will show you what you are. They are mirrors. Even though you can see such behavior, “see but don’t see.” It is important not to react. What is important is to feel those good wishes and to have the merciful stage which BapDada talks about. Do what you will, it would be what is “right” as long as your feelings are “right.”

Best wishes.