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A “Detached Observer” the ultimate experience in soul consciousness


Soul consciousness means being a detached observer. Detached observer of what?
Detached observer of observing the movie of life, their actors and our own part in the movie.
Question: Can we change the movie?
Answer: No we can’t.
Question: But what about a “new movie”?
Answer: There isn’t a new movie. This is the same “old” movie which paradoxically is always “new” to us.

Question: if I observe the movie will that mean that I don’t have to do anything?
Answer: Every soul is an actor. Every actor has a part. Being detached means to observe the part without any further “analysis,” without any further “inner chat,” it is the acceptance of things as they are without further labels. If the role needs to “act” it will. If my feelings, vision and attitude has changed; likewise; the role will express in that way. Changes are always internal and based on “pure” awareness.

Below some extracts from the Avyakt Murlis to really “churn,” and “extract the butter” of it. Those points have been exposed and discussed in articles in this blog.

“By being a detached observer, you will easily become companion of the Father and equal to the Father.” – Avyakt Murli June 10, 2012

“Unless you constantly have the consciousness of a detached observer, you cannot make BapDada your companion. The experience of the stage of a detached observer enables you to experience the companionship of the Father.” – Avyakt Murli, November 25, 2012.

“Whatever happens, continue to observe as a detached observer. Instead of becoming a detached observer, you become a companion of the soul. Instead of being a companion of the Father, you become a companion of the other soul.”
“You cannot become a companion of God as long as you are a companion of another soul. That yoga is broken.”- Avyakt Murli, January 27, 2013

“First of all, become a completely detached trustee. Nothing is “mine”. This consciousness of “mine”: “My name will be spoilt; I will be defamed; this is my child, my mother-in-law does this to me…” Everything like this happens when there is the consciousness of “mine”. Wherever there is the consciousness of mine, the intellect turns around and you change.” – Avyakt Murli February 3, 2013.

Today’s blessin in the Sakar Murli (March 5, 2103)
“May you be an easy yogi playing your part of service while remaining detached from your part and loving to the Father.
Some children say that they are unable to have yoga and the reason for this is their lack of detachment. Because of not being detached, they do not experience love and where there is no love, there is no remembrance. The more love there is, the easier remembrance is. Therefore, do not play your part on the basis of your relationships, but play your part in terms of- service and you will remain detached. Like a lotus flower, remain detached from the atmosphere of the old world and loving to the Father and you will become an easy yogi.”

Dear souls,

Have you been wondering how can you have “all relationships with the Father”?
Have you been wondering how can you be “in love” with the Father?
Have you been wondering how can you be merged, how can you be equal to the Father?
Have you been wondering how do you know if you have accurate remembrance?
Have you been wondering how can you be a “companion of the Father”?

The answer is just one. Become a DETACHED OBSERVER.

If you ever thought that you cannot have relationships with anyone, because it is about “You and Baba alone,” or you ever thought that you have to “forget about everyone” or to have “disinterest” of this world by referring to it as “old, impure, tasteless, etc.”

I have news for you. Being with the Father alone means to be a DETACHED OBSERVER.


Don’t deny. Don’t reject. Don’t fight. Don’t suppress.


That is the trademark of soul consciousness.