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Others, me and you: The illusion of it


“To the ordinary being, others often require tolerance. To the highly evolved being, there is no such thing as tolerance, because there is no such thing as other. She has given up all ideas of individuality and extended her goodwill without prejudice in every direction. Never hating, never resisting, never contesting, she is simply always learning and being. Loving, hating, having expectations: all these are attachments. Attachment prevents the growth of one’s true being. Therefore the integral being is attached to nothing and can relate to everyone with an unstructured attitude. Because of this, her very existence benefits all things. You see, that which has form is equal to that which is without form, and that which is alive is equal to that which rests. This is the subtle truth, not a religious invention, but only those who are already highly evolved will understand this. “

Hua Hu Ching Ch 15

Spirituality has different levels of consciousness and understanding.
The above text succinctly explains about a different level of consciousness.
Whereas in most religions and philosophies, the existence of the “other” is a fact of life, something that we can experience as a difference between “me” and someone else; in the experience of the inner being such differences do not exist simply because we are in everything else. That is interbeingness. “Me” can only exist in relationship, never by itself. That is an illusion.
Nevertheless, religions and “good intentions” talk about being “good” to one another. To “do good,” to be “tolerant” to another, etc. They are not wrong, for their aim is for a particular kind of consciousness. If you are out of that consciousness, then that teaching is no longer for you.

Some spiritual teachings only strengthens the sense of ego. “I am good.” “I am kind.” “I am helping.” If rather than using “I” we would like to use the word “God,” as in “God is helping him through me,” at that point, ego is still lingering and surviving, because “I” am a special “one.” “God is using me.”

When we get out of this “I-ness” and really look how illusory that idea of individuality is, then we can see further. Just because we have separation through bodies, that does not mean that the energy which makes everything “tick” in the Universe is not in all of us at the same time.

We can call that “soul” but a “soul” is nothing without relationship, without interbeingness. There is consciousness which manifests in different forms through different “individuals” but all of that perceived difference is necessary for the Universe to change, to transform in its eternal game of duality, of going from one side of the horizon of life to the other extreme, just to come back where it was before.

Attachment is not understood until that sense of “I” is left out. When there is “I” there is “mine.” That “mine” we usually call love. That “love” in duality could be “hate” but it has the same root of attachment. To insult or to be insulted, is the same thing when there is no “other.”

The above is not to be understood by the mind, but it is to be experienced.
The growth of a “true being” lays in not giving a form to that which does not have a form, to experience that which is formless and to appreciate that formless “form” 🙂 as the common ground with “everyone.”

That is why an “unstructured attitude” appears, for there is nothing cultivated, nothing planned, nothing which needs to follow a script to be “real,” to be sincere. When we are true to ourselves, “everyone” experiences benefit because we are “everyone.” 🙂

The form and formless are 2 sides of the same coin which has no name. Two manifestations of the same thing. It is the mystery of life.

To be a “highly evolved” being means nothing when there is no “other” to compare to. To make ourselves understood through the duality of words, there is a need to write through comparison. When something is written or spoken, it cannot be the whole truth. 🙂 Thus, we need to find it in ourselves.

Question: Dear brother, you are doing a wonderful job so don’t you stop or limit the churning that you do!! :) Here is my question: Here we have BK souls and the other which make up whole players in the drama, as you have previously mentioned There is no question about if we (BK) are better than the others because we get to enjoy the golden age and sliver age Party – it is according to each souls capacity and the role , however where I get confused is when we play the role of bk souls, sometimes we tend to get attached to the label of BK , is that attachment due to ego? After all, should not it be that it is just a role as of a non bk ?

Thank you for your words of encouragement… Now, I feel free to “churn” on what comes to this role and use precious time on that… All is good… 🙂

I believe your question is answered in the recent article: “Demystifying Heaven and Hell.” Being a “BK” is a role as you mentioned. We can assign to that role a “value” to increase ego or “uniqueness” to separate from others, or we can give that role a sense of “responsibility” which comes with it. After all, we know that every soul is a “Brahma Kumar /Kumaris,” right? 🙂 It is the responsibility of an “effort maker,” of someone who is committed to reach “his” highest destination by “forgetting” about the consciousness of “I” and “mine.” When in that consciousness, the label “BK” is non existent, we will be free from labels. but at the same time we will have reached our destination. Another paradox of being and non-being.

Best wishes!

Question: Hi brother Being a trustee, what does it really mean, I’ve been around for a while but I don’t really understand what it means yet? I don’t live in a centre, I have job and house and do my own things sometimes…what does it really mean for me?

Thank you for your great and honest question!

Dear soul,

The answer is in your last line: What does it really mean for ME?
If you do not have that consciousness of “Me” then you’ll know the answer. Again, in language we use the words “me,” “I,” “mine,” “owning,” “posses,” “my,” etc.. those terms are built upon the illusion of something which is not separated from anything. That language helps create the sense of “personality,” ego. Ego is not bad, for it exists even though it is an illusion.. 🙂

This is not a question of changing languages, but a question of changing consciousness. When Baba mentions to be a “trustee,” it most likely means that all those things which you feel that you “own” (any my, mine, me, etc) is not yours… But Baba’s… 🙂 All those things you are just borrowing from Him… for “service.” Even BapDada talks about “surrendering your thoughts, so only His thoughts work through you.” This is in a Baba/God centered view of Gyan.

See that He is talking about emptiness, void-ness, flowing in life without further thoughts and allowing the Drama/Baba to show you what is next…without asking that question… This is in a Drama centered view of Gyan.

Warning: Don’t take this literally for otherwise, you will not understand. Experience it, by allowing yourself to experience.

Best wishes!

Best wishes!