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Mission and Purpose in life


Mission is our destiny. It is what some people could read in the palms of our hands. It is what the position of the stars may signal at the moment that “we” manifested in the physical world.

As we can see our being manifests something in life-like a piece in a big jigsaw puzzle. Our mission is what has been already “written” and goes beyond any human interpretation.

For example, Bill Gates is a multimillionaire. Do we think that his mission in life is to “make money”? 🙂
Obviously that is just a very childish appreciation of his mission in life. Any of us could “guess,” think or have a “point of view,” but none of us is capable of knowing how his mission in life relates with other beings and life for something greater to happen. Just like the domino effect.

We discover our mission in life as we live life.

On the other hand, “purpose in life” is another made up word by great thinkers, philosophers and such.
There is no purpose in life unless we make up something like: “To help people,” “to help God,” “to help ourselves,” “to learn,” etc. Notice that as long as Avyakt7 uses “nice words” to describe a “purpose” then most individuals will like that. They will accept it.
However, these writings are the expression of going beyond the façade of “nice beliefs,” and “pretty words” and seeking acceptance.

We make up a purpose in life and we believe that this purpose is the “reason” why we are here. See? Even we believe that giving “reasons” is the way that life operates… 🙂

When we see that we are part of the Totality, of the big jigsaw puzzle, to know the “self” becomes very important.
Because that is needed for bringing joy to our lives. In one word: Enjoyment.

Let us say that “piece 666” of the jigsaw puzzle “thinks” that it has a “purpose” in life. “Piece 666” will go out of its way to “achieve” that “purpose,” not realizing that its destiny is to fit in nicely into the jigsaw puzzle along piece 667 and 665 and others…. Just to be “ONE.”

Because “piece 666” does not realize about its mission in life, that piece will suffer when expectations are not met.

Obviously, if piece 666 spends sometime in looking at “itself,” that is its shape, form, size, thickness, etc… while enjoying those specific dimensions and seeing the way to fit into the “common good,” then life will do the rest; that is, to get the other pieces around, magically… because those pieces fit right at a particular time. This is what we call through the “will of God,” or through “Life unforeseen circumstances.”

A purpose is something that we think about when we do not realize that there is a mission underneath.

Therefore, happiness is not the “purpose of life.”
That is a thought… a “nice” thought.
Happiness is the enjoyment of the “now” while seeing our mission in life unfold. Just like a “detached observer.” 🙂

Please see that “I am not doing anything,” “I am not making it happen…” as most “Life-coaches” would like us to believe. I am just opening up and enjoying what it is “ now” to let new things to happen by itself. That is, we trust the intelligence in life.

Of course, some may not be happy with that. Some may want to change and shape up life according to what “I want.” We could name that disease with a pretty label: “ being the master of my own destiny.”

“You” are not separated form the Totality.
“You” as separation is an illusion and so is “I.”
Through our thoughts we have created those personalities. We have given life to that “ego.”

Piece 666 cannot live apart form the jigsaw puzzle. Without it, Piece 666 is nothing…. When that “ego” is gone, then Piece 666 is no longer piece 666 but … the whole jigsaw puzzle itself… then “it” is truly something… 🙂 🙂

The value of the painting


We have a predetermined concept of something which we consider valuable in life. For some, that value is called a “goal,” or a “mission in life,” or an “accomplishment,” or some idea of universal service to humanity, to “change it,” to “transform it,” etc.

With that “mission” in mind our lives become an “end” in itself, and the “means,” that is the “walk of the traveler” has a meaning only if the “mission” is accomplished.

We have created words to make that illusion as something “real,” we call that “life purpose.”

Have you observed a painting?
What makes that painting “valuable”?

Note that “value” is something created by our minds, just as beauty is a concept to live by for an intellectual mind.

Beauty is an experience, not a thing. It is a personal experience. Very personal, just like God.

Value is also personal.

Mathias the wise tree, was sharing with his friend Ananda.

Mathias: What is the value of a painting, Ananda?
Ananda: It doesn’t have a value in itself, but the one given collectively, by a group of people, the “experts.”
Mathias: Is it possible for a painting to have a “goal”?
Ananda: No, unless that goal is accepted by others.
Mathias: What is the “mission” of a painting?
Ananda: whatever the author desires…
Mathias: and… if others do not see that “mission”
Ananda: Then, the painter could get upset if he depends on the value that others give to his painting.
Mathias: Your life is like a painting. The “value” of the painting is artificially given by many, but a painting is only supposed to show itself.
Your life is being painted by you. Your value of that painting is all that matters although, that painting truly does not have a value… It is beyond that concept. Your life is meant to be lived, to be expressed and shown. That is your mission, your accomplishment, your goal….and at the same time, there is no goal, accomplishment or mission unless you give that information to your mind.

Ananda: I want my painting to be beautiful…
Mathias: Then, discover and uncover what is already painted and being painted at the same time. Show it, so it can be appreciated.

Ananda: But… others will compare. They will label me and put themselves higher or lower or at the same level… They will call me this or that, defame me or praise me…
Mathias: Oh my friend… That is their own issue… but it could be yours if you want it…

Mission and Obsession by: Mathias

mathias (2)

In life, we will find that we could choose to be aligned through our mission or through our obsession.

Let us remember those 2 things: Mission and obsession. Mission goes along with that which is determined already. Obsession goes with that which is being forced.

That force only enters in opposition when it doesn’t have a Vision.
Without vision we can’t take off. Also, we cannot finish our life path without being hurt.

Obsession has as an objective to develop the participant through suffering. It is a longer route; tiring and risky. On the contrary by using observation through our position in life, we can determine an adequate route according to our mission of life.

To acknowledge both is to allow the mind greater adventure.
Adventure is good if you have the desire to improvise on a daily basis. But if you just want a route; then it is better for you to find the one established in your mission.

Mission then is that which goes according to your capacity. It has been made for you. It does not require further effort.

If you find this quickly, you could stop on the way to enjoy the views, the landscapes of life. If you go in a hurry, that doesn’t allow you to enjoy.
To go with calmness in life will allow you to appreciate, celebrate and to share in your route of mission in life.

– Mathias- “The Awakening.”