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Life is the teacher

life is teacher

Ralph put a cologne on as he was getting ready to go to the “office world.” In the process, he remembered that he had to clean the kitchen before going to work.

Because Ralph wasn’t in the “moment,” he did not remember if he put the cologne on after a couple of minutes. He didn’t even try to smell the cologne on him, but he went directly where he thought that he put the cologne last time.

The cologne wasn’t there.

Ralph started looking for it frantically. He wasn’t able to see it… Actually the cologne was on that table as he left it before; but his awareness in that moment did not allow him to see it.
At that point, Ralph remembered the words of wisdom of one of the teachings he heard at one time: “If you lose something, don’t look for it and it will come back to you.”

Ralph went to the kitchen to clean it up. While he was doing that, he forgot about the existence of the cologne… He emptied his mind…
With a new consciousness, he went to his bedroom again… and there it was!

Thanks to that experience, Ralph understood the real meaning of “ if you lose something, don’t look for it.”
That teaching may not make sense for the “office world” mentality for it is paradoxical.
“Look for it … and you will find it.” Do something. Don’t be lazy. Keep at it. Don’t waste time, for it is money.. not life… but money. 🙂
Isn’t that the mind-set ?

If we are looking for joy, for peace and we have in our minds something that we think or identify as joy or peace… we will not find it, we will only have definitions and ideas about it.
We may have had an experience of peace, and then we may want to repeat the experience, perhaps to join a club where “others” had the same experience… Peace is not something that “we make” but something that happens when the “me” is not there. Do we search for peace or do we become aware of that “me”? 🙂

We are searching for something that is stuck in our mind. We want that particular something… nothing else.
A mind obsessed with obtaining things cannot see even the obvious.
Whether we experience that peaceful experience again or not is not the issue… that will come if is meant to happen at its right time… in the meantime, enjoy.
The issue is whether we found the operation of our minds. That is the beginning of an aware individual.

When we learn something in life, when someone shares something to us from their experience, that is not meant to be blindly followed to the “dot.”
To do that is to be an unconscious “follower.” That is not “bad” either, for sooner or later, we will realize… at our own time. The follower will become its own teacher.
Life needs to practically show us that which we learned in theory , then we can understand.
That is why, any “spiritual” teaching is not to be put through the filter of intellectual understanding and the dualistic mind, but rather through our own experience in life.

Life is the teacher.
Didn’t I say before that the “follower become its own teacher”?
Isn’t that a contradiction?
Ahh! Something new to experience. Don’t try to make sense of it intellectually, don’t “look for a logical answer,” and the significance will come to you. 🙂

Question: Dear Brother, Please help me understand what gyan says about helping another with money. I searched on the website and read the articles on ‘creating karmic accounts’, but I am still hoping to get your reply. I do not know this person but everyone at work is giving money to help her. She is in deep debt because of health issues and other problems running in her household. Someone decided it to be a good idea to help with collecting some money for her, though I don’t think that is a permanent solution to her problems. I remember murlis where Baba has asked to be careful where we donate because it could be used for a wrong action and we will then have to also pay for it. Om Shanti.

Thank you for your question.
Dear soul,
It is a good idea to help, but we need to know that to “help” does not necessarily mean to give money. Money is a valuable energy to build things, to prosper and to share wealth. It is not a good idea to give money directly to someone unless we absolutely are certain that it is going where we want it to go. If you are not 100% sure of the whereabouts of “your” money, you would be careless.

Best wishes!

Question: Om Shanti It is said ‘Dhanam moolam idam jagat’ ie ‘Money forms the root of this world’. When I do ‘manthan’ on this, I get an answer that the term called ‘MONEY’ is nothing but the balance available in a SOUL’s A/C. At any given point of time the ACCUMULATED balance in the BANK A/C of our KARMIC ACTIVITIES (fair or unfair and the resultant) is available, and is open, and always susceptible for increase or decrease, depending on the nature of our present KARMIC activities (MATERIALISTIC or SPIRITUAL) we do every day in the present world. Kindly enlighten me on the subject

Thank you for your question.
Dear soul,

It is nice to be thought of as a “source of enlightenment,” but I am not. I am just sharing my views with you.

Money, intelligence, health, fame, etc are karmic accounts or as you call them “balance.” In this life I may have more money than before, or I had lots of money and then I lost it ( We call that “BAD KARMA,” but it could be “GOOD KARMA” if this experience has spirituality. It is a good “ego buster” for some or a source of suicide for others.

As you mentioned, life could bring that “increase” or “decrease” of funds at any time. There are no guarantees, but for spiritual individuals; anything the Drama brings, (which is our own karma) is for the better. Therefore, the need to “stick” with spirituality and to understand spiritual teachings at the practical level. Once we see the “impermanence of things” our clinging for “security” will be forgotten.

Some renounce money, thinking it is a source of “evil,” others become attached to it developing a greedy personality. Extremes without a balance.

Money comes, money goes. We just need to learn about the value of money. To use that energy “in a worthwhile way.” That is the balance.

In the process there are karmic accounts developing out of those “choices” that we take in life.

Best wishes!

Question: Om Shanti, Dear Brother, After becoming a brahmin Soul, we should make effort to reach the state of “Soul consciousness”. That is for sure. But my doubt is: Can I have the desires to earn more money (actually there is no limit for it ) and achieve good status and get recognition in the present society by working hard (or) Should I have to limit my desires and be satisfied with the job that I’m doing now (where I’m able to earn for my livelihood)? Before becoming a brahmin soul, I have high ambitions like reaching a good position. At that time there was no duality. But now I’m facing duality.

Thank you for your question.

Dear soul,
It is good to have time for spiritual endeavors. Without that you will not be able to look at the self deeply.
However, having free time does not mean that you will look at the self either.

Therefore, I would suggest to let the Drama show you the path. If something comes in your life in an easy way, perhaps the Drama is showing you something. You could take the experience and learn a lot from it. If your compass is geared towards spirituality, you will see how much benefit you will take. If all you are looking for is to earn more money, likewise, the Drama will provide you with that according to your karmic accounts and you may feel that it is time to change into something else or not.

Experiences are meant to be experienced, but our honesty with our true compass in life, is what makes those experiences useful in our path.
Brahmin life safety is in the code of conduct.
You don’t need to be “poor” to be spiritual. Balance is always the key.

Best wishes!