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Consciousness and Motivation in a Spiritual Life


Many concepts which are supposed to help our rational being to understand things so we can self transform, several times are misunderstood when they are understood without experience and merely using our intellectual abilities to grasp them.

The battle between “free will” and “predestination” is just one of them.

Spirituality is not about intellectual understanding. Having a high IQ means nothing. In spirituality, our understanding will change as our consciousness changes. Openness of consciousness means greater understanding.

In simple words, a person without much ego; will have a different understanding than a person filled with ego.

A person without much ego will be able to sense that “his individuality” is an illusion of the mind for practical purposes. Life is a relationship. The “I” is nothing without that relationship. A person without much ego, will be able to sense the Unity of all, not as another concept, not as another label such as “omnipresence,” but as an experience of life.

As ego dissolves; then having “free will” or being predestined is no longer important for those concepts do not affect the only fact of BEING, those concepts only affect BEING when there is separation, when there is this idea of “individuality,” which exists only as much ego is displayed.

Then, my “effort” becomes important. Then, to “try hard,” to labor, to achieve, to strive are all words known by those struggling in the ego battle of “becoming better.”

When ego is left aside, the above mentioned words are no longer used. Then, we achieve by not trying, we make effort; when all effort has ceased…Paradoxes.

Because there is no “I” doing things.

In that process of seeing the “I” dissolve; there is a time when “I” need to be motivated so I do not forget to “make effort.”
Motivation becomes important, because it is the way to continue on in the Spiritual quest to self-transformation.

Many who have been involved in Spirituality, have left this path only because their motivation was lost.

When we lose our motivation to continue, carelessness arrives and with that “entropy,” which means that we will be going “back” to the old ways…

BapDada calls that motivation with 2 words: Zeal and Enthusiasm.
Without those (which I refer to as motivation) we will experience “darker days and nights,” we will experience that our purpose is gone. We will search for outside sources of motivation, such as being with the Spiritual family, the center, being busy in this and that, etc. All important items as long as there is no dependency.

Nevertheless, motivation, to be true; always comes from the inside.

As our consciousness increases, our motivation will increase as well. It cannot be otherwise, for seeing the “attainments” (As BapDada calls it) is an automatic boost to continue on.

Those attainments could be named with simple words: Experiencing the inner smile of super sensuous joy (bliss,) experiencing the light of being light in life and to finish this beautiful painting, with a bright smile in our faces.

The above cannot be “obtained” by making effort. It comes automatically as a reward of maintaining that inner motivation, as the prize of experiencing a different consciousness.

Question: If Drama is pre destined i.e. every souls roles are fixed….where is the motivation? Whether good or bad – What I am doing, what I feel like doing or do not feel like doing are all pre-destined. What I feel inspired to do or what I choose to do or not to do are all pre-destined??!! Does Drama make one perform the destined ‘role’ or the ‘role’ or ‘act’ a soul performs becomes Drama?

Great question. 🙂 Since it appears that this question is being asked again in a different way, let us go a notch deeper.
The motivation is to get to know what is Ego, for Ego makes for a miserable existence. That is it. The Drama is about having ego and not having ego. About remembering and forgetting. About praise and defamation. Duality.

I have answered your question.

Where is that “I do” coming from? If there are roles as you understand it, Am “I” really doing something? Or instead “I “rather believe that “I” do, thus “free will”? Isn’t that the reason that ego complains about, because it doesn’t like predestination?
How are we going to be able to flow with the Drama if there is an “I” who has an agenda already?
Your question has already been approached here:

Please read it a couple of times and see that we are being trapped by words, by concepts when in fact our experience is totally different. That is why ask yourself, where is that “I” who needs motivation to “do” something?
One more thing, our understanding of these points will depend on our level of awareness alone. Some people do not know what ego is. They do not perceive it. They cannot understand it. It is in the Drama!

So what? Is that important? In 5000 years they will be them again… So what is the motivation for them to change? None. Because according to the Drama, they do not need to understand ego. They do not require that role.

Do not look for motivation. See inside yourself if you have it within to explore the self. Then, it will be “natural,” what you have to do. Forget about the words “predestination and free will,” just look at the self. If you understand gyan , your motivation is what is burning inside you. Listen to the heart.

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Best wishes.