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Reader comment and another reader question

“Dear Avyakt7,

I wanted to share something that happened to me in terms of shift in consciousness. Its festival time in India and lots of celebrations take place like any other geography at this time of the year.

The OLD Me: When I used to observe people who dance either during the Ganesh festival or during Garba Ras (navrathri) was all “These people are in body consciousness and they do not have a clue of why they are dancing etc.. Again no fault of people who have expressed their feelings from the BK world.

The New Me : These people are all my fellow beings who are just having a great time celebrating and being joyful- Can i not soak in to their joy and feel great about it? If I knew dancing I would have been glad to go and dance along with them. Once this shift in consciousness happened internally, experienced a never before feeling of oneness and world family.

A small step nevertheless but for me a significant one. It gave me a lot of joy just being there and observing myself go ” AHA”…

I just wanted to share this because without this blog I don’t think that this would have been possible. I just have a different understanding of what Bapdada has been trying to tell through the murli’s.

Many Many thanks for helping me understand the self better.”

Dear reader,
Thank you for sharing your experience. Glad to know that you feel the improvement! Learning some dancing moves could enhance your joy! 🙂

Perhaps next time you could observe the inner chattering in yourself (which you have described.) Perhaps, your mind dialogue will not be there with opinions. Perhaps next time just joy for the sake of it will be in your consciousness so the external joy harmonizes with the internal. That would be joy without words… 🙂

Dear reader, please keep in mind that this blog is about spirituality and that spirituality is the same but only explained with different words by different teachers.

What you understood from BapDada before was due to your state of consciousness. What you can understand now is also due to your state of consciousness. Some may see things that you don’t; others may not see what you see. That is the game.

Thank you for your continuous support and my best wishes for that spiritual progress.

Q: “I would like to know who is in charge of this blog. May I know it or it has to be incognito? I thank you in advance for your answer.”

Dear reader,

Sure, you can. It is “me.” “Me” is a nobody.

Best wishes! 🙂

BK reader follow up question from September 15.

1.”The questions I asked were not my beliefs but words spoken by baba through murli’s. I have tried to see from a process perspective and did not quite get it- Sins getting absolved thru remembrance- through our communion with god we are sending energy to the souls of the world to reach their destination in this journey. My thinking is that we are the ones responsible for the state of the world and we are the ones who have to fix it. Why I want to absolve the sins- If I have to enjoy the present I need to be debt free- not only that need to stop taking more debts and also earn income. Its not easy to enjoy the present when you feel huge load on your shoulders. What sins I want to absolve?- There is no register where I can go and peep into each entry and then see which ones I need to fix. I am only aware that there is a negative balance that needs to be settled. Powers from Baba- We are aware of people and situations that come on a daily basis- I feel going to the study and looking for solutions is the first step- Baba gives us direction say Go NORTH. I need to figure out what is north for me- this is meditation for me- personalising gyan and seeing whether it works during the situation if it does then great if it does not then go back to the study and repeat till such time I succeed. Now these questions I put forth are seemingly basic… Dont know if my approach is correct.”

Dear reader,

Thank you for replying back.
Baba said something in the Murli and you believe that what you heard is literally true, right??
That is your belief. It will not be a belief once you have your own experience. Then, that will become your “experience” which is not the “absolute truth” either. Until a religious follower is not willing to confront the fact of their beliefs, there cannot be an opportunity for further realizations. There will be fanaticism; but no spiritual realizations.

Avyakt7 respects every belief. It is what you believe and avyakt7 is not here to prove you right or wrong.

However, there is in your belief system a word that Baba has also mentioned: “Numberwise.” Let me ask you this. If Baba as a teacher was going to speak to a multitude of understandings and capacities. Which one he will pick to explain his teachings; the “top” understanding, the “lower” understanding, the “middle” understanding?

Evidently has to be the lowest, for otherwise, this knowledge could not be explained to the masses. In the realm of the “masses,” “black or white” teachings are necessary. “You must not do this. Never think that. etc.” This is the same for every religion, not only in your BK path.

That is why it has been said in this blog, to avoid taking things literally, which is something that every religious fanatic is good about doing. However, there is no fanatic who has ever reached a different stage of consciousness. Their own fanaticism will not allow them to see something different.

Baba has taught about “being a detached observer.” He has explained that the Drama is predestined. He has explained about karmic accounts. It is a beginner’s understanding to believe that a karmic account is a “debit or a credit in the bank of karma.” That sort of explanation, even though simple and within the reach of the masses, is not accurate at all. If we have experienced how a karmic account works, if we have observed in ourselves how actually it gets settled, then we wouldn’t take beliefs as truth. However, many are just happy when someone gives them the “answer” and you just follow it.

Those types of individuals will not be able to pass the childhood stage of spirituality. They need to be told what to do rather than experimenting for themselves so the understanding happens.

The answer cannot be written in words. Please don’t take this as another belief, but see it for yourself. Get tired of looking for written answers, for formulas in the Murlis and in other books. Nothing understood intellectually is spiritual. Those are just pointers, maps if you would; but you have to do the walk yourself, experience what works for you and to be open to life or God if you would, to show you the answer. If you are a honest searcher and spirituality is first on your list, you will get the answer only when you are ready to understand it.

Baba has also said that his teachings are according to time and circumstance in an avyakt Murli which was explained in this blog. If someone wants to pull a Murli from 1960’s and tell you that it is current, I would look at the time and circumstances. That was his teaching. Nevertheless, many seem to forget that.

Dear reader, as long as you have a belief in your mind you will only listen to those things that agree with your belief. You don’t enjoy the present by “being debt” free. You enjoy the present when you have gratitude in your heart for life itself, when you wake up and are amazed of the beauty and perfection of all, when you don’t depend on others to feel in a particular way, when you simplify your life so you have more time for your inner understanding. That is not related with having debts or credits. It is an attitude of life based on changing your vision.

The huge load over your shoulders are only in your own mind. Don’t think and just feel life, the problems are over then. It is a simple as that, but for many it will be difficult to realize. It is better to tell them to pray, to ask God for forgiveness while their minds are still in the same situation: unhappy, looking for shortcuts, looking to please others, looking for salvation, to be “better,” to get a better “status” in the future etc. With that type of mind, you will only feel a heavy weight in your shoulders.

Your belief is that you are responsible for the world. Until that heavy weight on your shoulders is completely vanished, you are not ready for the world. You can wait and settle all your karmic accounts, or you could understand your own mind by putting your own beliefs aside and by observing it.

I cannot answer your questions based on a belief with just another belief, another story to try to convince you. However, avyakt7 knows that you have understood his point.

Best wishes,

2.“Om shanti.. The date of avyakt bapdada for meeting double foreigners in this season in october 2013??”

Dear reader,
It may be. Please find out from a more accurate source than this one.
Let me repeat this again: This blog is about Spirituality for all. It is not interested in particular belief systems or practices. It is interested in the common good.

Best wishes!

Question: om shanti im bk avijit from kolkata(west bengal) …im a phy.challenged bk cant go to centrs regularly …. i use a wheelchair , i had been to madhuban 3 times …onence in this year feb.. i listen to live murli regularly n in dharna …im a kumar …. my qs is what should i do to maintain a good sthiti…. in my home as well as i know the importance of going to centre …. wht steps should i take to maintain the good vibes … n there r other souls as well who cnt go to centrs 4 phy prob what effort they do ,………… where can we find the boost

Thank you for your great question!

Dear soul,
Welcome to this blog! I hope you will find useful information in it.

On your question. Spirituality is different than following a set of rituals. As published yesterday about the avyakt stage, from BapDada:”If you have moved forward in your avyakt stage, your activity will be spiritual,” and my favor one: “The more you die from yourself, the more you will meet the avyakt form.”

That is all. When we start our spiritual life, we have a set of regulations and rules to follow; the maryadas. Going to class is part of it; but then we have different individuals with different needs according to their roles and then we see that we cannot “put everyone under the same umbrella,” and pretend that someone will be a subject in the Golden age just because that person wasn’t able to make it to class at the center. As you can see this is not the point of Spirituality but a means to maintain the “saplin” to become stronger until it is able to be by itself.

The point is to maintain a good stage that will allow you to experience the avyakt stage as long as you want. In the sakar Murlis, Baba has mentioned that “if you don’t have the Murli, remember the Father.” Everything goes back to that.

Remembrance brings automatic transformation. It is good to read spiritual materials, but we need to put it in practice.

I recommend “remembrance” as all BKs know it (Pick your flavor) but also, self remembrance, that is to be aware of the self while doing things. That practice will give the space between “you” and the “external” Drama. Without this practice we will easily become unconscious and make mistakes. For this, you need time to be alone in solitude as much as possible and if you have access to Nature, even better.

The rest will come after you reach a certain stage in this practice.
Keep your diet satvvic, celibacy is a must as well as Amrit vela. Those items depend on you. The “boost” that you are looking for will come when you have decided to transform yourself and meet ego face to face, for the first time. As you can see none of the things that I have shared with you, depend on others.

Spirituality is a personal path. You can share the “pictures” while going in that path, but no one will be able to walk that path for yourself.

Best wishes!

Reader Comment on the Shrimat of going to the center

From: http://wp.me/p2fovd-1IF

Getting sustenance from the centre is also very essential.

In one murali Baba said, “Even if the centre is very far, even if you have to walk for 6 hours, you must go to the centre.”

And when Baba has given the shrimat in the murali, there is no need for us to use our own intellect. There is benefit in this only. (in following shrimat)

Avyakt7 responds:
Dear soul,

Please read this Murli excerpt from the Avyakt Murli of February 2, 2011:

“You continue to receive BapDada’s love and remembrance every day. Look, even while sitting at home, if you are reading a murli with discipline every day, then you don’t miss out on receiving BapDada’s love and remembrance for even one day. He doesn’t miss out on giving love and remembrance for even a single day. You do receive it, do you not? You receive love and remembrance every day. All of you receive it, do you not? This is a sign of BapDada’s love. If you miss a murli, you miss his love and remembrance. You then don’t just miss that murli, you also miss out on BapDada’s love and remembrance and his blessings. You can catch up on the murli, but the time that is fixed for receiving love and remembrance from BapDada was missed, was it not? BapDada is pleased that you are zealous about this. Achcha. Is there anyone who misses a murli? Among the double foreigners, is there anyone here who misses a murli? For any reason? There isn’t anyone. No, they don’t miss it. One person raised her hand. ,, do not miss it! Do not miss the murli! You can even listen to it over the phone. If you can’t read it, then, somehow definitely listen to it. Definitely give your present mark. Achcha.”

Now. let me ask you: What is the reason of going to the center? Isn’t it to hear the Murli?
Then, I would like to ask you, which Shrimat would you follow? The avyakt or the sakar? 🙂

Dear soul,
When we interpret things literally, we miss the “spirit” of it. As a matter of fact, when there is no interpretation, we will be able to feel the “truth” of something rather than to put it in dead words as a commandment for someone to follow it.

If you want to live in the setting and time of the 1950’s and perhaps you have the time and strength to walk up to 6 hours everyday to hear the Murli, that is great! Congrats!

Just remember that “reading or hearing the Murli” is not the end result, but to change the self. To transform the self.
That is why, it is important to read this excerpt from the avyakt Murli of March 2, 2011.

“This is because, wherever there are waste thoughts, you will not be able to keep in your awareness pure thoughts of remembrance, sweet words of knowledge, which you call the murli. You may be listening to a murli, you may be reading it, and that is essential, it is the discipline of Brahmins, but it will only remain with you just until hearing it. There won’t be any churning in your mind. You will think and also say: “today, the murli was very good. I am thinking about it. The blessing was also very good, and yes, I will remember it shortly…”.

Now, do you see why I stress so much current avyakt Murlis?

Best wishes!

Spiritual teachings: All according to our consciousness


As mentioned before, Spirituality is one. However, it is “explained” in many ways according to the audience, the experiences of the “teacher,” and the time.

Spiritual teachings are not meant to be the same for everyone, even though there may be a common beginning.

Just like a seed transforms into a tree, we could see that there are different branches on that tree. All different but still belonging to that same tree.

In history, there has been many spiritual teachers. Interestingly enough, many teachings have been placed into a religion. When that happens, the spiritual teachings become interpreted by their followers.

For instance, the Bible. It is composed of many different books. Christ did not write anything. His disciples wrote everything there is in the “New Testament.” As a matter of fact, the main writer was Paul. Christian teachings are based on Paul’s understanding of Christ teachings.

The same, we can see with other well known religious scriptures such as the Gita. There are many interpretations of the Gita by different “gurus” and even the origin of those scripture is unknown.

However, when any scripture is made for the “masses” that is for “everyone,” then the depth of that scripture needs to be changed for that level of understanding.

Christ spoke to the masses. Buddha spoke to the masses.

In Brahma Kumaris, the “Murli” was spoken to a small group of people without further spiritual training and education. The “main engine” was love to God. However, that love was according to what these people knew about love. As we progress in spirituality, love acquires a complete different meaning. Something which is completely unknown for the “masses.” Something which is only known as we go through the path.

Therefore, a “teaching” has to meet the student. Otherwise, it will not be understood.

Once a spiritual teachings needs to go to the masses, it has to change and depth will not be there.

It is a this time, when we need to use a deeper realization to be able to see through it and find the deeper jewels according to our own experience.

Spirituality is a very personal path once the groundwork has been initiated and it is stable.

Our level of commitment will give us the key for greater understanding.

For instance, some spiritual teaching could teach us about the need to “tolerate.” We need to tolerate that person, that situation, etc.

Some other teaching will teach us that there is no need to tolerate when there is love in us.

Some other teaching will teach us that when there is no “I” there is no “you” to tolerate or “you” to love.

Who is right? Which teaching is better?

Those 3 teachings are right. But they represent different levels of understanding and experiences.
Once we see that spirituality is one but explained in different ways by different teachers, we could have that openness to learn and to experience spirituality as it is, to be open to the “truth” not as a “final product” as in a dogmatic view, a religious dogma; but rather, as growth. It is the seed growing to become a tree. That tree cannot be described through a teaching, for we do not know how that tree will look like. All we know is that it will become a tree, but no what kind of tree.

As our consciousness grows, so our understanding.
This growth happens only when we are open to grow. That is our particular time for growth.

Question: Hello avyakt7, I have listen to a few murlis, where it is said that we undergo definite things like yugas, sato-rajo-tamo pradhan tendencies etc. But I just want to know that if God himself is ego less then why does he/she indulge in even ‘creating’ this world? what is the need/purpose of doing so ?what is the impetus and if there is an impetus and one is able to identify it , then it is ego ( because if one is able to do so then he is entertaining the basic ‘I’ thought)? It is completely fine that we come here to evolve, but why does it happen in the first place?? And one more doubt I have , please clarify the difference between the most important two terms – ‘Self respect and ego’ ; ‘self preservation and ego’.

Thank you for your questions!

Dear soul,

As expressed before, God does not create anything. The word “creation” in Sakar Murlis is meant to express that though this Godly knowledge, a “new” virtuous man/woman appears. That is all.

Therefore, God is ego-less. Also, in this knowledge we know that God has a “role” which is already “fixed” in the Drama. Therefore, the “Drama” is the “big boss.” and what is the Drama? All souls, their parts and the physical stage. That Drama moves through entropy.

We do not come here to evolve. We have been always “here,” although at different times according to our parts. Existence has always existed. Thus, there is no “reason” for its existence. It is what has always been. To think about “creation” is a flawed thought as expressed in many articles here.

In your words: “Self respect:” To live life according to who you truly are. Ego: to live life according to what you believe you are.
Self-preservation: A dream. Everything changes.

Best wishes!

Question: I want list of terminology used in everyday murli….I become very much confused with difficult words and some time not able to understand the murli so can u help me with this problem by listing all terms which comes in everyday murli we listen so that we can understand it very easily……

Thank you for your request!

Dear soul,

If you want more words, here is a list in this link, which will grow as time permits:
(terminology tab in this blog)
If you want to “understand,” then perhaps you need to listen to the Murli everyday, let us say for the next 5 years, so you will have time to experience what Baba says in your own life. ( I am picking 5 years so you can listen to everyone of them (SM) as they get recycled every 5 years or so.) and of course, to continue reading this blog every now and then as you are already doing it, hopefully that will help… 🙂

Best wishes!