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Question: in today murli ” gyan and yoga r like siblings. baba says knowledge is better than meditation bcoz it gives u liberation in life” plz explain ‘

Thank you for your question!

Dear soul,
For the sake of promptness, anyone who would like me to give an “interpretation” of a Murli point, please double check that what you heard is correct.

In todays’ Murli (3/28/12) First page, line 36 it is stated:
“Gyan and Yoga are brother and sister. Baba says: Gyan is more elevated than trance (dhyan,) because it is through knowledge that you are able to receive liberation in life.”

Through Gyan we can understand yoga. Through that understanding we can experiment and experience. Our yoga is based on the understanding of our Gyan. Gyan is the “foundation” of “effort making,” thus its importance. It is the “cornerstone” for experiencing the Golden age; once that “theory” is made “practical.”

Best wishes!

“You Can Drive Out Evil Spirits” By: BK T.D Joseph

Article by: BK. T. D. Joseph, Bangalore, India tdjaum(AT)gmail.com – If you have questions or remarks about this article, please contact the author.

When harshly criticized by Pharisees (literally means “the separated ones) even for the good he was doing, Jesus did not take it personally, but simply reiterated the LAW OF CAUSATION [Karma principle] saying: People act good or evil according to the good or evil they have “stored up” [sanskar] in them. “The mouth speaks what the heart is full of.” (Mathew 12:33) However, nothing will go unaccounted—you will have to reap the consequence for even an “empty word” you utter. (Mathew 12:37) Then, he made the following comparison:

“When an impure spirit [sense of duality] comes out of a person, it goes through arid places seeking rest and does not find it. Then it says, ‘I will return to the house I left.’ When it arrives, it finds the house unoccupied, swept clean and put in order. Then it goes and takes with it seven other spirits [vices] more wicked than itself, and they go in and live there. And the final condition of that person is worse than the first. That is how it will be with this wicked generation.”—Mathew 12:43-45.

This comparison contains a great truth about how an individual becomes wicked and hints at the sequence. Further, Jesus observes that what happens to an individual happens to a generation too. To complete the picture, Siva Baba says that it has already happened to 63 generations that make up the 3rd and 4th ages [copper age and iron age] which are figuratively called NIGHT or hell on Earth, of which we are in the last generation. Let us now examine how an individual brings in seven evil spirits/vices into his life and their sequence:

In sanskrit, the word for vice is vikaar, which means deviation. From what does a person deviate? From being “whole” (Mathew 5:48), or from the true perception that God the Father is the Supreme Soul and all humans are individualized souls who share the same qualities with their Father! Jesus declared our heavenly Father is the SPIRIT (John 4:24). Hence we, his children, are the exact representation of His very being, thus we are also spirits or souls in a costume called body. Thus we have life before and after this life, and we only change bodies. (Compare Luke 16:30, 31; Mathew 6:19-24; 22:32; 11:14) “Just as a person puts on new garments after discarding the old ones; similarly, the soul acquires new bodies after casting away the old bodies.” (Gita 2:22) The only difference is that God is the Master Seed, or Supreme Soul, hence immutable and unlimited in qualities whereas we, His children, are limited in qualities. (1 Timothy 6:16; Gita 5:29) “As the Seed, so is its fruit.” (Murli 2.2.1970) So long as a person is in awareness that he is a soul having same qualities as his Heavenly Father, it is easy and natural for him to manifest spirit’s qualities such as wisdom, purity, peace, love, happiness, bliss and power. This is what to LIVE means, when one is in tune with his own nature. EVIL is opposite of LIVE, when one deviates from his very nature and goes away from it. EVIL, in the Bible, means worthless. (Matthew 7:17-19) Let us see how a person become evil or worthless.

Rally of evil spirits

When one forgets the fact that he is a soul, and thinks he is body, “an impure spirit” or an illusion of duality, develops, thus lives in body-consciousness (or lives to enjoy the physical senses; and due to this change in consciousness, the soul is no longer master of those senses. It is pulled by them and gradually becomes their slave), he begins to feel separated, EGO appears, (and WISDOM disappears).

In EGO, he feels more important; he wants to add pleasure/things, DESIRE [among desires, sex-lust is more dominant] appears, and (PURITY disappears).
When he sees others having what he desires, ENVY appears, (PEACE disappears).
If desire is met with obstacle, ANGER appears. In anger one shows utter disregard towards danger/loss to himself and to others (LOVE disappears).
If desire is fulfilled, GREED appears, (HAPPINESS disappears)
As he gains, ATTACHMENT appears (BLISS disappears)
In attachment, one feels FEAR of loss (POWER disappears)

Thus one illusion that I am the body, I am the doer, and I am the possessor (Gita 2:71; 3:27; 5:8; 18:53) brings vices one after the other. With those seven powers of soul becoming nil (or Tamo meaning darkness), life became tamopradhan (devoid of any good qualities). Besides, he seldom realizes that pleasure always comes with an attachment of pain. (Gita 18:38) Hence those vices are aptly called evil spirits.

After comparing that generation to a man having seven evil spirits, Jesus said something positive: “The light of the body is the eye: therefore when your eye is single, your whole body also is full of light; but when your eye is evil, your body also is full of darkness…. If your whole body therefore be full of light, having no part dark, the whole shall be full of light, as when the bright shining of a candle does give you light.”—Luke 11:34-36.

Interestingly, Jesus here contrasts the evil spirit with eye that is single. He also says if your eye is not single, “your body also is full of darkness” or tamopradhan. Eye that is single means you see only the substratum, the spirit, [or “Spirit sees the Spirit”—Murli 25.01.1970], rather than the varied forms which appear, remain for a while and disappear after some time. It is like seeing the invisible artist rather than puppets or wires in a puppet-show. In other words, you live in awareness of the following:

(1) A supreme CONSCIOUSNESS behind the macro universe [or your heavenly Father the Supreme Soul],
(2) An individualized CONSCIOUSNESS behind the micro universe called your body [or your soul, the master of your senses] and
(3) A never-failing/meticulous mechanism of action and reaction behind all happenings [or the Law of Causation].

Such a single outlook of seeing the substratum of everything destroys “duality and sin.” (Gita 7:28, 29), and makes one’s whole body full of light, as there will be a rally of brilliant virtues, or good spirits. (Luke 11:34) God, the Supreme SPIRIT dwells in “LIGHT.” (Psalm 104:2; 1 Timothy 6:16) He is shown as sitting in a throne, in front of which there are “seven lamps” which are called “the seven spirits of God.” (Revelation 4:5) The Revelation, the last book of the Bible, written in signs and symbols (Revelation 1:1) equates lamps with spirits of God. Lamp is something that can be seen even from a distance, hence symbol of core qualities of God, which are, like heat and light of sun, inherently seen in his works or action. Let us see how a re-alignment of thinking brings in virtues one after the other.

Rally of good spirits

When you come out of forgetfulness, and remember that you are the child of God, hence a soul in a costume called body, the illusion of duality disappears (Gita 18:53-56; 5:17), you return to truth; WISDOM resurfaces. You begin to view every one as souls and “treat younger men as brothers, older women as mothers, and younger women as sisters, with absolute purity.” (1 Timothy 5:1, 2) In such a wise course, PURITY appears. Purity is the mother of peace. (Mathew 5:8, 9) Thus PEACE appears. In peace, you are serene, and objective; hence feel the presence of same pure consciousness deep within yourself and within all others, and act/react accordingly, which is LOVE.
This makes you do good to others for the sake of goodness, not for anything in return. (Luke 6:32-36) In such an unselfish love, there appears HAPPINESS. “There is more happiness in giving than there is in receiving.” (Acts 20:35) When such happiness become stronger and stronger by repeated acts of selfless giving, you become benevolent like your heavenly Father, “taking delight in the welfare of all beings.” (Gita 12:4) You begin to experience soulful BLISS (Psalm 22:8; 37:11; Isaiah 58:14), which is, unlike happiness experienced through your 5 senses, mind and intellect. (Gita 5:24-26) In bliss, you experience POWER beyond what is normal as you are now linked to the Supreme Dynamo. (2 Corinthians 4:7). This is like building your house with “seven pillars.”
(Proverbs 9:1) With those seven powers of soul becoming dominant, life becomes Satopradhan (sato means seven; pradhan means bharpoor, or full), hence full with 7 powers.

When man forgot the Divinity within (Luke 17:21) and started seeking pleasure and happiness outside, he started a course of being extrovert—going further and further away from Divinity within and its inherent seven powers. The more he accumulated the more miserable he became. Hence the sensible course is to take a U-turn and come back to realize the Divinity within and to live accordingly, manifesting its fruitage. Such a course of life is called “following the wheel” as exemplified in King Janaka. (Gita 3:16, 20) It is compared to “coming to one’s senses” in the Bible.—Luke 15:11-31.

We are like long-lost children who have now found our Sweet Heavenly Father. Now reinforcing our love for Him is more important than anything else in our lives. For those who have already done, it is like more than a romance of superlative degree. “Each day, during the early morning hours of nectar, He gives blessings.” “Weakness can never come to those who continue to take these blessings.” (Murli 28.09.1981) “The more humble, the more successful you are. Humility means ego-less, considering yourself an instrument of God. Such an attitude helps one not to commit sin.” (Murli 13.02.1970; 26.10.1971; 27.09.1971.)

Living in soul-consciousness is at our best interest. Immediate benefit is that virtues produce positive chemicals in our body, and our immune system get strengthened, which ensures a life healthy and hale (in contrast to the vices that produce toxins which weaken our immunity). Ultimate benefit is that such ones, depending upon the degree of effort they put in, have the prospect of living in Golden Age and Silver Age as deities, becoming even world rulers—“BapDada is giving you an open offer.” (Murli 17.12.1979) This change-over is something that is going to happen in our generation.

The present Confluence age (the small period between the Iron age—hell on earth, and the Golden & Silver Ages—Heaven on earth), is the end of Time for all souls. A time to close/settle all past ‘karmic’ accounts of many births accumulated throughout the Copper and Iron ages, and start afresh on a clean slate, for a new show, a new act, a new beginning.

Readers remarks: Om Shanti The GYAN as communicated through MURLIS is being explained/interpreted in BK Centres as per the understanding/perception and according to the SADHANA of the individual BK SOULs. Even though the MURLI is same in all centres, the GYAN imparted varies (from the point of view of AGNANI SOUL (less knowledgeable as to the GYAN) according to his awareness. Is there any way of going into the ‘actual words’ written by ‘BRAHMA BABA’ in ‘script’ or ‘audio/video recordings’ for a SOUL who wants to explore and churn about the GYAN. The Bhagavdgitha is an example how it is interpreted by different people in different ‘VAKHYANAS’ and the less intelligent SOUL gets confused about the real GYAN presented by different people at different points of time. Kindly elucidate on this subject for awareness of this SOUL.

Thank you for your comments.

Knowledge is experiential. To go by literal interpretation of words is the most elementary way of trying to understand spiritual knowledge. Then, we are stuck with a Guru’s interpretation who can tell us what is the “right way” to view things.

We understand once we live this knowledge. Words are merely pointers, that is why we have different scriptures and different views because our experiences are different. By making a particular version the “right” version, we are not using our ability to discern. Once we understand a point in gyan we can share it, and we can provide support for it based on Gyan as well. That is how we could advance into a different understanding.

Many times, interpretations are meant to fit a particular “dogma,” or religious philosophy. Obviously with his kind of agenda, interpretations will be made to fit that “ism.”

Our spiritual edification is based on experience of spiritual knowledge, then there is no need for “proof,” because you become the practical proof of it.

Best wishes!

Question: Om Shanti, i want to know why some murlis are revised one, is it also the part of drama.

Thank you for your question.
Dear soul,
The thought behind revising Murlis as far as I understand, was to avoid using terms which may not be considered “politically correct,” at this time, as well as updating information to a current one.
For instance I recall the one where world population was thought of being 5 billion souls, now it stands at 7-8 billion souls in the Murli.

Revisions may be important for words which may be considered offensive by some. The “worthy” vs. “unworthy,” child comes to mind as well as the “traitor,” labels (may need to be revised;) however, when the figures are “updated” to change the understanding of it; then that is of no use, because now we understand that Brahma Baba had a particular understanding according to his visions at the time. Many times the Murli is portrayed as to reflect the image of an “infallible” God who tells us the “truth,”as if it was a history book; when spirituality is not related with that “book knowledge.”

Sakar Murlis are invaluable for they are the experiences of the founder of the BK clan. Sakar Murlis relate “easy morality,” for the “children” at the time. Sakar Murlis, have a blend of “divine knowledge” with Brahma Baba’s own churnings of the time.

That is all there is to it. Those divine insights is what I like to label “Pure Gyan,” which is the explanation on how everything works in the Drama.

Best wishes!

Many questions…in one question

The following questions were formulated by a BK soul. I would like to remind all of you that I am not a fortune teller. My answers are based on churning gyan. Many of the questions are repeated questions. From now on I will just say “that question was asked before,” and as I showed many times how to search terms in this blog, I trust that the articles will be found.
I will answer the soul’s questions in between his questions:

Om Shanti
Nummers of the FAMILY members in the FIRST LINE;

Pick a number.

The Divine Intellect Whom are the 8 First BK Family members?
Or what is meant by the First 8 members?

It was responded before. See “rosary.”

Then you have the Rosary of 108 Also Baba mentions 16,108 what is meant by that?

That question was asked before and responded as well.

Is it correct that GOLDEN AGE has ONLY a maximum of 900,000 souls to enter over the entire era of 1250 years EACH having 8 births? Or is that the number of souls whom are directly to be transferred into the next Kalpa (all be it numberwise) are these INCLUDING the subjects?

900,000 souls at the beginning of the Golden age. They will reproduce in the duration of that age. If you read the “Mystery of 21 births” you will see that it is difficult to know who has 7 births or 8 births in the GA. Your last question needs to be clarified.

What is the number of souls at the end of Golden Age? What is number of souls at the end of Silver Age?

The Murli mentions 330 million souls at the end of Silver age. That is it as far as I know.

Now my question to you:
How is that information helpful to you in any way? If it is just out of curiosity, please don’t do that to me.

If you plan to figure out the different numbers by extrapolating them and figuring out that out of 900,000 to start if they have each 2 children knowing that their life expectancy was 150 years, and if you put them together in the 1250 years duration of the Golden age then you could figure it out the end population of the Golden age and to double check if the 330 million at the end of the Silver age is the correct number; let me use this opportunity to briefly say that to be a waste of time. Why? Because estimates are based on “fixed realities.” Rate of growth is not constant because not everyone lives 150 years on “the dot.” Those differences make a difference overtime in larger population; AND you don’t know that those 900,000 in day “1” where “really” in their first birth of the 8 permitted in the Golden age, or in their second… (???) 🙂 That was answered before as well.(see mystery of 21 births) Krishna was in his “second” birth on day “1” when he became Narayan.

Divine Intellect: The Divine Intellect is like the Heart of the soul, however it can ALSO BE DESCRIBED as a Hand (Catching Power) I remember a Class given by Sister Meera Bhen Ji in BapDada’s Season 2009/2010 about the Divine Intellect and Catching Power. I would like to go deeper into Baba’s spiritual knowledge regarding how the Divine Intellect works and where does the Divine Intellect consists of in spiritual terms? Does the Divine Intellect consists of 5 ‘fingers’ or ‘members’ of the ‘GOVERNMENT’ ? Whom is at the Top of the Government? It is DESCRIBED that soul consists of 3 faculties ( Divine Intellect, Mind & Sanskars) though there must be much more to learn about the Divine Intellect.

Divine intellect: Absence of waste. That is as deep as it gets.

Best wishes!

Best wishes!

Question: Dear brother could you please explain the following sentence in the murli? “You children need to apply the force of 20 nails in order to increase service”. Thank you!

Comments on Avyakt Murli- January 13, 2013

This avyakt Murli has interesting points to ponder.
For me, it was about being aware of the channels of spiritual understanding. For me it was about the understanding of the chakra system and the way we understand and express according to our spiritual experience. How is that?

Most spiritual knowledge begins at the third chakra, which means “will power.” When we express the self through our activities and understanding through this chakra, we will use words such as: “we must,” “we should,” “ it has to,” etc. This is a “lawful” understanding. We think we have a clear difference between what is right and what is wrong. We become “black or white.”
In this understanding, it is easy to deny everything else which “interferes” with our task or perceived duty.

This is the beginning of spirituality in the BK system. It is good, but at one point; we will be shown a different view.
BapDada’s Avyakt Murli, felt that way to me. However, unless there is experience, we will be stuck in the “third chakra” and we will not move on into a higher one, the “heart.” The “heart” has its own understanding.
BapDada’s avyakt Murli, went into 3 considerations to make “real improvement” in BK life.

1) Belong to the Father and no one else. Not even think about anyone or anything.
2) Become a master; that is become aware that the physical realm creates a dependency unless we keep the awareness of the master, we will become “slaves” of it. The body is part of that “creation” for we are souls.
3) Remaining a trustee. That is the sense that “nothing belong to us, but we belong to the Father.”

If we merely go by the words, we will end up “doing” the following: 1) Thinking that we are keeping a connection with God if we separate ourselves from anyone that could be “Maya” to us. Making sure that we do not “belong” to someone. 2) Thinking that being soul conscious means to deny the body and to “go beyond it.” 3) Giving away everything the role has as possessions, even not doing household shores because that is time being “wasted.”

This is the typical “understanding” of most BKs who have not experienced the soul in a deeper level.
The advice that Baba is giving us is great to keep us out of trouble, but we need to remember that knowledge is not “a literal” interpretation for BapDada will come the next day, and explain other points that will talk about the opposite and that could contradict the former. That is why we learn through experience to “balance” both “opposite sides.”

For me everything is in the experience of the soul. When I experience the soul, I am close to God. There is no separation, because I am experiencing that, thoughts are gone (then I don’t think in people) because this experience is fulfilling, we do not depend on others to feel “alive.” However, we can experience relationships and maintain that “self-respect” which is not related with neediness and the sense of “possession” of others. The issue is not “not to have loving relationships with others.” The issue is that we do not know what is love, because we have not experienced it, because we have not explored the self.

The awareness of the soul, will give us that “disinterest,” according to Baba’s vocabulary; which is not “real disinterest” but it is that something is no longer attractive. This happens naturally.

When we are expressing and understanding at the “third chakra level,” we will “act” with disinterest, which eventually will be observed as “fanaticism,” because our actions will not be through understanding (thoughts, words and actions aligned) but our words will say “do disinterest,” our thoughts will say “this is hard to do,” and our actions will express “ I do not understand.” That is why it becomes important to express through the “heart” chakra as a true beginning for spiritual endeavors.

Similarly, we can do all the household tasks, as long as we are in the consciousness of a “karma yogi.”
Everything resides in our consciousness, but we are concerned only in our external activities. However, our thoughts are in conflict when there is no experience of the soul.

A sense of “belonging” is good. It is fundamental, but we are souls. That is our main sense of belonging. We belong to Baba, because He is a soul, incorporeal. In that experience there is no separation. The actions are part of our “roles,” and we act for the “sake of it.”

All the knowledge is about soul consciousness. In that experience, there is a different understanding.
BapDada will express the same “soul consciousness” in different ways in every Murli.