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Uncovering Violence

Human beings have been trying to find fulfilment in Life.
That “effort” has brought intrinsic division: What “I” want, someone else also wants. There is competition, conflict.
Religious groups, political parties, intellectual factions, etc. are only extension of the individual, there is conflict between them.
Thus, there is conflict among groups making up larger groups such as nations, races, cultural traditions.
“Problem solvers” want to “change the world,” through policies, laws, beliefs, etc. But the core of the issue has always been the individual.

Within an individual, there is intrinsic conflict between his feelings and what is in his mind.
Conflict is part of our lives, but yet we would like to feel wholesome, united, fulfilled. We compromise with some happy moments here and there.

Our minds try to fix that conflict by coming up with “methods” or “techniques” to help us achieve what we ARE not.

What is natural, what we truly ARE cannot use any techniques or methods to BE something else. That has been the “spiritual” lie for centuries.
For instance, If I use a “method” to become loving with people, I am not love; but I am faking it. A “method” will define what love should be, I will practice what I am not.

That “technique” has been used from time immemorial: If the Buddha didn’t eat meat, I should DO that too. I should force myself to be like him.
If my guru says that TV is a waste of time, I should stop watching it. I should make the “effort” to be like my guru, to be “better,” to be like him.

If my sexuality manifests violence, I should cover that with a “technique; “so it is perceived as genuine care.

That is the Life of a dishonest person: To try to cover up the “truth” of who we ARE.

It is in the acknowledgement of who we ARE, the AWARENESS of that; how change starts.
That is natural. When we do not understand that something that is not natural is fake, we will force that change through “techniques” and “methods.”
That change is through violence.
The laws of our society are only concerned in what “I” do to another. We have labeled all kinds of violent acts for that with different kinds of “punishment.”
However, when a person is violent towards himself, that is not covered by any law.

Sooner or later, individuals who are suppressed of their violent nature towards others, will inflict that force into themselves.

What is the source of that violence?
Division. Conflict. It starts within us and it ends in the collective consciousness.

That energy of violence impregnates everything we touch.
We could talk about love, peace, compassion, etc. but violence is what we ARE.

Want to change? Be the change that you want to see? Just Do it?
Never mind clichés.
Be AWARE of that violence in the words we use while speaking to another, while driving to work, while eating, while relating with loved ones. It is there.
How can we “make love” with that violence?
How can we imitate the “Buddha” with that violence?
How can we “practice” compassion with that violence?

In the AWARENESS of this is how change starts. This is not a question of belief in a religion or a holy person, a politician or in some god.
However, those who are not ready for AWARENESS, will definitely need to believe in a religion, a holy guru, a God and a politician.

But violence will be hidden until it is uncovered.


Do you know if you are aware?

Many times we could read or hear that “spirituality” is about awakening.
That is not just “spirituality.” That is conscious living. To live Life in consciousness.
Life is far greater than just “spirituality.”

Have you noticed when your consciousness changed from being a toddler into a teenager?
That is because there is no division between toddler and teenager. It is a continuous.
The words “toddler” and “teenager” could be used to explain things intellectually, but observe that by taking those concepts to be literal, we are creating a separation which does not exist.

Let me use the word “karma” now, to explain a belief.
If you are suffering from a disease now, that is the consequence of your past karma. Correct?
Disease = “bad;” therefore, that disease is “punishment,” “settling karma.”
Actually the “big picture,” the “unlimited vision” is not related with seeing Life as a fearful trip where “righteousness” is all what matters. That is just a religious perspective, which is different from what Life shows.

“Karma” is actually continuity. Our perception of “good, bad” is the opportunity for change. Life changes.
A disease now is the opportunity to appreciate health, to be able to be in tune with it.
When we appreciate the disease for giving us the chance to be in tune with health; then we are ready for change. When we reject the disease, we will suffer our experience.

“Why is that necessary?”
Because we weren’t conscious of being healthy.
“Is that bad?”
No. Lack of consciousness will take us into being conscious again. That is the trip, the journey.

We go from one extreme to another. It is in that awareness how appreciation arises.
How could we appreciate day, if we don’t know night?
If we learn to appreciate both; then we understand the continuity, change that will happen. Life is not a traumatic experience anymore (as the ego will see it) but just an experience to be enjoyed, appreciated, play with and let go. That is to be in the “now.”

However, that experience could be surrounded by “man made,” “artificial stuff,” such as beliefs, dogmas, moral standards, traditions… Please remember this: Nature… Life is not bound by Human laws, beliefs or traditions. It is not bound by your belief of a rightful God, for Nature, Life, the Universe, “His” creation… is not bound by those “rightful” laws.

When we are appreciation, then there will not be the experience of duality, choosing or having a preference; for we will know that everything changes at its own time.

What is to be awake then?
To be conscious of the process, the change. We are Life itself, not something separate.
To be conscious that this change will happen whether the “I” want it to happen or not.

When we are change itself, what could the “I” hang onto?
Nothing. Except a belief… and that is why, as we become more awake, deep beliefs will go “naturally” away… That is the change.

Time to sleep!


Deepest changes in personality may occur during our sleep time.

Those changes are consequences of our attitude and vision expressed in actions, during the hours that we are awake.

Therefore, the quality of our sleep is very important to enjoy a vibrant day in consciousness.

Unconscious behavior occurs while we feel tired, fatigued or not “fully there.”

In our society, we have been trained to ingest caffeine as a sure way to become alert. Please see that this behavior only promotes dependency on a substance, which could have unforeseen effects if we continue to experience sleep deprivation.

Beyond the “brainy” explanation of the REM state and the importance of experiencing deep sleep, there is the practical experience of a good night sleep.

Mathias, the wise tree explained to his friend Ananda about the importance of sleeping.

Ananda: “I understand that during the hours that I sleep, I am not conscious. It is like experiencing a “mini-death,” I feel vulnerable at that time, is this feeling correct?

Mathias: “Correct, friend. When you leave your physical body at the time of sleeping, your energetic field is open to all sorts of energies coming from the outside.
Electro magnetic energy from different devices created by humans, will affect your own electrical field, unknowingly. Likewise, you will attract different entities vibrating at your level. It is like giving food to those entities. For instance, if you are constantly feeling sad, that vibe will attract energies with similar polarities and your feeling will be enhanced in your waking hours.
To know how to sleep is extremely important.”

Ananda: “ What do you suggest, friend?”

Mathias: “ Night time is to rest. Follow Nature in that. Slow down at night-time. If you drink liquids, they should be warm or hot, for they will be easily absorbed in your body. Help your mind with enjoyable sounds, or music and as you are getting ready to sleep, send your own energy throughout your whole body and then expand that energy into the room where you are sleeping, so you become one with the totality. Your bedroom should have only your own energy, full with it; so there is no space for anything else to enter. In that state of fullness, you can let yourself go.

Ananda: “Interesting, friend. What about waking up?”
Mathias: “ Waking up is as important as going to sleep. Embrace your own self, send energy to your own body and generate feelings that will make you smile, with appreciation and gratitude of being there … it is with that attitude, that your day should start.”

Brahmin life out of the box

I was looking into “older writings.” This one is from the Summer of 2011. I took a vacation to Spain, which is a country which I feel that I belong to. I visited an ex-BK friend of mine as well as a “lokik” relative. It was a crucial moment to learn “acceptance” for me, as well as a healing experience from a previous moment of emotional pain. When I read this article, I recognized the story of the lawyer who wrote me which is shared below.

Now, I really understand where he was coming from. Last year, I wasn’t able to completely see it. That usually happens when I review some writings, I can see things that before I couldn’t. This is the nature of life, we are always learning new things at the right time and the moment we feel comfortable with what “we know,” we start stagnating….

Recently someone contacted me via email in reference to one of “my” writings about “time, experience and reality.” That person mentioned that once he started reading the first couple of paragraphs, he understood my position: what I was conveying was “right.”

He mentioned that he had an experience in a dune when he was “out” in another “dimension” and his former dead wife was giving him some knowledge on how everything worked. He mentioned that he was a lawyer by profession as if he wanted to add some validity to his experience or state of mind. He wanted to distribute his “knowledge” into the masses, and while in this task; he discovered concepts such as “singularity” and “multiuniverse” which he added into his description but to make it easier to grasp he said that we were like “bubbles” coming from a big ocean and then separating from that ocean to experience individuality even though we couldn’t “see “ our common origin and unity but eventually after experiencing that apparent individuality, we would go back to that ocean, that source to be “one” again.

(Added today: Now this makes full sense, for individuality is not “real” once we see that we are pieces of the jigsaw puzzle of the Drama and eventually, the seed which expands to become a tree, will need to go back to be a seed again….)

When I explained traditional “gyan” to him about being “souls” going from Parandham to have a physical experience but eventually to go back again to the soul world, he said: “nicely put.”

I was wondering if perhaps some individuals have some explanation on how everything works through other sources but without religious traditions and devotional, regional language. That knowledge certainly will fit their “capacity” to understand, and therefore; it will be “right” for them.

Phrases such as “God creating” and “God destroying all other religions” and “God giving an inheritance” and “God punishing” and “God having a selected group of “real” children” should be by now, fully understood. Please do not take those phrases in its literal form. They are meant to show a sense of urgency, a sense of belonging and a sense of importance of self transformation for the intellect of little children.

My understanding is that there are many ways of explaining “how everything works” in the Universe. I have shared many times how the Drama works with only one purpose and that is self-perpetuation. So it repeats again identically. Whether we decide to place God as the “main actor,” “director,” “creator,” “Savior,” and give such titles; for me is a matter of devotional love when in fact, Baba has explained that “He is bound to the Drama.” Nevertheless, Brahmin souls need a specific knowledge to become Deities which other souls will not possess. That is the difference. That is where purification comes and the importance of God at this time for Brahmin souls. Without God and his combined form, BapDada; there is no possible way “up” when everyone else is experiencing degradation.

I wanted to share that,I had the experience of going on a vacation and mingling with the “old world.” My understanding of that experience was very rich. I learned the importance of living by the Brahmin code of conduct but at the same time to be able to mingle with lokik souls in such a way as not to offend them, imply “superiority” or plain disrespect of what they believe, where they stand in life and their values and thoughts. No efforts to “convert” people to the “true” religion for the sake of “creating subjects.” 🙂

That respect to non-BK souls is very important to develop the “ 8 powers” fully. It is an art to be able to relate with others in their terms but at the same time to maintain our BK principles. This type of experience is something which can be fully experienced when living away from a “normal” BK day to day life, meaning when there is a time table completely planned for the day. My experience was to relate without the white clothes and the badge which could intimidate souls about a pre conceived relationship (teacher-student.) It wasn’t about “me” being the “teacher” but “me” being just like them, a friend sharing a distinct experience according to what the Drama presented at that moment.

At one time in my early life I had asthma triggered by some allergic reaction. The doctors suggested that I should stop eating certain food items. Sugar (in every form) was one of those items. I was so used to adding sugar in everything even before tasting it. I was fond of adding sugar to my morning glass of natural juice…which I thought, that practice was “normal and healthy.”

After a month of living without sugar, my taste buds changed totally after an initial reaction. When I could resume my previous diet and add sugar, I went ahead and surprisingly I did not like sugar in my juice anymore.

Similarly is the practice of the Maryadas. There will be an initial reaction for most but eventually, it will become a sanskara only through practice and understanding. The real test to find out if those practices have become “natural” to us or “artificial” is “out there,” when mingling with “lokiks.”

Every Maryada has its own challenge and we will realize that remembrance is the “bread and butter” of Brahmin life. Some Brahmins will “suppress” and “repress” just to maintain their code of conduct.

That is courageous of their part but to be “free from influences” is the objective and to reach to that point is a task that no every Brahmin is ready to face. Living a “natural Brahmin” life is the key to survive out there. This reminds me today’s Blessing about being powerful to overcome any obstacle, attraction or anything out there meant to distract us from our path. As long as we have the compass of our objective clearly in front of us and recall that at every step, there is remembrance.

A Brahmin soul needs to be able to realize the importance of living “without eating sugar” as a way to preserve their health. To be scared of sugar is not a mature behavior, but to understand that even if someone pours sugar in my glass of juice, it is for me to stop drinking. If I am still craving for sugar, I will go back to it. If that craving is gone, I will not. We progress in Brahmin life when those “rules” become “natural” in our behavior without any supports or peer pressure. To get to that point, is the individual task of everyone of us which as we know, eventually will be a numberwise matter; for a “kingdom is being established.”

The ability to “open up” to life from a “natural Brahmin behavior” has an impact on any lokik soul. At that point “service” is no longer a matter of “words” but to be the “embodiment” of those words…silent words… without being spoken.

To experience life lessons within the context of gyan, gives an immense understanding of life which cannot be transmitted to others through a class or through a writing, for knowledge cannot be transmitted but only remembered…it is already within us.