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Decondition to experience fullness in Life.

Historically, the emphasis of religions, moralists, philosophies and psychologists; have been to correct human beings from all flaws, sins, degraded ways, etc. in order for him to fit in as a “normal” individual in society or a particular system.

Basically, Man is sick and needs to become well again. So, here are the steps to regain health…. Some will put god as the medicine, others “good actions,” others will emphasize sacrifice for mankind, others will call for “love,” as the savior and others… will believe in the power of researched therapy.

The analytical mind will search for those things which are believed to be incorrect, deviant, aberrant, etc. and will pursue the avoidance of those things at all costs. That is the practical medicine, the approach.
Fear is the key factor to make that “change” for there are penalties in this Life and the afterlife for indulging in such “sins.”

When moralists hear about Jesus, Gautama Buddha, Mahavira or the story of any self-realized individual, the aim to copy them appears.

Jesus was labeled as being “indigent;” therefore, that means that “spiritual people” cannot be rich. Buddha was labeled as “vegetarian” (although there is a discussion on this within followers) thus, to eat meat became a sin…The list went on thanks to the interpretation of the dualistic “black or white” mind of followers and moralists who lacked the experience of a self-realized individual.

Through a “black or white” approach it is easy to figure out what is “good” and what is “bad.” There is an “imaginary line” separating those two. This simple “imaginary” approach became the moral standard in society.

DOING became the way for man to “change” their “evil” ways.
DO what is “right” even though it is the opposite of who you ARE, for you must fit into the ideal. Repress yourself. Sacrifice yourself for some ideal or for some god. That is the way to reform yourself. Call it “Love” to make it pretty and acceptable.

Even though the above is appealing to the masses, it denotes lack of awareness.
If you are rich, and become poor just because Jesus was labeled as poor; what you are DOING is increasing your ego. The façade of making yourself poor from wealthy, has the emotional bitterness of having “lost” many things along with the pride and hope of getting way more stuff in heaven, while believing that this ACTION will gain you respect from those who cannot DO that feat. The mind comes up with self-serving wild stuff sometimes, I wonder if we are aware of that? 🙂

Jesus wasn’t “poor.” He always had what he needed.  Is that “poor”? We just judge and label according to our conditioned standards. BEING deconditioned from the need to possess things, creates the “poor” image among conditioned individuals.
Buddha wasn’t vegetarian. He wasn’t for vegetables and avoiding/rejecting meat . He did not make the “effort” to become vegetarian.
If Buddha ever said: “I am vegetarian” that wouldn’t be a Buddha speaking; but followers will insist on following what they perceived to be “right”, even though is not natural for them. It is “effort,” it is “hard,” then to “practice” that becomes the source of ego,  for there is something to set people apart, to show others who is spiritual, divine, worthy of heaven, rather than a simple, mundane human being. Another ego trip. It is about “proving yourself” of your worthiness.

To copy or follow someone does not bring AWARENESS, it brings forth a human being who is not able to acknowledge who he is and thus, to have the capacity to love himself. 

The “keyword” nowadays is to Decondition. It is a fashionable word! Spirituality at this time, is about deconditioning. If our conditioning is all we know and we want to “become better” as an extension of our conditioning, that is a mirage, although it sells lots of “spiritual” books.

How do we start?
By living closer to Nature. (It is free of charge!) There may not be many self-realized beings who haven’t spent lots of time in Nature as part of their own deconditioning process from “normal” society.
Let me explain the “benefits” through “Office world” terminology: That will demote the position of the mind as the CEO of ourselves. The mind will be just another salaried employee in the “I” company. That step is a big “company merger.” By going through this process, the way we look at Life will be totally different. We will not be “normal” anymore nor “subnormal”, the mind will not be there to “scheme” political moves against itself.
We could be “abnormal” just along the line of other “abnormal” beings like Jesus, Buddha, etc. Perhaps we could be unknown, without followers, without “teachings” to share but nevertheless, full of Life.  🙂

Tantra: The path of openness

Openness means lack of rejections, repressions. To acknowledge the existence of “what is;” because if it is,  it has a reason to exist.
Tantra is not for everyone. It typically arrives towards the end of a journey of many lives.
Every suppression, every rejection, every emotional trauma had caused and nourished an entity inside us, which we call ego, the “I.”

That entity is not “bad.” It is the result of living many Lives without awareness. Through Tantra, that emotional energy which is defining our personality, collapses little by little and something new emerges, something which is able to integrate everything that is.

Sexual energy is part of that. Most individuals are only aware of sex as energy for reproduction or for recreational purposes due to the pleasurable sensations. The offset of that, is loss of energy as in Nature there is a subtle balance of dualities. That is known as harmony.
That is why, there is Tantra; to maintain that balance and enjoyment as much as possible.
Thus, this type of sexual energy has a different purpose: To increase vitality in the participants, to re-energize, to bond, to freed.

Because this is a discovery, it cannot be taught; but Life will bring the answers when we are ready for we are one with Life.

Sexual energy is repressed in our society for lack of understanding. One of the greatest gifts that Life has given us, is mostly feared as if it was a nuisance rather than a gift. Emotional traumas are part of most individuals at this time. That is how Tantra acquired a different reputation: Individuals who were not ready for the catharsis that implies self-realization, used Tantra as a “spiritual way,” a method to rationalize the indulgence in sex.
Please consider this: Any method to attain something, only shows that “naturally” we are not ready for it.

Tantra is not just about sex. It is about Life, and sex is part of Life. Nevertheless, most individuals are only concerned with the “techniques,” the “methods” to excel in sex according to their minds, without realizing that even if the individual is sexually satisfied, he cannot be fulfilled in Life.

The icing of the cake became the greatest thing to eat, but the belly is still hungry.

When emotional traumas, detrimental beliefs, hang ups are dissolved from ourselves, what is “natural” will arrive again. That innocence that many are looking to attain by DOING things, will be there. That peace, calmness, “going with the flow,” will arrive by itself. It is through this new being how sexual energy can flow naturally, as it is meant to be.

Wherever you are in Life is “good.” It is an unique experience of the range of experiences in Life. That experience will change and move on. It is never static.
Observe that the waters of the Ocean of Life are moving continuously, it is in that awareness how the realization of the uniqueness of the moment arises. That is all there is.
Anything the mind “thinks about” is just a cloud moving in the sky, taking your attention out of the Ocean. That cloud changes its form in your mind: It could be a position, power, riches, etc. all of those things valued in our conditioned mind… yet the Ocean is missed, living in the “now” is missed.
You can touch the Ocean, swim in it… but with a cloud, you can only do that with your mind.
Most humans at this time are caught with the cloud and even calling it: “My cloud.”

Tantra is awareness, for in awareness we are living life; appreciating this unique moment, tasting it.
The mind is concerned with a purpose, a reason, a goal for existing… That is the cloud. Ideals bring methods, laws, commandments, techniques to “achieve” the cloud.

That is the human condition: To live in the cloud of the mind, without a chance to taste the feelings of the Ocean of Life.
What is the “spiritual”change needed? To look at the Ocean and feel it with all your being. 🙂

Checking on your ideals

Part of the walk of the “Life walker” is to observe those things which make up that which we call “self.”
Throughout these articles, the mind, the “I”/ego and beliefs were looked at.
Ideals, is a new “can of worms” which may need our tact to explore. Why?
The “office world” and most of humanity believe in them as a way of living.
Ahnanda is not a rebel or servile to the “Office world.” He is only interested in finding those items which define him. It is in the observation of those things, how opening of the “I” appears.

Have you observed Patriotism? Are you willing to sacrifice for “your country”? or in “pretty” terms, are you full of “love” for your country?
That could easily change into chauvinism and nationalism. Just like ego.. It tends to grow out of proportion.

Is your country something that exists or it is mind created?
It is obvious that continents do not have lines segmenting them into smaller places known as “countries.” Have you observed that?
Every country has a flag and a song (national anthem.) To represent a country means to adhere to those things and what they represent.
All mind.

Observe that through those artificial divisions, we keep dividing our world of people and living beings.

The same holds true from any form of religion. Rather than the division of land, there is a division of gods and beliefs. Note that Patriotism is more concrete, that is why it is widely accepted. Land is tangible.

With “God” we could stretch the mind into many paths which are available as long as there are believers.
Nevertheless, the division among individuals is granted.

What about political parties? We believe that there are differences that could identify one party from another. In practice, those differences can change as the wind. Nevertheless, the adherence to a label becomes the important issue.

When I share that our issues are in the mind, can we step out of our minds?
Can we be “out of our minds”? 🙂
Because our unconscious immersion in that structure, is not allowing us to observe and acknowledge a different way of looking at Life. That way resides in Nature.

Nowadays many have a very scarce involvement with Nature. Taking “Fido” every day for a 5 minute walk/pee/poo combo while texting someone, may be the extent of our relationship with Nature.
There is so much that we are missing!

Once you are aware of that world, your “mindless” world may cease to exist.
The process is like traveling to another country and learn their language, traditions and so on… the longer you stay, the more you get to know. You may find out that words, ideas, ideals and beliefs are just all of the mind… not real, concise, as Fido’s gifts.

The core is in the feelings of your heart. That is where you “new” Life may reside. To open that door, is to adventure into the unknown.

There is no fulfillment in the mind

The intellectual, the philosopher is not ready for inner change.
While we  obtain more information through books, classes, DVDs, conferences, etc. less aware of inner observation we will be.

It doesn’t mean that classes and books are “bad.” It just means that what we gain in information, we lose in inner awareness.

The authority in the book is giving us a concept. We repeat that concept. We think we “know.”
What we hear, we interpret it according to our experiences. It just remains as an “idea,” a nice concept to like or dislike.

A strong experience, something intense will change a person.
Why? Because that person does not have control over it. The “I” is unable to fight back and “teach a lesson” to another.
We easily label the experience as “bad” or “good” according to our interest or some moral code. However, the bottom line is change. That change is not fake, for it does not come from intellectual understanding.

Any intellectual understanding when referred to living Life, is worthless without inner awareness. However, intellectual understanding is necessary to survive in the “office world,” our society away from Nature and Life. In that world, inner awareness is not needed, in fact; it may be an obstacle for proper conditioning.

The rupture is evident. Most intellectual neophytes will pretend to understand Life under the premise of accumulation of information, concepts, ideas. Nevertheless, part of the spiritual journey is to unlearn all of that.

If we just go to Nature and observe the Ocean, we will learn all we need to be in tune with Life.

There is high tide and low tide. We ask: Which is better? Which one is good? Which one is more convenient?
Both are one. Just different polarity. To understand that, may take a Lifetime to many. Those who are busy “choosing” between high and low, left and right, straight and crooked, good and bad, right and wrong… Those are the intellectuals.

Yes, they “understand” the concept that opposites are complements; but because there is no first hand experience, because there is no observation… still they will be trapped in labeling incidents, judging outcomes, taking sides, babbling opinions.

What is empathy? They may ask. They want a concept. A definition. The Hawk grabbed a fish from the Ocean.
Is the Hawk empathic with the fish? Well… that doesn’t fit the definition of empathy. Is the Hawk compassionate?
No? Here comes the rationale: Therefore, the Hawk is “bad.” If the hawk was “good,” the hawk will display empathy and compassion.  What about a human fishing and taking a fish out of the Ocean? Is he empathic? Compassionate?  Yes/No?  What the mind says? Isn’t this a moral problem? an ontological issue?
Hawk, fish, Ocean, wind… all are one. Life sustains itself through different forms. Our moral concepts are worthless to understand Nature.

The Ocean moves, changes. It is alive. The wind is part of the Ocean, and so all the creatures although for intellectuals; those are different things.

There is no better lullaby than the waves of the Ocean breaking into shore. It is the magical tune to quiet our busy minds… but rather than listening to it, we may ask: “What is the cause of that sound?”

Oh! It is the Jacques Cousteau Factor… The mind is happy. It has an answer! The intellect knows… while that empty container called “self” is still looking for fulfillment…

The world of the mind

When I say that Nature is the “real” world, what do I mean?
Observe a bird. The bird flies around, sleeps, eats, defecates, reproduces, and raises offspring until they are able to fly…
All of those activities are related with other species; those activities are mutually beneficial to  all, harmonious with Nature. Even defecation has some benefits in Nature;  that is a source of nutrition for other species. Nothing is wasted.

Have you seen a bird wanting to rule the world? (Angry birds?) Have you seen a bird wishing to be famous? What about powerful enough to control all species? Have you seen a fish wanting to go to Heaven or waving the flag of the “Pacific Ocean”?

Have you seen a bird that is worried? Stress out? Anxious?
Only while in captivity, thanks to human company.

Even while there could be predators around the bird and his life is at stake, the bird will accept “what is” without the emotional human anguish that we see in the movies: “ Please don’t kill me! What do you want? I will give you that!!!”
“I have so much to accomplish, so much to be worried about, so much emotional drama left… don’t kill me now!”


Those are symptoms of living in the mind. That is what I mean.

Nothing wrong if you want to get your 6 figure job in the “Office World” and buy a brand new Ferrari to celebrate your accomplishment, so people can see you driving it… But just remember, that is not the “Natural World,” the “real thing.”

Want to run for president? Want to cover your dirty laundry before your enemies find out? Pay someone a hefty amount for his silence? 🙂
That is a kid’s game. Enjoy it. Don’t take it seriously, for it is just a creation of the mind.

Ahnanda likes to play that game once in while in the “office world,” but Ahnanda knows that it is just a “game.”

When Ahnanda observes fish jumping in the Ocean and still getting good “karma,” despite eating smaller creatures; then you realize that the action in itself is not what determines the consequence, but the intention.

Nevertheless, when we live in the mind; our intentions are hidden. We put pretty words in front instead, we put the morality game there so we look good, respectable; the “good action” for display…
That is not our true intention; but heck; “I” want the benefit of being “good”  for “me.”
Look out for number 1.

Dissolving ego through your own rebirth

In every “spiritual” gathering, the main topic talked about to “evolve” into a “higher” consciousness is related with dissolving ego.

Why does ego develop?
Because we live in a society. A society has rules, laws, traditions, beliefs, taboos, hang ups… all of those are inherited by the members of that society.

When a child is born his ego is minimal. Even though he may bring a baggage from another existence, he needs the “right” environment to develop ego, just as a seed needs the right conditions to flourish.

In a society we have comfort, certain security, some assurance. Those traits are enough to numb an individual from being connected with “reality,” Nature, Life.

Therefore, it has been observed by many “saints” and “illuminated” ones the need to leave a society. Basically that means to be alone.
When alone, many of the things that we take for granted do not have any meaning anymore.

Am I a man or a woman?
That could be answered only in comparison with others. Am I rich or poor? Same thing. Am I beautiful or ugly? It does not matter anymore.
That “going away from society” is how we live through experience most of the teachings of religions. For example: You may repeat many times – “I am a soul.” Thus, I am not rich ugly man or a woman. However, that is merely a mental paradigm. An idea which may need to be “practiced.” There is no way to realize “I am a soul” unless that happens to you, which does not depend on your DOING.

When you are alone, there is no need practice anything.

Gautama Buddha, left society when his child was born. He was a wondering man, like an animal. So did Mahavira and even Jesus. They had their time away from society just to discover their “reality” away from all the things that our society has given us.
Can you live without TV? Can you live without reading a book? Can you live without the internet?
Those are artificial gifts from society. Those things will shape up our personality, our ego. However, those things are not “bad,” although they could create a dependency in many. Those “progress” of society are truly an opportunity to discover our hidden addictive, needy personality. Enjoyment of those things reside in freeing ourselves from our attachments.

Discovering our “truth” will happen when we are away from those things, which we take for granted.

When a person lives in a “black or white” consciousness, their awareness of being inauthentic due to a surrounding society, will move them into a reactionary movement:
“This society is bad, filthy. We need to create a new society.”
That is how many religions have started, many “ashrams,” many “collective gatherings.”

Their belief is that they have the “right” laws, commandments, etc. for they had realized “evil.”
Thus, they create a new society with many opposite values of the previous one, but the structure of the new “creation” comes out of the same frame of mind. “Black or White.” Thus this “new” society will be same as the rejected one.
The same hierarchy with different labels. The same consciousness underneath the word “change.”

Although being in Nature and away from the “technological advanced” society is the most spontaneous way to discover our own truth; that is no longer necessary or practical.

All we need to be aware of, is the work of our own mind. After all, the mind is the open door, getting all the “goodies” from our society.
How to become aware of something, which we believe to be us?
Be away from the crowd. The mind is used to the noise, words, background sounds which bring a sense of company, that is why silence becomes important.

Physical silence is the first step to observe the mind.
Slowing down our DOINGs, our tasks, our “busy” schedule, is the second step.
Slowing down our breathing through conscious movement, may be the third step.
At that point, we may be able to recognize that we are not the mind, that we are not a personality, or a belief system.

Then the mind slows down. The clouds of thoughts will not pass by so quickly. That is ill labeled as “silence of the mind, “ which will bring inner peace. It is actually “no-mind.”
In other words, when we become empty, we are full.

Having tasted that, we could go back to the comfort of a society. We could play the game and “retire” when necessary.
We could enjoy the game of being “busy,” while knowing that it is just a game.
Stress is over unless we “think” about it. 🙂

Is the above too hard to DO?
There is no DOING involved. It is awareness.
Something easier? 🙂
Surrender your ego through love.
Some religions will present God to be the “beloved.” That is only sentimental stuff. It is not that. There is no “beloved” when YOU are not there.

Love is the death of that which we call “I.”   🙂

The nature of virtues and vices

In a “Black or White” mentality there are only 2 options, which are separated by a line drawn by someone’s moral standard.
That standard is utterly convenient, static and meant to separate the virtuous from the sinner, thus supporting a dogma. At the end, the dogma is the bottom line, not the feeling of happiness.

If we understand the implications of polarity in our lives, we could see that courage and fear are opposites, therefore; they have the same nature, they are connected as cold and heat are.

Do we see the connection between cold and heat?

Two extremes of the same thing. What is cold or hot becomes a subjective matter until someone draws a line. Morality appears and the division of “good” and “bad” is born.

When our minds are lost in duality, we are unable to see the above. We can only see 2 different things, 2 opposites and then we will choose one side and reject the other.

That is the way our society, our mental make up, our dogmatic views have survived for so long, implying the separation between feeling and thinking.

Obviously, that has created problems in our mental health.
“Anger is “bad.” Avoid it. God does not like angry people. Conquer anger to become an angel.”
Yet, we are told at the same time to be compassionate.

The same energetically source making up anger, makes up compassion.
Two extremes of the same thing.
Therefore, the answer is not to reject, to fight, to conquer; but to transform, to change the polarity of that which is taking place, for that we need to acknowledge, observe, allow it to be without judgment… and see its potential.

The Super-hero “Green Lantern,” wasn’t chosen by the magic ring because he was fearless, but because he had the ability to transform that fear into courage.

Self-transformation is not about denying lust, anger, ego, etc. for those extremes make up altruistic feelings, compassion and egolessness at the same time.
That is why, we are complete as we are. We ARE everything already.

Are you hot and want to be cool?
Don’t move.
Are you cold and want to be hot?

Isn’t that simple? Do we need to use our minds full of preconceptions, traditions, teachings, beliefs, etc. to comply with the “black or white” mentality?

To move is “good.” Not to move is “bad.”

One of the first things for a seeker to understand is that he cannot rely on his mind, for the mind is past which is no longer present.
It is future, which is no longer present.

To live in the “now” is basically to recognize what is mind.
The mind is like a book and we follow it to the dot. That information has some benefit, but it is not the ultimate truth.
“You” are, when “you” are not the mind. Time-less, in the “now.”

Aren’t virtues and vices the same thing with different polarity?

Isn’t the journey to go from one side to the other of those extremes, just to come back?

Isn’t the ego the one taught to DO things, to fix things according to the information residing in the mind?

How is newness possible in that state?

We may need to learn to observe our mind.
Perhaps we will discover that ‘black or white’ are not the only colors.