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God as a separate soul and the experience of God as being combined- One

The following churning is not meant for everyone to agree with it. This is just my current understanding triggered by today’s Murli (8-29-12.)
Note that I had a glimpse of this here way before my reading of Mr. Tolle’s book started. I am just saying this because i can hear: “Ohhh, you are being influenced by him.” 🙂 Not a chance.

Consider this as “food for thought,” if nothing else. Here I go… 🙂

One of the most important topics to understand beyond the “intellectual understanding,” is the concept of duality.

Our perception of “night time” is only valid because we know what “daylight” is. The knowledge of one goes along with the other. To go beyond this duality is to see the full day, not as a fraction or 50%-50%, but a totality, a whole which is continually moving in “time.”

In fact, one of the best things that could happen to better understand Brahma Kumaris knowledge is to re-create those pictures in moving motion, as a movie. The cycle with the 3 worlds being interwoven as “it is,” and not a “static” representation which unless our minds are able to grasp and make those pictures to “move,” we will not get the full meaning of it.

Then we can see what is going on without any further explanation. Words will not be needed.
I had a dream about this 4 years ago. In this dream I saw this “Mac” computer with the pictures of gyan in this dream along with hearing a voice saying: “Put these in movement.”
This is a challenge for the graphical designers/artists/ film makers out there. Perhaps the movie maker sanskara will emerge in me soon along the “poet”… 🙂

Similarly, our perception of reality is bound by our consciousness, and that consciousness will change in time.

Brahma Baba in the beginning of his unusual experiences thought that he was God.
Mr. Tolle thought after sometime that “he was enlightened.”
Another person with a “near death experience” may perceive that “we are all one.” Therefore, God is us, and then we call that “omnipresent.”

Note that these experiences are fragmented by our own understanding and traditions.

Brahma Baba later on, acknowledged that there was another entity, God Shiva speaking through him.

This example clearly shows to me that “duality” in action” from “I am” to “you are.”

Let me be clear with this: Any spiritual experience that we may have cannot be put into words, for words will “cage” them, define them; because words can only express duality, and Spirituality is not duality.

While in soul consciousness, there is no sense of separation, no sense of fragmentation, no sense of division. There is wholesomeness. Therefore, there cannot be the experience of this is “Me,” and that is “you.” That experience could only happen in “body consciousness.” Paradoxically, we still will function as “individual entities,” but WITHOUT THAT CONSCIOUSNESS OF INDIVIDUALITY.

In the Golden age, we will never hear: “That is Narayan,” the King; while this is me “just a subject.”
That is ego. That is duality.

When Baba says: “ One Baba and none other,” or “always think that Baba is doing this,” please see that Baba’s method is to shift our ego, so hopefully we could realize about it.
If we conquer Ego, we conquer all the vices.

Mr. Tolle’s method of “observing the self,” brings also the duality of the observer and the one being observed. That is thought, that is mind. That is fragmentation, separation.

In soul consciousness we cannot perceive beings as separated from us. We are, even though we may have individual “bodies,” but in soul consciousness there cannot be the sense of individuality that we feel now. We cannot be separated from God. “We are,” without using those words; We understand the totality of all without “intellectually” understanding.

That is the experience of God and the “paradox” that even though He is a soul , an individual soul like you and me; we cannot experience fully who He is, unless we experience fully who we are; that is in soul consciousness…. AND… at that moment; there is no “You” nor “Me.” 🙂

That is the beauty of this paradox.

Therefore, while in body consciousness, the experience of separation between God and Me, needs to be there so I attempt to come closer, for coming closer means to be more like “Him.” BUT, being like HIM means “not to be ME anymore.” Ego is gone.