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Readers Remarks: Puresoul and BK Pravin

From: Puresoul
dear big brother i was very touched by the sincerity an depth of ur words…and i feel , u have a special role u took ,and u will always take:support throug words and vibrations words carry energy, and ur words are inspiring, and lightning baba do need such children baba do love all children love and respect namaste

From: Bk Pravin
Authority – Fear = Success We live in the world of hierarchy and uncetaintity. There are consequences of decision. When a decision is being taken with responsibility but with certain fear may lead to failure. I came across thought regarding the fear, it is: “A Simple Way to Remove Fear is to Seek Knowledge and Understanding”. Knowledge makes us powerful, in fact knowledge is power. With this godly knowledge we will become powerful, fearless. Just we need to churn it, share it and use it appropriately. This is Shivbaba’s knowledge when I churn and use it, it becomes mine. Many times we become impulsive (i.e. do not seek knowledge and understanding) about any person, situation, event etc. Also, we will not apply the knowledge appropriately in particular situation. This may create fear. Which will affect our confidence whenever we take the decision. Likewise our confidence may degrade further. The way to come out of this situation is to become assertive, neither aggressive nor impulsive. Assertive is using the authority righteously. It is neither impulsive (fearful) nor aggressive (i.e. using the authority unkindly) Note: Congratulation!!!!!!!!!!!. The platform of bkgyan.com (by Brother Louis alias avyakt7) is playing vital role in making the BK students powerful. It is fabulous. By: BK Pravin Patil (alias anadi000), Pune, India,.

A new phase in the blog :-)


For those who have followed this blog from the beginning, you may have experienced different changes in it.

Those changes are meant to be, for those reflect the spiritual changes in life.

In the past few days, I have heard some comments about avyakt7’s “role as a Guru.”
First, from a BK friend who I appreciate and value; “as coming as a guru” in a conversation. Then, from other sources of the Internet: forums, mail lists, etc.

I have repeated many times that I am not a guru, just a student who happens to have the time and desire to share.I am just another human being…but it appears that my words do not meet my behavior as perceived by some souls.

I want to apologize for that, if your feelings were hurt in any way. As you can see, I am not “perfect” (yet) 🙂

Yesterday in early meditation, I had the clear feeling that this blog needed to stop. Finish.
An email from a dear soul friend of mine confirmed that feeling, this morning.

I was getting ready to do it…. to say “see ya in 5000!”.. 🙂 But the Drama had other souls in my path, which requested avyakt7 to continue.

Please be mindful that the spiritual experiences that I am having right now are changing the way that I express and perceive Spirituality through Gyan. It is not the same “clear cut” topic from the Sakar Murlis anymore. It has evolved. As always, you will read here what goes on in my heart. Not some manicured version to fit a group or someone.

Through this blog I have learned so much about Gyan and perspectives of Spirituality, which I cannot convey in words without being misunderstood.

I am mindful of that.

A very close friend of mine, suggested that I change the “form” of the articles. To share more about life experiences that could be helpful for others, across the spiritual “realm.”

Perhaps that is the “new way.” I do not plan articles but merely express them as they appear as I type. I never know what will be typed the next day, except when it is Sunday’s Avyakt Murli.

Dear souls, the “guru” needs to perish so something new can take birth.
Death is a new beginning.

Therefore, here comes my list of “action-tasks.” 🙂
1) Writings will be about Spirituality in general. Although, it will reflect BapDada’s gyan; the words as we have used it may not be utilized in the same way. If you want to know about some key words such as “drama,” or “vikarma,” etc. You will find plenty of articles here already… or the internet.

2) Questions will be accepted if only they meet the general criteria of being “universal,” that is if anyone regardless of religious association , could understand them. From now on, any questions which do not meet that criteria will be discarded. In other words, all those repeated questions of dinosaurs, Golden age reproduction, “what Baba means,” destruction forecasts and such, will be discarded. There is plenty of information here already.

3) Any writings that you may want to share as long as they reflect general spirituality or your own experiences will be welcome. Please send your articles to tiger (AT) reiki.nu or through the “reader remark,” tab.

I may share few articles rather than quantity. That will keep things in balance in my life.

Thank you again for all your kind support.
A heart felt rays of loving warmth to all of you, as the sunshine embraces a new beautiful day.