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Do you mind your mind?

Life will teach us. Life will shape us, according to what it needs to be. According to the need of time.

We could change our beliefs 360 degrees by “surrendering” to the immense weight of Life over our shoulders. That is the hard way.

What makes it so hard?
I could say the “I,” but today I will be more specific.
Our minds.

The mind is very limited. The mind will gather information through our senses and make up a reality of its own.

So you lost your $300 sunglasses. Did it come to your mind that they were stolen?
Did you believe in it, just because of the “evidence” of mingling with some people who looked “fishy” to you?
At that point, the mind has created a reality, which will have greater strength if those sunglasses represent something important to you.

It is the downward spiral from there.

One day you may be looking for some change under the driver’s seat of your car… and there you found your sunglasses!

The trivial example above, illustrates other important aspects in our Lives.

We may need to check the facts before feeding our being with nonsense created by our minds.
Once our mind is convinced that “we know” without being actually sure, we may make a great mistake, which is not “bad,” but it could be a costly lesson in Life.

Remember the “benefit of the doubt”?
That is of vital importance.

To acknowledge the fleeting nature of the mind, is to understand that the mind is like another sense organ.

There are “visual” individuals out there. Their eyesight becomes the most important ingredient in their “reality.” Life will teach them that there is more than “visual effects” in Life.

Similarly is with people who are unaware of how their lives are being run by the limited information the mind is able to acquire.

It is not a matter of being the “master of the mind,” but to simply acknowledge the limitations of the mind. Become aware of it.

Have you ever been swimming in deep water and enjoying the experience, until a thought arrived: “Sharks.” At that point, the mind created the movie of a shark opening its mouth looking for you… Just like “Jaws.” How did you feel right after that inner movie show?
Scared. Tense. At that point the fun was over.
Nothing happened, but the mind sent its signal, which the “I” believed.

The unchecked mind could make of the “I” his greater believer.

When the mind is “out of control,” the mind could run the life of a person. What is pleasurable for the mind will be maintained and supported even though that could mean self-destruction.
A mind out control can create any fantasy, any mental situation; all it requires is for a believer to support its existence.

Do we understand now, how some individuals are looking for “peace of mind”?

The nature of the mind is to run from place to place by showing us our emotions, our deepest fears, likes and dislikes.

It is not a question of “peace of mind,” but just to observe that the mind is like a child running and jumping all according to our current emotional baggage.
If we believe in the stories of that child, we will discover that we are living our own reality away from “what is.”
That dissonance may be the starting point to look for inner answers.

Peace is not of the mind.
Mindfulness is beyond mind, into no-mind.

Going beyond the sense organs

Imaginary Friend

A reader wrote about the need to go “beyond the sense organs to experience a different reality.” He also mentioned “Purity is in the mind.”

The above is interesting.

In many sharings here it has been stated that “reality” per say; is a perception. “I” perceive something based on my senses (sense organs.) That perception is not “reality” but it is the way I perceived things according to the way my sense organs are designed to work.
My “reality” is confined to the way my perception appears. Do we see that?

Because I see a tree, it does not mean that it is “real” as I perceive it.

Without the experience of the above, we will be caught up in beliefs and dogmas about the “right perception.”

“The word of God” is the right perception… Some may say.

Isn’t the perception of what someone considers God, just another perception?

There are many religions with a “different God” stating that “theirs” is the “true one” because of a different perception which could be a “collective” perception but nevertheless, a perception.

“Self” is yet another perception. We have agreed to make our world based on that perception. It is our “reality” by agreement. 🙂

If readers could follow that up to this point, wouldn’t it make sense to accept and enjoy those perceptions rather than deny them, once we know that “reality” is a perception?

In other words, experience what is in your lot, but enjoy it while it lasts without being attached to it because those perceptions will change as our consciousness changes.

Consciousness will change and it will bring different awareness, and that brings a different “reality.” (Perception.)

We cannot control change of consciousness. It happens at a particular time for every individual.

Consciousness is the key for a different perception of “reality.”

Beyond the “sense organs” there will be another perception. The reader has decided to call that “Purity.”
That is his perception.

“Purity is in the mind.” Of course it is, because duality is in the mind and so are addictions, obsessions, over-thinking and… the self.

The “impure mind” trying to make itself “pure.” That is the irrationality that we may believe in.

Have we experienced no-mind? 🙂
Is that “pure” or “impure”?

Do we realize that actions do not change the state of mind? Aren’t intentions before actions?

Let me give an example:
Are you “pure” because you practice celibacy, that is “sex denial”?
There is no purity if there is denial.
That is called dishonesty.
Is the denial of an action the way to have a “pure mind”? What is the intention? To be “pure” through repression?
Isn’t a denial a way to repress, to negate to separate?

We may want to look into it. Beliefs aside. Without fear.

It is not “bad” to practice celibacy with understanding and not just to follow someone for an ideal. However, dishonesty has its consequences.

The path of a “Life walker” may be different according to his consciousness and perceptions.

To be open in life means to accept all of those perceptions, knowing that individuals act based on their own perceptions and label them as “the truth” to feel “good” about themselves. That is the typical “collective” consciousness at this time.

When our consciousness looks at it from a different perspective, then “reality” will look different.

Do we see this brilliant game of life?

You label something as “purity.” I label it as “impurity.”
Who is “right” who is “wrong”?
Whether that is “purity or impurity” it is a matter of perception… A mind in duality will only label.

Mindfulness, no-mind and compassion


Many times we hear those words (Mindfulness, no-mind, compassion) in “new age” spirituality, which are borrowed from Buddhism and Zen.

The interesting thing to note is that without the experience of “what is,” we are left with pretty concepts to talk about, discuss so the “I” can look knowledgeable in “spiritual matters.”

The mentality of the follower who only picks up concepts here and there, is not the inner work required to live those words.

In Information technology and the “office environment,” we could sound “very knowledgeable” if we just repeat some concepts and spit them out at every meeting.
TCO (total cost of ownership) ROI (return on investment) IaaS (infrastructure as a service) etc, etc.
All you have to do is to use those acronyms left and right to amaze those who do not know them.

When we transfer that “office mentality” into living life with joy, we will find out that “talking the talk” will not get us an “interview” or a “salary increase” with life.

The duality of mindfulness and no-mind needs to go.
To use the mind to be in the moment, focused in the moment is achieved as well when there is no mind.

No-mind may sound “illogical” but not for a follower of Zen. That concept, “no-mind” is part of their repertoire of beliefs.

Playing in the duality of mindfulness and no mind we forget about feeling, we forget about compassion.

Compassion is not something coming from mindfulness or no-mind. It comes from the heart.

Compassion is not to feel pity for another. “Oh… poor thing…” Compassion is to recognize every aspect “out there” in yourself.

Bryan has a friend who is a heavy smoker. “Albert” just turned 30 this year. Bryan mentioned to him that to be healthy is very important to enjoy life.
Albert understands that intellectually but he says: “I started smoking when I was 15 and it is very hard to quit.”
Albert threw away his cigarette after the brief talk.

The next day, he was smoking again.

Compassion could be the feeling at that point.
Bryan is able to recognize that according to Albert’s consciousness; further suffering may be needed. That is part of his path in life. Bryan recognizes that many times his understanding about his own situation in life was lacking, so suffering was needed to draw the line.
It is not a matter of “will power” alone which is a kind of suppression combined with violence to the self. It is not a matter of further “preaching.” There has to be an internal understanding and love to life and living which is beyond a concept, to be able to change ways into something different.

That change will happen naturally as the product of a new consciousness and not because of some external compulsion, fear or “black or white” law.

Compassion is not coming out of mindfulness or no mind. It is coming out of inner understanding and respect for everyone’s processes in life.

To be addicted to mental concepts without the experience of what something is, may be one of the greatest ways to increase our ego.

That may be “good” for the office world, but that is not part of learning to live life with joy. 🙂

Readers remarks, sharings and question

1.“Dear avyakt7 , first of all very thankful to your writing on the site which touches deep aspect of spirituality in every region . your answers of question are also so much helpful for a true seeker in this dogmatic religious surrounding.”

Thank you dear reader for your kind words. The aim is to share for the common good as everyone has to walk their own path in Spiritual life.

There are no books or practices to experience a different state of consciousness or awareness, but our sincere approach to experience spirituality for the common good will open the doors to something different.

A religious mind is a static mind, A still picture. To follow the dogma, the belief is the aim.
A spiritual mind is dynamic. Aware of the self under the background of the movie of life.

A religious mind has a reward in the future. A spiritual mind finds its own reward in the present. The now… for the “now” will be the future.

A religious mind is the first step of awareness towards finding Spirituality. Many times, that dogma, rigidity and self-righteousness are part of the process, as the caterpillar becomes a butterfly. The butterfly is no better than the caterpillar; just different stages of the same process.

The religious “doing” what is right will evolve into the spiritual “being” accurate, “being” right according to the movie of life and not the picture of the mind.

That is the change, the transformation.

Best wishes!


2. From a reader:

“This is an interesting reading for the no mind realization.”

Click to access whats-wrong-with-sample.pdf

3. “Brother Om shanti, What is your take on Dinosaurs, and other primitive animals? What do you have to say on radio carbon dating and its repercussions on the incidents of world history which states that the history of mankind is just lakhs of years old?”

Dear reader,

It seems that you are a new reader of this blog. Welcome! 🙂
This blog has changed its aim for the last 3 months already.

Avyakt7 moves as the wind. Today in this direction, tomorrow in another one. Still is the wind, but just in another direction.
Avyakt7’s current role is not to defend a particular belief. Whether that is religious or scientific. Those beliefs are of no consequence to spirituality.

How dinosaurs are related with Spirituality? 🙂

Dear reader, if you are looking for information, for intellectual stuff to defend a particular position, you could look at avyakt7’s earlier writings, by just clicking on the “scientific tales” tab you will find plenty about carbon dating, dinos and more scientific beliefs.

Hope you enjoy it.

Best wishes!

Selfless self


Why is it that to be self less is important?
How to be self less?

We hear all the time that “we need to be selfless, we need to be ego-less.”

In this brief article ego will have the same meaning as the word “self.”

The importance of being self less resides in being able to operate, to act; considering the “whole picture,” that is beyond the “me” factor and its extensions such as “my family,” “my religion,” “my country,” etc.

When we act without the self, we are not dividing. When we do not create a division, the outcome of that action will be according to the flow of life, the Drama.

If we think about ways to be selfless, we will not be able to “feel” what it is. We could make a list of “selfless acts,” but as long as there is someone “doing” or “thinking” things the outcome will be ego. It is “ego” itself being asked to come up with ways to get rid of itself.

Ego is not bad.It has been used as a mechanism of defense for a long time. However, it could be detrimental when out of control. It will be creating further division, segmentation; distance. That manifests in pride, arrogance, self-importance, ostentation, etc.

The “how to” is not about doing anything. It is not “I” doing selfless deeds. It is not “I” thinking selfless thoughts.

It is being selfless, that is without the consciousness of “I.” Being there without a thought.

The mind, which is engaged in continuous thinking, is unable to experience that state of a clean mind from thoughts.

That lack of thinking has been named by some as “no-mind,” and that state is not obtained by doing a certain practice, but it comes automatically as we experience silence in all aspects.

That silence means, to shutdown from all sort of outside sensations and to be able to enjoy our inner company.

Sitting quietly in some quiet place to let that quietness enter our being.

That silence comes when we are in contact with Nature as well. In that experience the mind becomes very quiet, the mind forgets our own self as being a thought and connects with the primal sounds and setting of human beings, that is “Mother Nature.”

As this connection with Nature and silence away from distracting noises deepens, a new “personality” emerges, a being who is able to perceive its own internal “noises,” and thus, become free from them. A being, which is more in tune with the “no-mind,” and is capable of experiencing that “self “ which is ready for further change, that is to encounter a meeting with its own dissolution.