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Being, becoming and non-being

Obtaining the things that we want.
Not obtaining them. Both are Life.
Labeling one side as “good” and the other as “bad” is to delve into duality.
There is no “good” without going through the “bad.”
Thus, “good” and “bad” are the same rope but different ends. The extent of the rope is the journey. We can only go up and down the rope of Life.

Day and Night. We label both occurrences as Day. The Day is made of day and night.
Words get in the way of understanding.

We call day the opposite of night. We talk about their differences, our preferences, likes and dislikes.
If the day is different than night, could they be complements of each other?

A difference complements. Because they are complements, they are One. A Day.
Because they are different, they are opposite at the same time.
Every human being is different than another even though the same human being, thus we complement the Totality.

Logic tells me that 2 things, which are different, cannot be One.
However, opposites complement each other. Thus, they are One.
Male is different than Female, but they long to be One. It is their difference, which complements each other.

We may look for differences and forget about complements, Oneness.

Every issue has 3 sides. The one that you see, the one that you don’t see and the one made up of what you see while it is changing into something that you don’t see. The process, becoming.

The static perception of “yes and no,” and the continuous “live” process of change of “yes into no.”

There is “having” and not-having, but also having while becoming “non-having.”

Every time we think we have the “truth,” we say: “ The truth is this…”
We are forgetting that “this” has also “non-this,” and “this” becoming “non-this.”
Makes sense?
Here, the example:

“God is the truth.” He said.
Who is non-truth?
The opposite of God. The Devil.
Do opposites complement each other?
Yes. They are One. God is one with its opposite.

Your belief will no accept the above. Your belief is made to separate complements.
The process is God becoming the Devil and the Devil, God. One, not many.

Truth becomes non-truth.
What is static cannot change with Life. When Life changes, that which remains static, becomes non-truth.

“Life is truth.” He said.
Life cannot be “truth” for it changes. It is not static.

“Change is truth; then.” He said.
It cannot be, for change is…. Change.

“Truth” is just a meaningless word.
But also, a word with meaning.
And… a meaningless word changing into meaning…and meaning changing into meaningless.


No worries. It is “normal.” That is the issue when our consciousness is trapped in duality.

When a human consciousness is caught up with only 2 states such as “day” and “night,” that person is unable to look at the journey, the change.

“The means justifies the end.” It is a well-known phrase denoting “wisdom” that many like to use.
That is how reaching “Paradise” in the future, becomes more important than living the “now.”
That is how killing in the name of “peace” to win a war in the future, becomes more important than all the suffering that individuals are going through to reach the “goal.”

It is that mentality used to reaching goals, stressed out to achieve something, which is so self-centered that it is unable to perceive something besides himself. That mentality is unable to stop, to take the time to smell the roses…

Violence cannot end in Love. It may end in dependency, but not love.

The end is the consequence of the means. It cannot be otherwise. It is continuity.
Enjoy the process of change. It may be slow, it may have many turns but there is no reason to speed it up.

Throw your logic away. Get rid of your reasoning.(But keep it for the “Office world” and the paycheck.) Life is not lived by thinking about Life and by knowing intellectual answers.

Knowledge is not the most important factor to live Life in joy.
Your feelings are. To understand your feelings is to know enough.
Knowing enough, we could enjoy living.
Being in joy, we could know what love is.
To know Love is… Being it.
Being it means… not being… 🙂

It is the process of being into non-being what we call living Life.

Having, Doing, Being … and … Non-being


“I have too many things to be thankful about.”
“I am doing the best I can.”
“ I am someone.”

The “I” world is in town again…
Do we want to “transform” that “I” into a “better” “I”?
Obviously that would be a trip to “Ego-land.”
All expenses paid.

“Having” comes from “Doing” and doing comes from “Being.”
That has been the repetitive mantra for “self-transformation.”

In fact, “Being” what?
That is a hard question to answer, unless we would like to add pretty words to that answer, such as: “good, kind, friendly, loving, etc, etc.”
If we are “something,” we will act according to what we are.
There is a subtle depth in the above phrase.

If we are “something,” we cannot think about “changing the world” for what we are will compel us to act in a certain way under all circumstances and perceive the world with the glasses of who we think we are.
We are framed, stuck by what we think we are.

Nevertheless, Life is change.

Johnny found 20 dollars down the street.
Johnny wanted to be “good.”
He was the typical “Johnny be good.”
Johnny asked to all of his “spiritual” gurus what he should do with that money. He was expecting the “right” answer to be the same from everyone. After all, there must be only one right answer. That is logical. 🙂

Master A: Why did you pick up that $20 bill? You should have left it alone there. There is karma associated with picking up something, which is not yours.
Master B: We have a box for donations, so we could do “good” to others who need it. Place the bill there. That is a good “deed.”
Master C: You don’t know what to do with it? Give it to me then.
Johnny was confused. Johnny thought that there was a “right” action to do under every circumstance.
Johnny HAS a $20 bill. Johnny did not know what to DO with it… because Johnny wanted to BE good.. Obviously… he wasn’t “good” enough, for otherwise he should know what to do. 🙂

Johnny is completely framed by thoughts and philosophies from others of what “being good” is.
That is the problem with trying to “be” someone when you are not “being.”

It is in that insincerity or lack of honesty with the self, when “morality” appears.
Here “Johnny be good,” these are your commandments, the codes, the laws for you to follow so you are “good.”
That is the issue with the “I” trying to be someone who is not.

Fortunately, there is non-being. It is in that state of consciousness when “help to others” and being “good” automatically is “done” without thinking about it. In non-being, there is only Totality, the common good.

Being “good” is not dependent on actions as in the example of the $20 bill.
It is dependent on how egoless, that is “non-being” we could “be.”
That is why we need to be honest with our intentions when residing in the consciousness of “I” and “being.”

If our consciousness is located in non-being, there is a different “law” for that, which could be easily misunderstood by those who haven’t experienced it.
It cannot be written, it cannot be spoken about, it cannot be framed into a philosophy.
Being comes from Non-being. 🙂

Depth of Spiritual Knowledge: Being and Non-Being


If we could truly go into this writing and nothing else, to really look at it for a little while; perhaps we could understand something to liberate ourselves from our own preconceptions, our own little beliefs, our conditioned dogmas and traditions, our own rituals and slaving thoughts.

There is “being and non-being.” What does that actually mean in BK knowledge or in any other spiritual knowledge?
There is duality. Every religion points to that in one way or another; using childish language or one for grown ups.

Being means what “is” then non-being will be “what is not.” They are not static “realities.” Those states change all the time. One will become the other. The problem is that we choose one state and reject the other. That is all. We call one state “holy” and the other “sinful.” One state cannot exist without the other.

There is day. It is 10 AM. Night is not there. That is being and non-being.

There is “soul consciousness,” because of that; there is “body consciousness.” Being and non-being.

Therefore, an eternal being, will experience non-being that. Maya. The Illusion.

In a nutshell, this is the depth of BK knowledge.

We could build upon this in many ways according to the motivation of the one who is relating this observation, this realization. I can make a religion out of this. A philosophy. A dogma. Followers are needed. Just believe. No need to understand.

When there is being and non-being; we could observe that changes come little by little. It is a gradual movement from one state into the other.

We could conveniently divide that change into 4 seasons. That is the cycle of time.
Just as Spring and Summer are related, so it is Winter and Fall. Not 4 but 2 seasons. Soul consciousness. Body consciousness. Yin and Yang.

It is the absence of heat and the presence of it; or the presence of cold and the absence of it. Being and non-being. Heat increases gradually. Cold increases gradually. Entropy.
Is heat different than cold? The gradual absence of one makes the other. They are not 2 but One.

To understand that concept deeply, so it is no longer just a concept; means to liberate ourselves from all other concepts.

Which other concepts? Omnipresent and individual God. Good and Evil. Pleasure and Pain. Anything that seems opposite. Anything that we have conveniently selected one side and rejected the other side. All of that is gone. Repressions are gone so to indulge in something is gone too. Virtues and Vices. No more dualistic concepts. See beyond. This is not for beginners.

In the gradual change of being and non-being; souls will appear in the scenario of the Drama of life. Every soul has a preordained role to play. That role will be played to help the Oneness of the Drama to change from being into non-being.

Actors of the Drama merely aid into this transformation by acknowledging a role running through them.
Therefore, an actor can believe that “he is doing things,” or he can realize that “he is an spectator of the role assigned to him.” Become a “I and mine,” or a “trustee.” Being or non-being.

Being and actor or Being an spectator. Being and non-being.

That consciousness reflects happiness or sorrow. Being and non-being. Being happy or not. Duality. Even though those states are related with a role, the soul; is beyond that duality.

Religions have created the rest of the story. Someone to worship. Someone to fear. Someone to obey. Someone to lie.
Punishment. Guilt. The sinner. Heaven and Hell.

It is just about where our consciousness is located. Being or non-being.
We are truly eternal beings not realizing our own eternity.

A wealthy man sleeping on the cold floor of conceptual fear.
That is our history.

Being and non-being.

Being and Non-being: The never ending circular path


The paradoxical aspects of reality are finally starting to be grasped by “quantum physics.” There is a possibility, a chance a “hidden card,” which cannot be known by traditional physics and science.

Realizing not knowing is progress leading into knowing.

When we translate that “finding,” in our reality as human beings; we realize that we are not only “humans,” but “beings.” We realize that to be only in the consciousness of a “human,” is not allowing us to see the other half. At the same time, discovering “being” means to realize that we live in the world of humans. That is the balance.

Gyan is very paradoxical; that is why it is very difficult to be understood by “normal” people who have been indoctrinated in analysis, logic and reason alone. The truth is more than that, and I cannot define it or cage it in words.

In Gyan we have the paradox of “free will and predestination.” We have the paradox of “our future is your past and your past is your future.” We have the paradox of the “unique moment,” which will always come back. We have the paradox of being multidimensional beings according to our consciousness: physical, subtle or the soul.

In spirituality and the knowledge of the self; all of that will take us into the paradox of “knowing or perceiving,” the paradox of ego and egoless-ness, the paradox of being trapped in physical consciousness with emotions and dual thoughts; then to move into a subtle consciousness through feelings, to realize the being, the naked self… however, that is not it… then comes “non-being.”

In Gyan those words are represented through the experience of the physical reality which transforms into a more subtle reality to then be aware of the soul which eventually will “return home,” that is to a world of “non- being-ness.” Once there is that “experience” (There is no “experiencer” at that point) then the cycle will repeat, through the experience of the physical realm again. It is a cycle.

The above knowledge is not a “trademark” of Gyan alone. It is “universal knowledge” of the self. The issue is that it has been “interpreted” in different ways by different people who have not had the experience themselves and then used words “literally” not realizing that spirituality cannot be conveyed literally in words. That experience escapes words.

Christianity is a good example of the above. The teachings that we know about Christianity at this point in time being taught, are not really from Christ. Those teachings have been interpreted by the main “disciple,” that is Paul. That is what we usually know.

St. Paul was a roman citizen. He had more education than any other disciple. He was part of the “in” group of the time. He was part of the “higher-ups” at that time.
To make the point, the verse in Matthew 5:39 (TRANSLATED BY THE NEW INTERNATIONAL VERSION) mentions: “But I tell you, do not resist an evil person. If anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn to them the other cheek also.”

The above is a profound teaching. Here are some interpretations:
and some quotes from Nietzsche, (whose writings I used to enjoy in my teenager days.)

As we can see, everyone has its own interpretation; everyone who does not have an experience on ego, duality, karma and the roles of the soul. An interpretation without Spirituality.

The path of non-resistance has been practiced by many. Gandhi had his own version. At the spiritual level it could mean to “accept” and to strip down that ego who believes in “possessing things.” – “My cheek.” Then, here is everything else for you… 🙂 Buddha also taught something similar when someone spitted on his face. He thanked that person for the opportunity he had to find if there was any anger in him. He told that person that he didn’t have anger. Then when that person came back the next day to ask for forgiveness; Buddha told him that there was nothing to forgive, for that was “yesterday,” and he wasn’t angry. However, if that sense of guilt was so great in him, he could ask for forgiveness to his disciple Ananda, who in fact; became angry by the action of this person.

Different “interpretations” according to our state of consciousness. Many let themselves be taken literally by what the words mean, when the spiritual meaning could be behind those words and could be understood by those who have experienced the experience. Those teachings cannot be understood by the “normal” people who only have analysis, logic and reason in their heads; for spirituality is paradoxical; in the realm of “being and non-being.”

Question: Dear brother, you are doing a wonderful job so don’t you stop or limit the churning that you do!! :) Here is my question: Here we have BK souls and the other which make up whole players in the drama, as you have previously mentioned There is no question about if we (BK) are better than the others because we get to enjoy the golden age and sliver age Party – it is according to each souls capacity and the role , however where I get confused is when we play the role of bk souls, sometimes we tend to get attached to the label of BK , is that attachment due to ego? After all, should not it be that it is just a role as of a non bk ?

Thank you for your words of encouragement… Now, I feel free to “churn” on what comes to this role and use precious time on that… All is good… 🙂

I believe your question is answered in the recent article: “Demystifying Heaven and Hell.” Being a “BK” is a role as you mentioned. We can assign to that role a “value” to increase ego or “uniqueness” to separate from others, or we can give that role a sense of “responsibility” which comes with it. After all, we know that every soul is a “Brahma Kumar /Kumaris,” right? 🙂 It is the responsibility of an “effort maker,” of someone who is committed to reach “his” highest destination by “forgetting” about the consciousness of “I” and “mine.” When in that consciousness, the label “BK” is non existent, we will be free from labels. but at the same time we will have reached our destination. Another paradox of being and non-being.

Best wishes!

“The Drama will make you children make effort. Because you still have to make effort.”


For most, the lines above are hard to understand. They are paradoxical. How is it possible for a “predestined” Drama to rely on the “free will” of someone to “do” something?
Because our minds have been trained to understand only “0 or 1,” “black or white,” with such easiness, we cannot grasp subtler concepts, where even though a “0” is not the same as “1,” both can come together as “0 and 1,” and be there at the same time.

However, the world has taught us to see only “predestination” or “Free wiil,” and philosophers and religious views fight to “prove” their belief to be the “right one.”

Quantum physics is the most popular scientific field touching this dilemma, and as such; many concepts arising from scientific discoveries are not truly understood.

When BapDada mentions to be “combined with the Father,” is bringing this concept into our intellect.
It is the paradox of “being and non-being.” We are two, because we are connected in that which unites us, that is soul consciousness; however, we are “1” as well, for as a soul in a physical body, there is the perception of my own individuality.

In BapDada’s language, that powerful concept is expressed in “being a child and a master.” If we really think about we cannot “cling” to any single personality that we identify with. We need to learn to be “many” but “one” at a particular time. Not only that, but being a master of the self, means to be an innocent child again and paradoxically, only someone with the potential to learn to be a child again, can have the wisdom of a master of the self.

The Drama flows, the roles appear automatically. Our personalities change without our own input on things. It is just a feeling or a thought which drives that change to completion. Once the boat of our life is given to God, we must learn to trust in the currents and enjoy the view wherever they take us for our thoughts lead our destination, but the currents of the Drama will physically move the boat of our existence.

That is the meaning of surrendering the self and to be a master and a child.
Do we live inside the Earth or outside? 🙂
Now you certainly know the answer.