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Doing takes you to non-doing

“Why do you say that “there is no need to do anything” to go into a different consciousness? That is like implying that laziness is “good.” If I don’t do things, how am I to improve?”

You are interpreting based on what you know.

I have explained about “polarity” and how the experience of going through the apparent opposites will bring change of consciousness. That change is “natural.” It is not a change of behavior artificially labeled as “change of consciousness.”

It is not about doing something 1000 times due to the belief that repetition will bring change of consciousness.

It does not. It only changes behavior and dulls the mind.

Once you have gone left and right. Once you have gone up and down, then at that point; there is no need to go at any other place. There is no need to do anything else. It is at that moment when change of consciousness may happen.You are DOING NOTHING.
On the other hand, if there is space for more traveling either left or right, up or down, then you must DO something to get there. Once you get there, there will not be a need to DO ANYTHING. You are ready to change.

You see, DOING something is neither “good” nor “bad.” It is just a way to gather further experiences in Life which will eventually conduct someone into DOING NOTHING. You are done with the range of experiences, thus change can happen.

You may join a religion a philosophy or a particular teaching. That religion may promise you a change of consciousness. It will not happen unless to join that religion was the experience needed in your journey to complete the range of experiences in your particular path… then comes DOING NOTHING.

A religion cannot change consciousness. What changes consciousness is the completion of a range of experiences such as being a sinner just to become a saint. Being a saint by itself will not change consciousness, unless you have been sinner as well. This is not something that someone can “plan out” for his Life, for it will not be “natural” but just artificial stuff driven by a mind full with ego. To do that is not “bad” either, for there is learning in that experience.

That “I” does not exist but as long as you believe that it does… You are bound to DO stuff… actions … which are needed in your path until the time when you don’t need to DO things arrives…The “I” is not doing anymore…

“Are we predestined then to go through that path of polarity?”

No we are not. There is no “I.”
Who could be predestined then?

The whole thing is for the “I” to realize that it is also “no-I.” To realize that is not about being “I” or “not-I,” but to be both and none at the same time… so in the beginning we may look for answers, later on we may not… Not because we have found the answer, but because we realize that the “answer” is never “the answer.”

“So… we cannot find an answer?”

Yes we can… but there are many other answers that are “the answer” as well…

“I don’t understand…”

Good. That is how understanding arrives… When you cease to look for understanding.
In your Life experience, understanding will arrive when you are ready. Not before.

That understanding is non intellectual, therefore complete. That understanding cannot be explained to others.

That is why, you need to walk your own journey to know. Otherwise, you could only think, imagine, infer, read, hear… and move miles away from “what is” …until there is no place to go…then you will not think, imagine, infer, read or hear, for you have been there and done that.

Got it? 🙂

Whether Yes or No… both are “good” answers… 🙂

“What do I do then… while I live Life?”

Enjoy your unique journey. That is all.

Tiring the monkey inside to get insight


The disciple looked at the Master. So calm and peaceful while he himself was so agitated, restless and confused.

He asked the Master, “What do you know that I don’t know?” And the Master simply replied, “I know nothing.”

“But you understand something that I don’t.” The Master said, “I have understood that there is nothing to understand.”

The disciple persisted, “But I see that you have reached.” In a matter of fact tone, the Master added, “Yes I have reached where I was.”

“Yet, I can see you have become extraordinary.”

Master: “No, I have become very ordinary. I only accepted things as they are.”

The disciple was frustrated now. “Master, don’t speak in riddles. Just tell me what I should do?”

Master: “You have to do nothing, just be. Just allow life to flow, don’t interfere. Rest in your beingness.”

However, the disciple was lost, and even more frustrated. His mind wanted activity while the Master kept pointing out that there is nothing to do, just rest.

Finally out of compassion, the Master suggested, “Watch your breath, watch the rising and falling of your stomach, focus on your third eye, on the bottom of your spine, chant your mantras and all that. They are basic activities to quiet the mind. When you give a tree to a monkey, the monkey goes up and down till he become tired. Then he finally rests. In that resting, insight finally awakens. ”
–Author Unknown

Going deeper into predestination


According to our consciousness, then that will be our understanding.

The above is a “mantra” that will get us away from basic concepts such as “right” or “wrong.” With a deeper understanding of knowledge, we realize that ultimately whatever we think that we “do,” we do it to ourselves.

Do something “wrong,” you will experience the consequence of that. This is what we call to “learn from life.”

If your “doings” affected someone else; you will get the result as well. That is why, the word “other” does not exist in practical Spirituality; and “self” is all there is; until it dissolves into Oneness, the Drama of life.

“Do unto others as you would have them do to you,” makes greater sense now. It is not about pretending that the “other” is like “me.”
“Know thyself” is not about knowing what “I like and dislike.”

Predestination is a feared word because “my doing” is not really mine. “I” don’t like that. “I” want to do things the way “I” like them.

This is the time when “free will” was born. Forget about the circumstances of your birth and how much input you had. Forget about the things that you have experienced in life, which you did not program to happen.

Believe in it… All it takes is to believe.. 🙂

Then, we have the “fatalist ones.” The “easy riders.”
“If everything is predestined, then why do I have to make “spiritual effort”? Things will happen anyway.”

Great! You found out that you don’t do things. You found “non doing.” That is an important key to understand deeper spirituality. Congrats! 🙂

The issue is that you haven’t found that great answer by experience; but merely by using your conscious intellectual understanding, and because of that; there is the “I” willing to do anything to feel alive. Your finding is not congruent with what you feel, then there is a conflict.

Finding that we don’t do things, but the doing happens through us is a very important experience to feel. In that experience, there is automatic arrival. No more struggle to “make effort.”

We hear that “God does through others,” but still we believe that it is “me” doing.
We hear that we need to be “detached observers,” but still believe that it is “me” observing “others.”

With that kind of consciousness, there will be just misunderstanding.

Because some can only see the duality of predestination and free will; and perhaps recognize that “predestination” is more prevalent; then we could see the fact, that “I am not doing things.”

We can see that “I” is an illusion due to language. “Doing” is an illusion of the mind. Things happen through us.
Become aware and practice “non-doing.” However, if you decide to “do” 🙂 … then, become detached from “doing.” 🙂 That is “do actions for the sake of it.”
Isn’t that a line from BapDada? Then, this must be a BK teaching, right?

Non –doing and doing are just levels of consciousness. Pick one. You will miss the other side.
Embrace both, you will see totality. The Unlimited.

The reality of “being an non-being.”

If you did not understand the above, you are OK. Perhaps the above explanation wasn’t too good. But, if it is in your “fortune” you will understand… 🙂 If you did understand … great!
Don’t practice. Become.

Question: Dear brother, Everything repeats exactly as it is every 5000 years, this includes, thoughts, words, actions, emotions, consciousness…etc.., it seems as we have the freedom to choose the way we want, what to think, how to feel, but then these are the act of the role that has already happened meaning if I choose to think this way or feel this way, then it ends up this is how I did 5000 years ago so… I can never do anything different that has happened 5000 years ago from today, at this moment, at this second…. yet It is not wise to say, I will let sit and do nothing, no effort as if it happened 5000 years ago , it will happen again, if I do that then it becomes as said 5000 years ago… it is as if we are on a constantly running steps … if you are still standing , watching the scenes pass by you are safe, but if you try to jump out of the running steps , you will be thrown out…. Or even if you do jump out of it ..you will fall on another running steps… as it needs to flow not stop for as we are all eternal and every second is new but temporary every 5000 years… your thoughts?


Thank you for your question and realization!

Dear soul,
The interesting thing about this Drama is that we never knew any of this until now. Do you know why?
(besides the popular “because it is fixed that way”) 🙂 Simply because we need to know that information now to understand Ego. To become ego-less again.

In the Golden and Silver ages, we wouldn’t be able to feel as “I am a puppet of the Drama,” for “I” as a “doer” wasn’t heard of. The consciousness there did not understand about an entity “doing things the way that entity wants.” That entity is “I.” The popular words “I do as I want,” wouldn’t be understood in Non-duality. You wouldn’t hear Narayan saying: “I do as I want because I am the King here, and you are just a simple subject.” Those words are not understood there.

Now, we need that information for otherwise, to “understand” ego will be very, very difficult.

We wouldn’t be able to understand that we do not do anything, but there is a Drama which is the conjunction of all roles playing at the same time. Those roles play in synchronicity. Everything works well as it is, until we start “thinking about it,” and figuring things out considering about how “I” fits into this. What is “my piece in this pie”? What do “I” bring into this? How can “I” become better? How can “I” leave a “trademark” in life so others know about “me” and remember “me”? How can “I get” the best in the after life, so “I” continue having “the best”? Ego wants to exist.

Those thoughts, dear soul; are just illusion. Self made lies, which the “I” does not feel comfortable when knowing that after all, it is not “I” changing the world, but the world changes itself, through the roles running through us, souls; when in the experience of being in a body… 🙂

Sakar Murlis talk about “taking action,” “not to let the Drama do it for you,” 🙂 It is a way of being “proactive” while having ego. As we go deeper into this, we see that becoming ego-less is not about “reinforcing more ego in us,” but rather to step away from “pushing and controlling” things.

When “ego” is out of work, that is another way of becoming ego-less. But, when we haven’t gotten to this point of inner understanding, it is better to “push things” for otherwise, we could become lazy, and blame it on the Drama with the popular excuse: “If it is fixed in the Drama then I don’t have to do anything.” 🙂

That response shows clearly that our lazy ego believes in “doing” but if someone is doing for you, then why do anything. This is the “childish” understanding which Sakar Murlis had to deal with.

In that understanding we swim from “I” into “you.” In that understanding there is no depth. Without depth, “I better make effort” now.

Best wishes!