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Reader remark: Greetings and gratitude.

Dear Avyakt7 loving greetings As I have mentioned many times ;your blog , wisdom and experiences are greatly appreciated and I found it invaluable .I’m happy to hear that , you are keeping the blog open . I always respected you for having the courage to be different and share your differences . Dear Brother you are valued and thanks for your honesty . Kindest gratitude

Dear soul,

Thank you for your kindest words.
I understand that you met my “double sister” in Madhuban. We are a “team.” 🙂
Avyakt7 is just a mirror. What you see in others is what you are. You are just recognizing those items within you, through others. The only difference is in the expression. Avyakt7 writes in a blog. Writing is his expression. That is all.

Life teaches us not to teach to those who know, but merely allow them to emerge what they already know.

All the best to you!