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Nothing DOING as meditation

Since our society is heavily influenced by continuous DOING, there is no possibility to unwind as a lifestyle, but only for a couple of hours a week if at all.

Some individuals will look for some “practice” (DOING) to allow them to stop for a little time before continuing with the “rat race.”
Others, tired of the mundane competitive experience are persecuted by their own consciousness to look for something different, something “eternal,” “spiritual” to “achieve.”

A society using the cliché “Time is money;” is doomed to live an unhealthy life. However, “time is money” will pay the bills to try to regain lost health later on. That is the irony.

When the “teaching” is to DO, and Life is judged based on the things that I DO; then BEING is left aside. BEING is no longer accounted for.

This is the most important and revealing realization: Our society values DOING over BEING.
That is why, we don’t know ourselves but we DO things to look like a role model.
What is the value of BEING, if I need to BECOME someone else by DOING things?
There is no value, until Life puts us in the situation when we need to “stop and take the time to smell the roses.” 

Go, accomplish, become someone, believe that you are important, needed and admired… Conquer the world! (Paraphrasing a TV ad to join the army.)
Once you conquer it, there will be NOTHING TO DO.
What would you DO then? 🙂

DOING NOTHING, at the most superficial level means to stop acting.
As when we sit down for a few minutes to “meditate.”
However, even though we may be sitting; our minds are racing, DOING things. Have we noticed that?
Let me “fix” that: Let me put some soothing music. Let me give you a “mantra” to repeat 1000 times. Let me ask you to think about God, a flower, heaven, etc. to “control” the mind.

If our mind gives up, then SOMETHING happened: We had a wonderful experience. We become believers, although the trick may only work sometimes, we do not know when or how. It just happens.

For someone who is used to DOING things, DOING NOTHING is MEDITATION.
DOING NOTHING at a deeper level means to WITNESS.
Witnessing the “inside and the outside” is a deeper meditation.

But, DOING NOTHING while DOING, is the masterpiece of living Life, YOU ARE MEDITATION, although; you ARE NOT. Hard to understand?
Life itself is MEDITATION.

However, if we are not there yet, we could start with a 2 hour meditation class, twice a week until SOMETHING happens.  No refills.  🙂

Beliefs, Emotions and Morality: The obstacles of observation


To live in freedom means to live free from “yourself.”
That “self” which is created through our beliefs and through the reactions of the “I” in the circumstances in life. When the “I” creates a trauma out of an experience, then an emotion appears, which will survive as part of the created personality no matter how many behavioral changes we may try to do, to “become better.”

When the “I” accepts a moral value as a way of living Life, that moral value becomes the walls around a personality to limit it, thus observation will only go that far.

Slavery of black people in the USA was legal in the 1800. That became the “moral standard.” It was “right” to have slaves back then. Now, a black person is the president of the USA. Never mind the 2000 year old teachings of Christ about all being brothers, and the “in God we trust” saying, there is always a “rational” way out when the “I” needs to survive.

I am not labeling things as “back then it was bad.” I am merely observing how “morality” changes in time as collective consciousness changes. I am not reacting as “ I ought to do something,” for that is the rational decision of an “I.”

Things will change. It has always been that way. Do we see that?

Therefore, observation requires a tremendous intelligence. It is not the intelligence of an intellectual, reciting second hand information from “experts.” The intelligence Ananda is referring to may be called sensibility of “what is.” That sensibility is void of judgment based on learned stuff, conditioning such as “my moral values,” and “my beliefs,” and my emotional reaction on things, my learned teachings, etc.

The above is not for the masses, the group, the people; for it will not be understood.

Sensibility does not require any action, it is merely the ability to open up, to diminish that “I” automatically without wanting to change it, it is acknowledging a different perspective of Life.

Some people call that to be “open minded,” but it has nothing to do with the mind, which is stuck in the known. It is to welcome the unknown.

If you read this and say to yourself: “From now on I will not believe in anything, I will not react to anything and I will not have moral values.”
That is the farce of the “I.”
What Ananda has been trying to explain, was made into another belief. Another interpretation.
Do you see that?

By defining, by giving borders to what is “good” or “bad,” we are merely interpreting what our consciousness is only able to grasp.

That has been the problem with every religion, no matter which religion.
Every follower of every religion is actually walking a step away from the experience of their founder, because that person can only interpret what his consciousness is able to grasp. That limitation becomes the new belief system for others to follow. It is truly paradoxical.

Don’t use your will power to change things. Just let it happen.
But… “I have to do something… I cannot let that happen!”

Then, do something.

However, any “doing” coming from thinking, from moral values, beliefs and emotions is merely the expression of that “I” which is not interested in the common good, but in his own interests: From playing righteous, to making money, to having power, influence, right into going to heaven.
“Rationalizing actions” is a sure way to a dishonest behavior.

Is that “bad”?
No. Neither “good nor bad.” However, it has consequences.

How do “I” do things then?

Do… Who is doing?
Be… Who is being?
No one?
At that point just sing:
Do be do be do… 🙂
By doing nothing doing, “you” get things done.