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Reforming conceptual religious beliefs


Dualistic thinking has brought about separation when there is unity in the sense of interdependence.

When there is separation, egotistical attitudes appear, and then the need to “reform” human beings.

The history of religion and moral codes as a reformer of human beings, could be explained in a few words; through duality, human beings have created the complexes of superiority and inferiority.

Religion and moral codes, then appeared to reform that invention with their solution: The complex of equality; which is nothing else but the perceived “better” side of the duality between equality and inequality.

A simple perception of the world will bring us to the understanding that “equality” is just a “nice” concept to fight for, believe in; etc. However, there is nothing equal in the experience of duality.

Human beings have different specialties, different skills; different circumstances of birth. Therefore, another concept was needed to illustrate that “equality.” That is “being equal under the eyes of God,” or by moral codes “as being equal under the law.”

Monotheistic religions, have invented the concept of Paradise; while moral codes, have invented the concept of “justice.”

Paradise is for the few. Religions have placed “Paradise” as the thing to achieve. Nevertheless; there is no equality there. Not everyone will be able to “be there.”

That is how monotheistic religions invented the concept of “free will.” You have the choice to “go to Paradise,” as long as “you follow the law given by God.”

Please observe that this “free will,” is not really “free will,” for the destination is already made up and the way to get there is by following a particular “law;” moreover; it is already known that only “few” chosen ones will go there, which without doubt destroys the concept of “equality,” which is the original trademark of monotheistic religions.

However the above is useful to “reform” human beings who have gone astray by separating themselves from that unity, that is from “God’s will.”

When a monotheistic religion proclaims predestination instead of free will; then another concept within duality is opened up (choice vs. predestination) and a sense of hopelessness arises for someone is already destined to go to Paradise while others are not.

Please see how dualistic thought has influenced our perception on how life works through an infantile vision, which has been used throughout history to move the “masses” out of fear.

“Good or Bad.”

A higher understanding is to observe that equality is not the answer but “numberwise,” which is not a ranking of who is better or worse (duality) but to see that human beings have different capabilities, which are useful in time. It is only our artificial value of those capabilities, which favors someone as being better or worse than someone else.

A higher understanding of being “numberwise,” could be framed in a childish context as well, when our comparison complex is taken into that “Paradise.” There a King is “better” than a maid. An archangel “better” than an “angel.” Therefore, we need to be the “best ones.” 🙂

Nevertheless, an even higher understanding is to drop all of those concepts, those complexes, all that dualistic thinking; to become aware of the source of separation; “the ego,” and to drop it as well.

That does not take a believe system but inner work, inner observation, inner awareness; that is “true effort.”

It is the path of dropping our concept of “self,” little by little, to encounter oneness with the world.

It is in that experience of oneness when the inferiority, superiority and equality complexes are gone. They will not go away if we only live in the world of concepts.

Explaining Numberwise in a “newbie” language.

Dear brother, I have searched through your wonderful blog under ‘numberwise’ and am coming up with loads of pages of info…..where it is mentioned. However would you be able to explain that in a newbie’s language for me please? If all souls are equal how and why is this numberwise ‘decided’? Have you already given a summary somewhere? I would so appreciate your sharings on this. Many thanks dear soul!

Thank you for your great question!
That is a challenge, I must admit.. but here it goes…
Dear soul,

There is no definition for “numberwise.” There is no concept, which could explain “numberwise.” Even Sakar Murlis do not explain that. Although, if you like concepts, explore the word “entropy” and lose yourself in it to only have an idea… 🙂

In the Murli, there is just the phrase “numberwise according to effort.”

Then, we think that it is indeed a matter of “effort” to accomplish something, sort of like training for a 100 meters race. The one who trains harder and “smarter” (we say) is the one who will win the race.

We do not realize that training can only improve whatever “gifts” Nature has given us already, which is beyond our hands. That is Karma, we say.. but underneath that karma, there is destiny.

Please watch this movie of 8 seconds, for at least 20 times. At the end, you will understand what “numberwise” is… or your money back.. 🙂

See how day light changes into nighttime? Every bit of change happening means the “doings” of actors in the Drama.

In 3 seconds in this movie; you will see so many differences are happening. In 5000 years, those same differences will happen slowly.

Imagine an actor appearing at a particular time in the movie of 8 seconds. The ones who are closer to the beginning of the movie (day) have a “higher number” than those who are appearing towards the end of the movie.

That is numberwise.

In this knowledge, conveniently we believe that actors who come at the beginning are much better off that those actors who come only at the end, or that actors who like to “sleep” longer in the soul world are missing “play time” in the physical world.


Every soul is eternal. Roles run through us to make those changes in the Drama just like in the 8 seconds movie.

Every role is important as it is, for otherwise; there wouldn’t be a smooth change, a subtle change a nice “transition,” in the Drama.

Yes, all souls are “equal” but every soul has a different timing to “act.”

Conveniently (for “effort making “ purposes,) we have made the ones in the beginning of the movie “better” than the ones at the end.

There is no one who decides “where” you act. It just happens automatically according to the capacity of the soul. That is why, we are part of the Drama and not separated entities proud of being “I” and “Me” and “myself.”

Which capacity?
The capacity to endure duality. Your capacity for happiness is equal to your capacity for sorrow.
Your capacity for experiencing soul consciousness will be equal to your capacity for experiencing body consciousness.

See? That is “equality” in the Drama.
Equality in being numberwise.

The soul who created that 8 second movie, is doing great service…without knowing about it… 🙂 Thanks to this movie we can understand better this knowledge. These are things non existent back in the 1940’s.

Best wishes!

Here is the link of the movie (in brackets) [http://youtu.be/l8uwg0CvjyQ]

Easy Raja Yoga Knowledge as 1-2-3-4


If you ever wanted to know how “life/Drama works” according to Raja Yoga gyan, in easy to understand steps; that you could communicate to anyone; here is the “churning” (realization) fresh from the “inner bakery” 🙂

Life, which is known as “Drama” is ONE (1.) That is all it has ever existed. There is nothing before it. It is eternal.

Life or the Drama is in continuous movement; that is matter and energy continuously transform. That perception of change, is what we call as “time.”

That change, that movement, experiences entropy. That means that it “degrades” in quality. It is “numberwise” and it is reflected by the souls arriving to the Drama of life at a certain point in time. This experience of “entropy” could be divided into “soul consciousness” and “body consciousness.”(2) Two.

Soul consciousness means non-duality (1)
Body consciousness is duality (2) Therefore, that is (3) Three in the Drama.

Finally, Soul consciousness has 2 seasons: Spring and Summer.
Body consciousness has 2 seasons as well: Fall and Winter.

Those (4) seasons make up the cycle of time; also known as Golden, Silver, Copper and Iron ages.

As we can see, the Drama is ONE.
The Drama is TWO
The Drama is THREE
The Drama is FOUR.
From ONE, it expands through entropy, (into 2,3, and 4) so it can collapse into ONE again.

From the seed it expands into a tree of many things to collapse into the seed again.
Therefore, to understand knowledge is to know the “seed” and its capacity to expand.

Now some Trivia: 🙂

The numerical progression on number of births according to Gyan.

Soul consciousness: 8+ 12 = 20 plus 1 at the “confluence age” when coming from body consciousness into soul consciousness; that is equal to 21.

Copper age number of births = to Golden age + Silver age+ Confluence age.
That is 21 births in the Copper age = to the same number of 21 births in soul consciousness.

Iron age is equal to twice as much as the Copper age (42) or twice as much as the Golden + Silver + Confluence age number of births.

That “one” birth is a transitional birth on the same physical body; thus we can also say that we can get as many as 83 different bodies in the cycle of time, but we can take as many as 84 births… 🙂

The world of comparisons: Another creation of thought


Thinking is considered so important in our lives . We value thought. We call thinkers “intelligent,” we are amazed by their use of words and clarity of “thought,” etc.

That becomes another form of “entertainment.” Our value system as a society is meant to reward the “thinkers.” Nevertheless, those thoughts are at the same time the cause of our own “hell.” In fact, it is not that we “are” in hell, but we are in hell, because we think in a “hellish” way.

All we need to do is to watch our thoughts. This thought came. Then another, then “I” created a love story which cannot happen, then I feel sad, upset, etc. Then, my thought will take me into more pain by remembering that scene over and over… and then we say, “time will cure that pain.” However, what we do not seem to realize is that time is an invention of thought.

Because there has been a “lapse” of a recurrent thought due to a “distance,” then that thought diminishes, it goes away. We call that “time.” In fact, the “cure” is in distance, to have a distance from the object which we perceive as the source of our emotional pain. Time has nothing to do with it, because… it doesn’t exist.

Thought is clever in making comparisons as well. We use words which come with “built in” technology to “compare.”

Greater than, wiser, this versus that, lesser, etc, etc.

All of our lives, we have believed that those comparison are reality. As a matter of fact, our society works under those premises . “The best should win,” “Be number one,” “Don’t settle for less,” “Do your best,” etc, Most of those words are clichés now.

Here is where the interesting thing occurs:
We meet Spirituality.
All of the sudden, the world of “all being equal under the eyes of God,” could become a “big lie,” if we know that John is smarter than Guy. Was God able to make John smarter just for the “fun” of it? 🙂

That world of equality becomes senseless, for the physical world shows everything but that. To be competitive is appreciated. To “beat” everyone else is cool.

Under that “thought” when we understand that “few” will go to Heaven and will be saved, and the rest will not… those words, obviously are full of that “comparative” understanding.

How can you understand it any other way when we know that only “selected” ones will enjoy everlasting life and the rest will perish under the gutter of despair and eternal damnation…? 🙂

Then the “better” syndrome appears. Logical. It cannot be otherwise.

Nevertheless, the “lucky ones” have the understanding through this knowledge (Gyan) that souls are equal but numberwise. That means that I cannot compare John with Guy at anytime for they are different even though “equal.” That is a paradox.

John may be more thoughtful but Guy is a blast. John may have a great job, but Guy has the looks… John has the big house, but Guy has many friends… Numberwise.

Further, through this knowledge we know that “we could be equal under God’s eyes” because we are souls like Him, but just acting parts, roles in a cyclical eternal play called the “Drama” of life.

Nevertheless, due to our “comparative” mind, we will be stuck in the role, the ‘acting’ but we will overlook the actors.

“Look, I am an Emperor, but you are a subject.” Comparison.
“Look, I will be in heaven and you will stay here…. in hell.” Comparison.
There is always a way to compare.

Why do we compare? Because there is ego. That is all.

When we stress that comparison, we are not talking “pure” spirituality out of knowledge, but merely using our “old” language from “before” spiritual knowledge. That is “normal” language.

However, we become clever and then we say: “But God Himself talks to us like that!”

Is there any other way that we could understand at least a little bit of what spirituality is? Probably not. Comparisons we understand, numberwise, we do not. Black or white we understand, paradoxes we do not.

That is why we are stuck playing the “little children role…” Throughout all religions, is the same theme… any “holy scripture” has the same old theme.

Nothing wrong with that. All beneficial according to the Drama!

Question: Dear soul In today’s AM , baba made a distinction between having a kingdom or receiving a status of a subject. Why is the distinction that subject is of a low stature.. Is that brahma baba making a distinction or shiv baba.. Your thoughts.. Thx

Thank you for your great question!
Dear soul,
BapDada is speaking through the role of a “Father.” As a Father of His Brahmin children; He is speaking as a “regular” father will speak to his little children.
Why become a janitor when you could be a king? That is his line. My father thought about me of “becoming” a famous cancer surgeon by discovering the cure for cancer… but I became “this” instead… 🙂

BapDada clearly knows about being “numberwise,” and once the children realized that gyani line, He changed in later avyakt Murlis to the new line of “being part of the first division” rather than a King… Now, BapDada can include the relatives of the king in that “first division.” We just need to be aware of the “ways” of the Father to make us “make effort.” That is His role.

As an aside, I would urge any BK who is interested in going deeper into Gyan, to pay greater attention on the teachings of the avyakt Murlis.

Best wishes!

Question: Dear Brother, I am so thankful for your blog as it is answering/ clarifing so many points for me a relatively new student to BK. I have searched and read all the articles on this site regarding’ ‘drama/ always beneficial’ and am still puzzled as to how/why is this ‘benificial’!! I know Baba has said this but I can find no explanation for this. Is the drama beneficiaa for all the souls ……or a selected few? If we say numberwise then when / how did the auditions take place (selection)? If it is beneficial for all the souls, would you kindly share your thoughts, churnings and reflections on this? Thank you so much for your help and guidance.

Thank you for your kind words and great question!

Dear soul,
Aren’t you thankful for this blog as it is answering so many questions? Isn’t that “proof” that this Drama is “beneficial”? 🙂
You searched all over the place. You asked so many people and finally, your search received its fruit. Beneficial, isn’t it? You didn’t plan on this blog being written, neither did I. I just happened at the right time. Beneficial.

The Drama is neither “good” nor “bad.” It is “beneficial” for ALL SOULS, for it will take us to our point of highest capacity (low entropy) so we can experience after that our point of lowest capacity (highest entropy) so then we can repeat the circle again. In other words, “you will be you again” Isn’t that wonderful? 🙂

We are “numberwise” for otherwise we wouldn’t be able to experience “entropy.” Without entropy, there is no experience of duality. Without duality there is no experience of “living and dying, pleasure and pain, fame and defamation, black or white.” See? You know all those things because you are experiencing life. In short, without being numberwise, there is no Drama.

Auditions? Selections? 🙂 For that there is a need of an “I” -ego to recognize that “I” am being selected for this role. Souls do not have that perception. Only in “body consciousness” there is that perception of “I” being separated. We are all “instruments” of this Drama. No role is “better” than anyone else, for the same amount of happiness experienced will have its counterpart in sorrow.

The word “capacity” does not imply as “better” than “lower capacity,” for comparisons do not exist in “reality,” in the Drama. That comparison is only a “mental” idea, a thought which does not fit Gyan. We are using the terms which we were taught at school to understand something “new,” which is not possible to do.

Has Brahma Baba more capacity than Hitler? Yes and No. Paradox.
Yes, because Brahma Baba will experience greater happiness but at the same time greater sorrow. However, “Greater happiness” does not exist. 🙂 My happiness is all I know. I cannot know if my neighbor has greater happiness or has experienced greater happiness or will experience greater happiness. See? Therefore, what is the point on looking for an “audition” when all roles are “the same” but “different”… 🙂 – I love those paradoxes…
No, because there is no point in comparison. We are numberwise. Both souls are different, although the same in essence, that is souls.

In short: Whatever role you get, is “beneficial,” for it will take you to “now” again after many births. That role fits you perfectly like a glove. It couldn’t be any “better.”… In this Drama there is nothing like “becoming better or worse” those are terms that we have been “brainwashed” with (but necessary to use in order to explain and to make myself understood somehow.) We are all eternal, experiencing life in different ways. All “beneficial,” all necessary, all accurate.

Best wishes!

Readers Remarks: Mystery of Numberwise

Mystery of “Numberwise:” Many times I heard the word “numberwise” in the sakar murlis and ayakta murlis. Initially, I used to think that “numberwise” means ranking i.e. one is better than two and so on. But with this understanding there is inferiority complex, comparison etc. Later, I followed this blog and churn over the “numberwise”. I realised that “numberwise” is not ranking and may not comparison. It is combination of time in the drama and emergence of sanskar of that particular soul actor. It is emergence of fullest virtue/vice of that soul actor which is supported by drama. Hence, a beautiful scene in this unlimited drama emerges. Each scene in this unlimited drama should be enjoyed by the soul as actor and spectator, because that is naturally happening: no ego. As all actors in the limited drama cannot come altogether similarly, in this unlimited drama different actor play their role at different time. Although, they are different but everyone’s role is important to complete the drama. Finally I could understand it: “Everybody is king at their own time as per their capacity”. Respected brother this is my first ever writing in the BK gyan. Hence, your suggestion and comments and advice are appreciated so I can improve upon it. BK Pravin Patil, Pune, India.

Avyakt7 responds:

Dear soul,
Thank you for sharing your “churnings.” (realizations)
To realize that we are actors and spectators at the same time is no small thing.
As you mentioned, everyone’s part is important to complete this Drama, for everything is in synchronicity. As you mentioned, everyone will have their “time,” for “this Drama is created in a very lawful manner,” as the Sakar Murli mentioned today.

Thank you again for sharing your realizations. The topic of “numberwise” is one of the most important aspects in Gyan to realize for then, we could see beauty in variety rather than “everyone should do the same,” we could see time and capacity of a soul, rather than “everyone must be this, otherwise punishment will be waiting for you, etc.”

Congrats and Best wishes!