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Question: I’m 20 years of age. I’ve been part of BK for 1year. I joined BK because of an unexpected failure. I have been trying prevent myself being addicted to TV and internet, but in vain. Please suggest me ways to get away from it. Thank you. Om Shanti

Thank you for your good question!

Dear soul,

Welcome to the “die alive” club! Meant for those who are die hard fans of God and self-transformation! 🙂

You recognize that you have an addiction. Stop trying to stop it.
Just give your TV away for ‘free’ to a “good home.” Stop paying the internet service at home. That is all.

You cannot stop your addictions now, but you can get rid of the “triggers,” if you believe that those things are giving you sorrow in your life. That is, if you have understanding.

At that point, you will be “free” to observe your own addictions. What do you feel? What is that which is pushing you to do this? Unless there is an understanding which comes through observing the benefits of TV and internet in relationship with your spiritual life; all that you will do is suppress your obsessive “need” to watch TV and to be on the internet. That is to be “busy.”

Hint: The issue is not the TV nor the internet. The issue may reside in your addictive personality to “do something” all the time.
The feeling of boredom may arise. Welcome it. Deal with it. Be his friend. Then, it will go away by itself.

You have a good start in the BK life, you have a wonderful opportunity to “know yourself.” 🙂

Best wishes!

Mission and Obsession by: Mathias

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In life, we will find that we could choose to be aligned through our mission or through our obsession.

Let us remember those 2 things: Mission and obsession. Mission goes along with that which is determined already. Obsession goes with that which is being forced.

That force only enters in opposition when it doesn’t have a Vision.
Without vision we can’t take off. Also, we cannot finish our life path without being hurt.

Obsession has as an objective to develop the participant through suffering. It is a longer route; tiring and risky. On the contrary by using observation through our position in life, we can determine an adequate route according to our mission of life.

To acknowledge both is to allow the mind greater adventure.
Adventure is good if you have the desire to improvise on a daily basis. But if you just want a route; then it is better for you to find the one established in your mission.

Mission then is that which goes according to your capacity. It has been made for you. It does not require further effort.

If you find this quickly, you could stop on the way to enjoy the views, the landscapes of life. If you go in a hurry, that doesn’t allow you to enjoy.
To go with calmness in life will allow you to appreciate, celebrate and to share in your route of mission in life.

– Mathias- “The Awakening.”