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“Spiritual” cogitations

In the “Office world” we learn to pursue, to achieve, to DO what is conditioned to be “better” for us. In Life, none of that is important.

What is the difference between the “office world” and Life?
The “office world” is part of Life, however; it is man-made, artificial like a computer or a car, not “bad” but artificial. For our minds, that artificial Life is the most important aspect of living.

The “office world” values wealth, power, and information (called sometimes knowledge) above anything else. Those are mental conditionings. Someone could live their Life miserably by DOING something they do not like, for the sake of obtaining wealth, power or information.
Someone may DO something to achieve wealth, power or information although it will be detrimental to his health, relaxation and appreciation of Life. Why do they DO it? Because they have been conditioned in that way. They cannot see anything else.

Observe where “Human progress” has taken us. Every time further away from Nature. Every step into an artificial Life.
Observe how every “problem” that exists in the world (office world) today has the root on our ever-increasing human population. As a consequence, fierce competition to secure scarce resources, will change our perception of the world.

Nature is no longer “our Mother,” but another economic resource to exploit and to gain profits from.
The environment could be polluted for no one “owns it.”

It is comical to believe that poverty could be eradicated through money, when money only represents the power of human division between the “haves and the have-nots.”  Lack of money is not the cause of poverty, but human greed is. Funny, no book on Macro Economics will ever talk about it.  

When you look at Life from a different consciousness, everything that used to be “important,” no longer will be.

Many individuals in the “Spiritual achievement club” want to be “enlightened” but they better be careful what they wish for. This is not another degree to obtain or another title to achieve. In fact, you will lose everything you used to know and trust.

Everything will be gone. Are you ready for that? Even “you” will be gone.

Some “spiritual books” mention that the reason why spiritual people are away from other people is to better practice “spirituality.” That is not true, but only for the followers. The only reason why any enlightened person who has ever lived went into solitude while walking the path of self-realization, was to decondition themselves. That is not something that they  carefully “planned” or organized  to “achieve their goal,” like in the “office world,” but it happened to them.
That space away from the conditioning of society is what is needed. There is no “spirituality” to practice here, other than being able to live with yourself.
That is a hard thing to DO when we live a Life of distraction from ourselves.

Society wants answers to every question, as long as those answers are “eco-friendly, organic and animal free tested.” Those are the keywords to sound caring, loving and correct. Yes, society is about “looks.” That is the seal of artificiality.

Life is away from what society has given us. Empty handed, you may be able to experience Life… but this is not for everyone, thus; it is not a “best seller” material. 🙂

Living inside the mind: The need for purpose

Little Timmy lived in wonder. Every experience was unique. He did not know what was like to “be bored.” Peer-pressure was a word with no meaning.

Once he entered the “office world,” Timmy learned about objectives, goals, pressure. Life was about achieving things, demonstrating to the world who “I am” now and in the “afterlife.”
If Timmy liked to run, that wasn’t enough. He had the potential to be “someone.” He could go to the Olympic “games,” represent a flag with a collective label and be part of the “winning pressure.” Games are no longer games, if to win is what matters.

Timmy could be “entertained” by the “Office world,” until one day; those “games” become meaningless… What happened?
He got tired of achieving and accumulating things. Little Timmy is “unique” after all, for many could be entertained by the “office world” for a lifetime: Go to work, watch the kids, watch TV, bond with your smartphone, feed the pets and all the “adventures” related with those items. Life is good! 🙂

Until something happens to spoil the routine.

PURPOSE becomes the new keyword.
Life has to have a purpose. Timmy’s life has to have a purpose as well. What is it? Is dead the end? What do “I” need to DO in life?
Many “best sellers” self-help/religious books will give answers to Timmy. But because he is not AWARE, he does not realize that it all boils down to a BELIEF. “Believe and you will be saved,” it is said.

The indoctrinated mind is concerned with the future, so “I am” alright then.
Some controlling will be needed, some struggle with someone to get where “I” need to be. Perhaps, it is a number. The mind loves numbers: “I need 850,000 US dollars to retire and enjoy Life.” To get that may be the “purpose of Life.” Let me work towards it.

The mind is so busy DOING things, sacrificing, accomplishing, setting goals, etc. Just to avoid being bored. The sense of BEING is left aside. BEING a childlike, is forgotten. Thus, joy is no longer known.

When you ARE (BEING) there is no purpose. BEING means enjoyment. To enjoy is not a purpose but the natural manifestation of BEING. Joy is BEING…. mind free.

You are invited to a buffet. The mind says: What is the purpose of eating? How many calories in that? Little Timmy (not trained by the office world yet) tagged along with his folks to that buffet. Ask him: “what is the purpose of eating little Timmy?” Timmy will look at you and say: “I don’t know… err … to eat.” Such a philosophical profound response.
Observe him. Observe his enjoyment. The mind hasn’t occupied Timmy’s BEING yet… As the mind grows as a virus, then traumas will appear (experiences labeled as “bad”) then fear will surround that trauma and the “I” will be built upon those emotions…

The world of the mind

When I say that Nature is the “real” world, what do I mean?
Observe a bird. The bird flies around, sleeps, eats, defecates, reproduces, and raises offspring until they are able to fly…
All of those activities are related with other species; those activities are mutually beneficial to  all, harmonious with Nature. Even defecation has some benefits in Nature;  that is a source of nutrition for other species. Nothing is wasted.

Have you seen a bird wanting to rule the world? (Angry birds?) Have you seen a bird wishing to be famous? What about powerful enough to control all species? Have you seen a fish wanting to go to Heaven or waving the flag of the “Pacific Ocean”?

Have you seen a bird that is worried? Stress out? Anxious?
Only while in captivity, thanks to human company.

Even while there could be predators around the bird and his life is at stake, the bird will accept “what is” without the emotional human anguish that we see in the movies: “ Please don’t kill me! What do you want? I will give you that!!!”
“I have so much to accomplish, so much to be worried about, so much emotional drama left… don’t kill me now!”


Those are symptoms of living in the mind. That is what I mean.

Nothing wrong if you want to get your 6 figure job in the “Office World” and buy a brand new Ferrari to celebrate your accomplishment, so people can see you driving it… But just remember, that is not the “Natural World,” the “real thing.”

Want to run for president? Want to cover your dirty laundry before your enemies find out? Pay someone a hefty amount for his silence? 🙂
That is a kid’s game. Enjoy it. Don’t take it seriously, for it is just a creation of the mind.

Ahnanda likes to play that game once in while in the “office world,” but Ahnanda knows that it is just a “game.”

When Ahnanda observes fish jumping in the Ocean and still getting good “karma,” despite eating smaller creatures; then you realize that the action in itself is not what determines the consequence, but the intention.

Nevertheless, when we live in the mind; our intentions are hidden. We put pretty words in front instead, we put the morality game there so we look good, respectable; the “good action” for display…
That is not our true intention; but heck; “I” want the benefit of being “good”  for “me.”
Look out for number 1.

Beyond our limits


Let us say that the world is a “shoe box.” There is “John” all by himself in it.
What would be “moral or immoral” for John? What would be “right or wrong” for John?
Answer: What he believes to be.

Let us say that there is another person who joins John later on.
What would be “moral or immoral” to do? What would be “right or wrong” to do?
Answer: it depends on their belief.

Besides beliefs, there are matter of fact consequences. John may enjoy the company of that other being for he was alone before, but at the same time, John likes to have his own space all for himself.

If john was a “black or white” type of individual; he will either choose to be alone or to have company. There is no awareness of integrating both experiences without choosing.

The paradoxical and beautiful thing about the world is that every moral value, every belief system that someone may cherish as “truth” is contradicted by another living species in Nature.
Do you think that a caste system, a hierarchy based on being born in certain social class is “bad”?
Take a look at bees and ants.
Do you think that family life is a thing of the past?
Take a look at how wolves live.
Do you think that to be a loner and to mingle with the opposite gender just to procreate is to take advantage of someone?
Take a look at the life of tigers.

If we observe life as it is in Nature and not the artificially created “world at the office,” we will discover those beautiful contradictions, which make this world what is.

What could be God’s law then, in the observation that every species of “his” creation acts contradicting any written law that could ever be?

Perhaps there is a law for every species?
I have not seen any written codes of conduct for Tigers yet. But because there is that diversity around, could I make myself such a narrow minded, judgmental person who takes sides to label something as “good or bad”?

If there was a law of “good and bad” coming from God himself wouldn’t that be a contradiction of what already exists?
That is why many individuals have decided to create their “own world” in their own “shoe box” to fit their beliefs as “righteous” in their world.

As John’s “shoe box” becomes populated, there is obviously a problem of “logistics” in the human world that animals are unaware of.
Thinking, logic, analysis creates that contradiction which a human being will pretend to resolve through moral standards.

An animal adapts and harmoniously is able to live in balance with its surroundings.
A thinking, “rational” human being is unable to adapt like that.

The question is not “why is that?” because that will take our logic and rationality into greater contradictions.

The point is to observe, feel and act.

Nature has a completely different way of manifesting beyond logic, rationality and belief systems… well beyond our “office world” morality.

The “world of the office,” John’s “shoe box” has rationality, analysis, judgment, comparisons, separation, and, ifs, or, not … computer operations, that we have learned to troubleshoot by breaking the problems in “halfs” until we discover the “culprit.”

Nature does not work like that.

Which world do we choose?
Wrong question if we could see beyond duality, but a rational “good” question for those who cannot.

Integrate everything. Welcome the “office world” and Nature. Experience both.

At that point, we could understand practically that “God” could never have given us any laws to be followed, but to allow us to make sense of things for ourselves…Not intellectually, but by using our “instincts.”
That is insight, intuition, love for the Totality, appreciation of what is, gratefulness and a sense of balance.
When we discover in ourselves what is beautiful, then we have discovered what we have in common with “his” creation.