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The easy way out of moderation

Everything… in moderation. That phrase could be one of the most sophisticated lies someone could tell to himself.
What is to be moderate?
Unfulfilled? Repressive? Afraid of going all the way?
Do we need someone’s definition on moderation?
How do you find out your own extreme without going through it?

It is important to see that living Life means to go through those extremes; for sooner or later they will be experienced. In the game of duality we go from one extreme to the other just to find out our balancing act, which is different from everyone else’s, that “zone” is harmonious for a particular time frame… and then; it changes again.

For example, human sexuality fits the above.
Human sexuality is not something easily definable for it means many things for many people.
The “black or white” position is: “Sex is bad” or “Sex is good.”
In that “black or white” position the experience is replaced by a human moral standard. Thus repression or addiction is supported in the mind of a person, and that belief will shape up his Life later on.

When one person is in balance, sexuality is a fulfilling part of BEING as an expression of joy, creativity, pleasure, love, wholesome well-being. When the person is not in balance, then there is a search to patch those items in our lives which are unfulfilled, with that which will give us a pleasurable moment away from our “reality.”

Do we see the 2 extremes? Now… what is in between?
Sex with yourself, sex with another, sex with many, sex with objects, imaginary sex… etc. Fill in the blank.

Every individual is unique because there are many different experiences which have added insight in that person through many life experiences. That is why, we have different views, different preferences, different ways to look at Life. Do we see why we cannot simply judge someone as “right or wrong”?

An individual goes through experiences while from the “outside and the inside” there is a qualification: “good, bad, immoral, sinful, divine…”
Do we realize that those experiences are only shaping that which we call the “I” to experience balance, if out of it; or imbalance… if in balance?

The level of consciousness of an individual will bring a different reality. We cannot access that “reality” by reading books, listening to classes by “holy” ones, or by pretending that we are there. It will happen when we are ready.

The sage said to his disciple:
“Breathe and let that breathing go to your first chakra. What do you feel?”
Disciple: “I feel a pleasurable sensation there.”
Sage: “ That is the way to breathe. That breathing brings pleasure so there is joy in every breath. When you connect that breathing with the Totality you are enjoying Life.”

However, pleasure may not be regarded as “good.” We may have been told that it is sinful, bad, evil and that man should not feel pleasure nor pain, so he is in balance….

Different states of consciousness. How do you know practically if you don’t go through the different experiences? How can you know if there is a feeling of guilt, shame and failure clouding your path?

How could we awaken if our inner world is made of strong beliefs and opinions, psychological pain and a broken heart?

When we realize and acknowledge “that” then the moving pendulum of duality, will begin to move to the other side…
It is not the “good” side or the “bad” side… just the other side.

Until Friday 16th! 🙂

The Ocean of Life and Death


Everyone has a thought. Everyone has an idea. Everyone has an opinion. Everyone has a solution. Everyone has a problem… 🙂

This is the story on how some fish living in the ocean debated among themselves about the “truths of life.”

A Lanternfish who only lives in the depth of the Ocean gave his opinion about the extent of life.
“Life is complete darkness. That is why the Creator has given us our own light so we can see in the darkness. Thus, we were created to be in the darkness and this is where we will stay.”

A Shark meanwhile disagreed with the Lanternfish’s opinion. Although the Shark was unable to go that deep into the Ocean to meet the Lanternfish; the Shark assumed through the information disseminated by an Octopus; that all Lanterfish are narrow minded.

“Come up here into my territory, and you will see something different, if you live to tell,” was the Shark’s comment.

A Shark has experienced light and also has experienced that there is life above the Ocean. However, a Shark is not into philosophical/religious conversations. A Shark is there to enjoy himself by being feared. There is no time for this sort of talk when he can smell his next prey nearby.

A Dolphin, heard all of these rumors. The Octopus accomplished a great job disseminating the information in all different directions.

The Dolphin had his own opinion. “Life is vast. It is light and darkness. It is water and air. It is fish and human beings with their machines. There is no end to it.”

That mention of “air” was confusing for many fish, for they though that everything that existed was water. As a matter of fact, most fish only had experienced water in their lives but not air.
It was “normal” to believe in water only. That was the common, accepted and respected tradition.

The Dolphin left the scene and started jumping outside the water but the other fish from below were not able to see that far from below.

Every fish gave their own idea to the gossiper Octopus. Every fish has their own opinion, their own “truth.”

A Seagull flying by caught a small fish by diving into the Ocean. That fish was versed in the recent philosophical discussions of life. The Seagull, took its prey to a nearby rock to be devoured.

The fish told the Seagull before his death: “ Now, I understand what the Dolphin said about life… but even more.”

The Seagull replied: “Death brings greater understanding about life,” and swallowed the fish.

Just a different Perception


The night was a gorgeous landscape of unbelievable magic. The “perfect conditions” to enjoy a walk. A full Moon was part of that night’s prize. The light from the Moon was shining over the waters of the Bay, making a tempting path over the water; for those who dare to walk in search of the hidden truth.

The stars in the firmament were present as witnesses of such a breath taking display of beauty.

Raysha was walking with Ananda at that time, enjoying the view.
Raysha said:”What a beautiful night! The wind is cooling ourselves in our walk and the Moon is giving us light in our path… The Moon is such a queen! Its royalty is felt. That light reminds me of what I could be: pristine, shiny and enlightening to others in their life path.”

Ananda heard that remark, smiled and said: “You know that the moon is merely reflecting the light coming from the Sun. The Moon has no light on its own. It is just a big mirror. That light that you like so much and that you want to become, is not coming from the Moon; but the Sun.”

Raysha heard that. She thought it was a blunt reply. Her feelings were hurt. The magic of that romantic moment that she felt was gone. Those words coming from Ananda sounded so dead to her that she decided to ignore them and merely replied:
“I don’t see the Sun. I see the Moon and I feel its light. Your views are of no consequence to what I experience.”

Ananda felt that Raysha was upset, but he wanted to make a point. He went a step further:” Those are not my views. The night is created when the Earth rotates in its own axis every 24 hrs and when this hemisphere is opposite of where the Sun shines its light, then we perceive the night. Since the moon is located there taking directly the rays of the Sun, we could see that reflection as a shiny moon, but if you look really carefully; the light coming from the moon is not as shiny as the one coming from the Sun and… blah, blah, blah..”

Raysha all of the sudden felt feed up with what she perceived as so much lack of sensibility from Ananda. Those cold analytical words meant nothing to her and so, she just walked away from Ananda.

Raysha couldn’t understand Ananda’s views. At the same time, Ananda was incapable of understanding Raysha’s feelings and love for beauty without further explanations. From Ananda’s perspectives, Raysha was not “real enough” to perceive the beauty of “facts” and the “truth” behind analyzing everything.

Many times in life we believe that to be “right,” means only one answer.
Was Ananda right in his appreciations? Yes.
Was Raysha right in her appreciations? Absolutely.

Then… what went wrong?
The inability to appreciate someone else’s view point. Someone else’s perspective.

In a walk around a lake, sometimes the Moon will be perceived to have moved behind our backs. At other times, it will be just in front of us.

The Moon hasn’t moved. It is us. Because of that movement, our perception has changed. The issue is when we call that perception the “truth.” Then, we will not be able to understand someone else’s perception of life. A perception brings a determined consciousness. That consciousness in turn brings our “reality,” our view in life.

When we “fight” to maintain a determined perception; we do not realize that even though the observer of that Moon in the sky refuses to move and get stuck with his conceptual views; the Moon will move, making his previous perceptions out of “reality.”

It is just a matter of time.