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The game of opposites

Opposites drive Life into movement. “Life changes” is the consequence of opposite energies.

Want to be “spiritual”? Want to be “good”?
Non-spiritual and “bad” has to be experienced. Thus, It is to be “bad,” “bad” after all?  🙂 It is a matter of time.
We will find people with opposite virtues/weaknesses, characters, perspectives, experiences, skills, etc. That is what is necessary for movement in the World to occur, yet; our conditioning will judge and label what is not considered “right” through our standards.

God needs the Devil. Police needs crooks, politicians need masses, day needs night… Get the picture?
Those apparent opposites work as “One,” practically it is a unity.

We say: “Body, mind and spirit,” to define a human being, but all of those separating labels cannot divide what is meant to be ONE.
Our minds will affect the way our bodies feel and our bodies, the perception of the mind.

For most the word “spirit” is not experiential. It is only a nice label to throw in there to “look spiritual.”
Nevertheless, whether we dissect a human into 20 types of bodies and 500 chakras, everything works as a unity. It is ONE.

Our education, our learning is based on information. That is second hand knowledge. That is worthless to understand Life, but for the human world, it is priceless stuff.

Once a human being is sold into the ways of society as the only “Life,” then he will not be able to connect with Nature, with Life itself.

In some minds, a concept is real: Triangles exist and so numbers. An” ideal” such as “justice” is supported, the unchanging ideal unable to fit “what is.” Life has its own “justice” which has very little resemblance to human justice.  It is merely the experience of the opposite. We say “my karma.” One side of the full experience.

“Spirituality for the masses” keeps teaching its followers how to avoid change. How to stick with an ideal. “Summer is good. Don’t go into Winter for that is bad.” That creates inner dishonesty. A believer believes Summer to be the “right” thing, but he cannot stop the process of living Winter in his own skin.

The procession of the opposites is bound to pass by, it is the 2 faces of the coin which makes up ONE coin. Every time we choose one side, we cannot avoid the other to show up. It is a matter of time.

We have learnt to separate opposites, but from another vision; those opposites are complementary.

Every human experience has an opposite. Every Life journey will go through that trip. Today saint, tomorrow sinner. Where is the middle line? There is none… or we could make up one and label that as our “morality.”
Our conditioning to believe in labels don’t allow us to see the continuity of the rainbow: Different colors, even opposite of each other making up ONE white light.

The opposites have the same Nature

Our upbringing and moral standards have taught us to choose and prefer one side of duality and to reject the other side. That teaching is far from the experience that Life gives, thus; artificial, unnatural… An illusion.

We have been taught to build a personality based on “choice.” Nevertheless, for an unaware human being there cannot be choice, but simply cause and effect.

If John believes that he has chosen his profession or that he likes vanilla ice cream better than chocolate, he could be happy with those “choices.” Nevertheless, John has never questioned the reason why he likes vanilla more than chocolate, or why he has chosen a particular profession over another. That lack of “depth,” will prompt him to believe that “he is making more choices.”

As we gain further awareness, we could see that through that cause and effect, who we “are” right now is only the product of the past.

Through further “education,” we have been taught that we could change that “reality,” by “making choices.”

“Choose good over bad.” “Choose right over wrong.” “Choose spiritual over material.”

Doesn’t that sound marvelous?
Actually it is completely artificial and unrealistic.
Do we choose “good” by fighting “evil”? Do we choose “good” by rejecting “evil”?
Oh! We choose “good” by not DOING “evil”?
Actually, we DO what we ARE. BEING is the important key element to acknowledge, to observe. Observation is the DOING, for when we are aware… the shift will start.

The duality of “good and evil” share the same nature. Only the degrees will change. A what point heat becomes cold? A what point good becomes evil? Is there a “line” separating that duality?

It is just a subjective matter. Yes, right or wrong is a matter of subjective agreement.

John could be in jail for stealing. If John becomes “Robin Hood,” he could still go to jail, but now that stealing has lesser of an impact, less degrees of it.

Because of the above, God and the Devil share the same exact nature.
Because they are opposite of each other. Two opposite extremes of the same nature, just like cold and heat.

Am I trying to cause a revolution of ideals and moral standards?
No. I am not trying to “DO” anything. I am just sharing a bit of depth perhaps for some, and stupidity for others.

By all means respect the law, moral standards, the religious dogmas, the beliefs and opinions of others… be mindful that we are living in a society…but deep inside know that there is not an inch of absolute righteousness or absolute truth in all of them. It is a mixture of subjective agreements.

That is why as the “Life walker” becomes more aware, more conscious, he will realize that by observing and following the principles that Nature displays, Life will be more “Natural.”
The Natural laws are there waiting to be recognized and observed.

If you raise yourself, you will fall. Why do you fall?
To learn how to pick yourself up! That is just an answer, but not “the answer.”
If you didn’t have self, you wouldn’t fall… but neither raise up.
Self creates the duality, the choice, and with that… the “black and white” laws.

The benefit of the doubt

Since we could observe that any perspective that we take towards Life has a consequence, and that any perspective is neither “right” nor “wrong,” then we could be open to acknowledge every perspective.

Moreover, if we support a particular view of Life we will be closed, biased towards the others.

What is the practical aspect of the above?

Robert gave some chocolates to Mary.
Mary said to him: “I cannot take those. I am on a diet.”
Robert thought: “ I wasn’t asking for her to eat the chocolates, but just to take them. I wanted to be friendly.”
Mary thought of the incident: “ I know that Robert wants something from me. I don’t want anything from him.”

Observe how the feelings in Mary and Robert will change towards each other. It will be another “brick on the wall,” in the way their perception of the “outside” will be perceived.

“Why give anything to people, if they are going to reject it.”
“ Don’t trust people. Don’t accept anything from them. Better dead than to ask for anything.”

That animosity created through misunderstandings, interpretations and even by unconsciously poking into someone’s hurtful triggers, collaborates into the feeling of heaviness, darkness which will color our perception of the world.

“The world is THIS and I am THAT.” An absolute response to the World, ready to turn into a dogmatic way of living.

“But… if we tend to interpret the world, how is it possible not to interpret it?”

That is not the point. It is not a matter of saying: “If you interpret the world under your own perspective that is bad and that will take you to hell.”

The point is to realize that “I am interpreting,” thus what comes out of my mouth or anyone’s without exception, is not the holy truth; but merely a perception.

That is known as the benefit of the doubt.

“Robert looks like he wants something from me, but I will give him the benefit of the doubt.”

That perspective of giving someone the benefit of the doubt in healing in itself.
Because we are trusting Life.

The way to stop the heaviness of that energy of suspicion and self-righteousness is by giving the benefit of the doubt.

In this way we could understand that to “have doubts” is not “bad,” it is not only a sign of insecurity or lack of faith, but its utility resides in using that energy with wisdom, according to time and circumstances.

All opposite energies have the same source. Different polarities is what we perceive.

Lost in the perception that “I am right,” we do not realize that “I am wrong” is part of the same energy. To experience one side, means to experience the other.

Labeling one side as “good” and the other as “bad,” means to set yourself up for feeling guilty, unworthy, unholy and all the opposite labels that we strived to “achieve” to become “better” or “spiritual.”

Isn’t that something to be aware of ? 🙂

Love yourself


Religious teachings are practically unaware of the world of duality. For those teachings to choose one side and to reject the other side of duality, is considered to be “good, godly, etc.”

A human being has a duality within. That is the male/female energy, which is manifested through a body.

When we identify with the form, we call ourselves “male or female.” Nevertheless, our psyche has to agree with that denomination as well. If it doesn’t then we have the other shades of colors besides the “black and white,” male-female type of standard.

To be aware of our own eternity is to recognize that we had the experience of being a male and a female. To be aware of our own energies is to balance and harmonize male and female. There is no one who is a “pure female” or a “pure male” energy. A “macho guy” represses his femininity to the point where he will be in extreme need of female energy. At that point that neediness has been labeled as “love.”

When someone embraces the path of a seeker, sooner or later loneliness will be faced. That loneliness increases for the need of finding a complementary energy will be always there. It is part of Nature.
Inside ourselves, there is the “inner kid” which most psychologists now agree “exists.” However, there is a “full-family” inside every individual. There is the male- female and kid energies.

To balance those energies is of utmost importance to find that wholeness inside without neediness.

Once that wholeness is found, then to integrate that oneness with “others” is the next step.

“Loving yourself” is more than a “nice spiritual phrase.” It is to recognize our value, worthiness and respect for being. We could start with self caressing ourselves, pamper ourselves, to use this body to manifest that which we would like in a partner.

Obviously the above may not be accepted for there is a strong taboo against touching our own bodies or allowing complementary, natural energies within to manifest.

All of those beliefs are detrimental in harmonizing our energies. We have learned to repress and to live by stereotypes which have given us the notions of what is “good and what is bad.”

Unless we learn to balance our own energies, to live by yourself harmoniously may not be possible. Everyone will go by in our lives. We need to learn to live in balance with ourselves.

By identifying ourselves with a particular “role model” or stereotype, we deny our own manifestation. The “black and white “ belief that a “man” has to be this way and not that way, or “this is the way a woman should act..” is nothing but a belief and as such it is worth only as long as someone gives value to it.

Therefore, to integrate the “family” within is of great value to experience that oneness which is needed to embrace a greater oneness with all.

We cannot pretend to be One when we are needy. We cannot pretend to live harmoniously in a relationship with another person, when we look for our needs to be satisfied by another.

Coffee and milk get together to bring their own flavor into the mix to create something different with their own oneness.

The answer is in your own breath


Breathe in, breathe out. Inhale, then exhale.
That is duality. That is life. That is the Yin and Yang.

Some may be able to realize many things about life by considering the above. No more explanations, no more words needed. Just observe it in yourself. Feel it and you will understand.

Others, may need further explanations…

Breathing just happens. It is not necessary the “will to breathe.” Do you see that? Then the intellectual questions will start and with that more confusion:
What makes someone breathe? What is the exact mechanism? Why is it that I cannot will myself into breathing? I can surely stop breathing, but I do not know how it all started? Why I am able to breathe at night while sleeping? Is it the soul controlling the body? Or is it the spirit controlling it? Or is it the brain? Someone has to be controlling my own breathing… Who is it? and who controls the one who controls “me”? I need to understand. I want to know… 🙂

Practically… It does not matter… There may not be a “controller” controlling things…
You are breathing and that experience has its own importance in your own life. To know how that happens, to have the information on exactly what makes it tick… will not allow you to control your breathing.. for you will have your last breath at one point in time. It is guaranteed.
To control your breath does not guarantee that you will live with quality in life, that you will enjoy life… Breathing happens, just like life.

Inhale, exhale. That is the dichotomy of life. The 2 opposites which come together to complement each other, for there is life in their harmonious function.

To select or prefer to inhale rather than to exhale is not real in life. That preference it is merely a mind created illusion. Both are necessary in life.

That is how all the other dichotomies in life, the “bigger questions” are born.

Are we predestined or we have free will? Why evil exists? Isn’t evil the proof that something “Good, Godly” must exist as well? See, there is man and woman. There is day and night. There is sky and earth; there is life and death… All apparent opposites… which are not.

There is individuality and totality. Your last breath in individuality will be the first one in totality… that is in “omnipresence.” 🙂 Anyone feels disturbed up to this point? Did I create an issue with a religious dogma in your mind? 🙂

It is the drop of the Ocean, which goes out as an individual just to go back to the Ocean again as part of the totality, only to appear as an individual again. It is your own breath.
We can create many religious dogmas with the above. Many philosophies and “isms.” Why not? 🙂

“You” cannot be fully conscious until you feel your connection with the Ocean. “You” cannot separate from it for “you” will go back to it.

It is in that movement of duality where life exists. “You” are life but “you” experience it at the same time.
Death does not exist… but it does.
Evil does not exist… but it does.
Good does not exist… but it does.
Life does not exist… but it does.
The form and the formless are together. One brings the other just like day brings the night, just like life brings death and good brings evil… but those labels do not exist… 🙂 but only in our minds and the dictionary… so they exist… 🙂

Yet, of course; there are some who may need more explanation, more words, more questions to answer, more analysis ….more thinking…

The answer is in you. Breathe in… then Breathe out. Do it harmoniously and you will be at peace as when the waters of the Ocean become calm, at ease… flowing while the time to experience that calmness lasts… until the next change which will be brought about by its opposite, which is rather its complementary… yeah … more words…

Today at 5 PM EST in SPANISH: “La Transformacion Espiritual.”
Monday, February 3 at 6:30 PM EST in ENGLISH: “Becoming Empty through Emptiness.”

Auspicious Confluence Age By: BK John – Netherlands

Auspicious Confluence Age:

Where Illusion meets Truth
Vices meets Virtues
Weaknesses meets (Spiritual) Powers
Limitations meets the Unlimited
the Perishable meets the Imperishable
Death meets Birth (Life)
Mortality meets Immortality
Finite meets Infinite
History (Past) meets Future in Present
Body Consciousness meets Soul Consciousness
Devil meets God
Old meets New
Corporeal meets Incorporeal
Darkness meets Lightness
Body meets Soul
Chaos meets Still Point
Impurity meets Purity
Discontentment meets Contentment
Obscurity meets Clarity
Decay meets Creation
Alloy meets Gold
Stone meets Diamond
Childishness meets Maturity
Time meets Eternity
Ego meets its True Self
Destiny meets Origin
End meets Beginning

Love & Remembrance

Om Shanti

Going deeper into duality


This writing will have greater depth than usual. Please be aware. 🙂

In Sakar murlis, we read all the time in one way or another about duality. Baba simply calls it : day and night; sin and virtue, worthy and unworthy, fame and defamation, good and evil, hell and paradise; etc. Next time we hear the Murli, please check for those concepts, which are opposite in the “typical way” of understanding.

The issue behind understanding “duality” in such a simplistic way is that we will be concerned about embracing one side and rejecting the other side. In such simple understanding, we will not realize that one side of duality brings automatically the other side.

How is that?

Pick good. You will know evil. Pick hell; you will know heaven. There is no way that we could isolate the experience of the other half by rejecting one side, as a matter of fact, if we do so; we will create a life of fear and tension. It is a ghost of fear.

The understanding of duality will give us freedom from the terrifying thought of “not following shrimat.”

In the world of duality then, we cannot pick one side and reject the other; that is insane.

In the world of spirituality, we go beyond both concepts. We embrace and transform. When we develop a greater understanding of duality, we can see that concepts such as man and woman or beautiful and ugly needs to be left behind in the wastebasket of concepts and definitions. Experience without a label.

Please see that our intellect has been trained to separate. We will see day and night as two separate things rather than a gradual continuation. To see this, requires a greater awareness.

Rather than seeing duality as opposite, we could see them as complements. In that complementary vision, we can see unity.

The Drama is about unity. Day changes into night gradually just to change again into daytime. It is a cycle.

Our mind caught up with ideas, concepts and senseless logic, will think that “day” is better than “night.”

Once we have knowledge, there is no question about “better” for that is an election of something over another thing, that selection automatically rejects one side and embraces the other. See? The bottom line is that we will experience both side whether we like it or not, then it makes greater sense to see both as “beneficial.” 🙂

Day and night are really separated as such in words, just as a concept, but they cannot be alone by themselves in “reality;” they are always together but their timing is different.

A deeper understanding of gyan will allow us to see that “timing” is everything. A good idea today may not be tomorrow. Knowledge is good now, but it is not always “good.”

As we mature in our understanding of gyan, we will see that being caught up in duality and expressing duality in our words, is a sure way to make mistakes. We are not seeing the full picture; we are just seeing one side of it.

In greater depth, we can appreciate that our minds are caught up in the concepts of duality, for the mind is duality itself.

What is the meaning of that?

Is God omnipresent or a personal God, a soul? 🙂

Do we see that there is duality in that question? Do we want to pick one side and reject the other? 🙂
Do we want to say that the truth is “day” and “falsehood” is night?

With that kind of logic we will be living in the world of rationality only, which is very, but very limited and far from going beyond duality.

The importance of God is not in a definition or a mind concept but in the experience.
Therefore, pick your concept. Defend it. Get upset. Prove with further logic…
It doesn’t matter 🙂
Picking one side means to acknowledge the other, for one side exists because of the other.

Free your awareness from duality and all of the sudden, we will see something different, which was hidden from the “intellectual” mind. That is freedom from the known.