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From “I” Into ONE

The “good deeds” of one consciousness does not apply necessarily to another type of consciousness.

When the “I” is of most importance, then “helping others” is seeked out as the opportunity to show our care for mankind. After all, we may need to demonstrate to ourselves and the world that “we are good, worth of being in Paradise!”

In the consciousness of Oneness, there is no such a thing as “helping others.” There are no “others” as everything goes back to the whole rather than the part. That is the meaning of being part of the “common good.”
Help is there, but there is no “I” helping “others,” a “Me” helping around.
The action is the same but not the intention.

Is it hard to grasp? No worries. It is nothing intellectual. It is a question of feelings.
Yes, our language is designed to separate, but our feelings are not.
To feel we need to go beyond the separation of time.

Want to be tolerant when dealing with someone? That is to be “good,” right?
“Look, I don’t care what you say… but let me swallow your words anyway, for the sake of being tolerant, in that way; I can add a golden star in my chart towards “my” earning Paradise…”

If we could see how the ulterior motive arrives every time we would like to be “good,” we could catch our 2 faces, our dishonesty.

Oneness is more than a concert in the Park where everyone hugs and hold hands together, it is way more than a belief system promising Paradise and what not, when “you die,” it is more than a meditation with the promise of continuation in the “afterlife.”
Oneness is not Life insurance for the “I.”

“No… I don’t want to change what I believe. I have found the truth.”
Sure. Do you realize about the truth of your own change? What are you going to hold on to? Ideas, dogmas, intellectual musings, beliefs, spiritual experiences?

Those things do not change. They are static …whereas Life is change.
Is your truth reflecting your change?

“What change? I am the same. It is good to be that way.”

Right. “You” are different than Life. You cannot be One with Life.

Some start their spiritual career by choosing “good” over “bad.”
When that idea is challenged by another human being, it is easy to brush it aside, but when that idea is challenged by Life itself, there is no option but to listen.
There is either change with Life or “You” die in the attempt to hold on to your ideas and beliefs.
Either way, the “I” will die… Funny, huh? 🙂

From the standard of “good or bad,” the “change” is into : “No absolutes.”
By saying “No absolutes,” we are still living an absolute in the mind. We went from one extreme into the other, which will teach us to trust Life. To trust change.

At that point, perhaps we will realize that rather than putting significance to our own morality and changes interpreted through our thinking, we could look inside into our feelings and connect without words and structured beliefs into “what is.” That requires another consciousness.

We may discover in that, the “One” in everything.

The indoctrinated self

war and peace

When we perceive that there is no “self,” then we could appreciate things from a different consciousness.

“No-Self” is not a belief. We have experienced that change throughout our lives. That which we think we are is merely a mental idea, which we cling to despite the evidence that our bodies, minds and consciousness are not the same.

If we want to possess an instant in our lives and have a picture in our minds of that individual who has been, then we will suffer in the attempt to stop the unstoppable.

We are never the same and to stop that through a belief becomes the obstacle to experience something different.

Our society is attached to this mental idea of self.
Psychology depends on it as well as religions.

It is the “self” who is punished, saved, rewarded, etc. It is the “self” wanting to exist unchanged despite change.

It is obvious then, that in the realization of no-self, the concept of “others” becomes antiquated.
Helping “others” is only an ego driven task at that point. Hard to swallow, when we have been indoctrinated otherwise.

Notice that this is not intellectual understanding. A Ph.D. is not required to understand this.
We need to experience it.
As mentioned before, consciousness changes by itself, so change is guaranteed as long as “we” allow it to naturally happen.

To be able to acknowledge that change, to embrace it without being attached to the “old” ways, is a “test” in our ability to empty our minds.

An empty mind has the capacity to understand new things. A mind full of information is an obstacle to perceive “newness.”

That mind full of information, can only understand if something “makes sense” according to its previous indoctrination/information/teaching/ belief.
That information which at one point was helpful to realize things, becomes the obstacle for newness later on.

More concepts, less reality


Ludwig: If there are so many intelligent people out there, why is it so difficult for them to “understand” that there couldn’t be a “creation” of the Universe?

Hans: Are you kidding? There was the “Big Bang” or God created it. Scientists and Theologians are still debating that.

Ludwig: If there was a creator, then simply we should look for the one who created that creator and so on… Why is it more comfortable to believe that God does not need to be created but the Universe on the other hand needs a creator? If there was an explosion, a big “bang” then what was the cause of it?

Hans: The explosion was the cause of everything…You shouldn’t go against the mainstream thinkers, scientists, gurus and philosophers.
You are a nobody.
Ludwig: That is a great argument from your part. I guess I did not realize that. The explosion happened by itself…huh?

Ludwig added more concepts to bother the mind of Hans, which was full of beliefs and preconceptions and wouldn’t listen to anything but what “he already knew” to be “right.”

Why is it so difficult to understand “predestination”? What is the issue behind it?
Ahh! That is because it goes against the existence of ego.
And what about fearing God? What about going to hell?
That “idea,” that consciousness is just an individualized perception along with my own conditioning, my own emotional culture used to seeing “superior beings and inferior ones.” That is those ideas only reflect our own complexes. Moreover, hell …is just a human invention that appeared when paradise was invented.

Hans: Stop that nonsense now!! You just want to distort and destroy all my beliefs and values!

Ludwig: No need to thank me…

When a religious belief is only centered in the concepts of “ self” and “others,” and the basis of those beliefs are lingering around those ideas, then we can see that this particular belief system is made for those who are “living” in the consciousness of individuality.

This consciousness of individuality is not “wrong.” It is just incomplete. There is more to see in the painting of perception, but as long as our “location” of consciousness remains in the same place, we will only see the same thing, a narrow perspective.

Any person is not only an Individual but Totality as well.
Is this difficult to perceive? Why? 🙂

We cannot pretend to allow for feelings of “brotherhood among human beings” under the consciousness of the individual. That requires “Totality.”
If we pretend to do so through individuality, all we can get is a nice label: “he is my brother” but our behavior, our way of “being” cannot change by using just labels.

Therefore, what is needed is a change of consciousness, a change of perception, a change in awareness, then that change will be honest, complete and without the need for “nice” but empty words.

That change cannot happen unless there is openness. That means to discard all those beliefs from our minds, to become like a child again without preconceptions to rule our lives.

This is indeed a challenging phase which is not for everyone, for that means to be “reborn” again…

That is a scary thought when you are surrounded by fears of losing your own “individuality”…. 🙂

Another concept to discard…