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Question on souls missing the Golden age aka “Paradise.”

om shanti, baba says sara madar yaad/purshatpar. is this can be true sara madar drama par as all the actions/sequential thought are already recorded which are repeating at every 5000years .Therefore a soul who missed out the sat and kaliyug one cycle never ever able to experience the goldenyug. please giv ur views for those souls. I am still confusing. Correct me.

Dear soul,

Thank you for your clarifying question!

Let me put it in different words so anyone who looks at it, could get the “flavor of it.”

Basically, Baba says that because the Drama of life is pre-ordained; then all actions will be the same in every eternally repeating cycle which lasts 5000 years before it repeats again.. right?

Your question is, if a soul does not experience the “golden age” then that soul is doomed not to experience that “magical” Golden age for eternity, thus, that “poor soul” will miss that “magic” and “whimsical” moment… for eternity, right?

Moreover, if we want to add more sorrow to those “poor souls” we can say something like: However, you will experience hell, but not heaven… ONLY US, will experience the Golden age, paradise, the best time of the cycle.. so you better join us… right?

Dear soul,
The knowledge is there and it can be interpreted anyway we feel like according to our “motive.”

In Brahma Baba’s time, he thought that destruction was near. He had reasons to believe in that. Therefore, his urgency to motivate those listening to him; to “make effort” and change themselves; that is to self transform so they can make the “cut” for the Golden age.

The problem is that those same lines do not hold the same strength anymore according to time, but yet they do paradoxically, for being aware of this time, the confluence age; is important for we do not know how long we will live. Thus, it is both things at the same time. Not just one.

Please remember these things:
1) In the Drama, no one misses anything.
2) The “Golden age” is a state of consciousness not a place to be.
3) Labeling the first 1250 years of the cycle of time as the Golden age is OK. I like to call that “Spring” time out of the 4 seasons. To call that time of the cycle as “paradise,” is not accurate at all, but acceptable is you want to convince little children to “make effort” now, before is too late.
4) In the Drama, no on does anything. It is merely a role to be performed which is interpreted by a particular soul. Those roles will change. Today you are the hero, tomorrow the villain.
5) Predestination is hard to digest intellectually by souls without the experience of ego-less-ness. As we experience being ego-less, then the soul becomes the observer of the role. The participant and the movie spectator. Both at the same time.

Here is the simple example.
Let us say that Ananda wakes up at 3:30 AM every day.
Carlos on the other hand is sleeping at that time. Carlos likes to wake up at 7:30 AM.

Ananda likes to say that Carlos is “missing” the greatest time of the day, when things are quiet and peaceful.

Carlos responds that he likes to sleep and he will not wake up at 3:30 AM for nothing in the world. As a matter of fact, for Carlos; Ananda is just a crazy guy.

Now, put that example in the cycle of time. Ananda will be in the Golden age, but Carlos will be enjoying his “sleep” in Parandham … now, to make things “sweeter” let me add that Carlos will be very close to our Father, ShivBaba; and will be receiving his mighty and exquisite rays of bliss and peace for longer time; Carlos will be recharging to experience his “golden age” in his first birth; while Ananda will be out and about already… 🙂

Who is missing what?
No one is missing anything.

Best wishes!

Questions for May 30, 2013 – 5000 years and Dino “combo”

How do you explain that the cycle is only 5,000 years when the earth is so very much older. It’s not just carbon dating that shows how old the earth is, but geology, and many many facets of science. All else in gyan is easy to understand, but this one point of 5,000 years in not. So when did the dinosaurs room the earth, they also existed for a very long time as they have been dug up through many many layers of earth and rock on most continents, even those that we are told are under water in the gold and silver ages, so therefore dinosaurs are meant to have been on earth only 2,500 years ago, but that is during recorded history. These questions have never been answered, so please explain if you can. Om Shanti Jan

Dear soul,

This is a repeated question. There are plenty of articles in this blog which deal with those questions that you have asked.
Please search in the blog by using a keyword such as “dinosaur” or “5000 years cycle” etc.

Nevertheless, I will answer your questions so I can just place this article someplace visible in the blog, where everyone who has the typical “dino” question or the “5000 year old” theme; will be able to look at it. (“Scientific tales” section.)

Dear soul,
The Earth is not 5000 year old. It has existed forever. It just changes. The cycle of time is according to Gyan 5000 years. Matter cannot be created. It only changes. This is something that many people fail to realize.

Just because someone placed a flag in the moon, in 5000 years it does not mean that we will see the same flag there. Matter changes, recycles itself. Everything changes in matter, but after 5000 years (according to Gyan) repeats itself.

You are a believer of science. Science may be your religion.
Science can only bring you beliefs, just like a religion.
Want proof? 🙂


Now, let me ask you: Why intelligent people who are so great about providing “proof” with the help of Science, are able to disagree by “millions of years” in something so fundamental as the age of the Earth?

Now, just because someone says that the more accepted theory is the “big bang” it does not mean that this is the “truth.”
The truth is not won by consensus of the “majority,” by votes.

There are plenty of theories nowadays that even reflect that time is cyclical and not linear as believed by some scientists.
Please take a look at this link:


Please read every article with care and you will know, that we are dealing with scientific beliefs, dogma hidden under the precious word “research.”

Please read the article below. It basically explains in a very rational way, why cyclical time has greater probability of being “real” than the so-called linear time of millions of years.

http://www.helium.com/items/487172-philosophy-which-came-first-the-chicken-or-the-egg (helium.com is no longer in business, so I have a copy, below)

Click to access chickenegg.pdf

This article is the top one among many other articles by “thinkers” which do not belong to a particular religion. Please take the time to digest it.

On your dinosaur question, the same thing applies. Bones may have been found, but that does not mean that a dinosaur depicted, as scientists want us to believe, existed. Behind the dinosaur belief, there is just the theory of evolution and behind it, the “big bang.”
I am not saying that dinosaurs did not exist. I am saying that as far as I am concerned there is no way, that I can know if they existed, and that I have to rely on someone else to “find that out for me.”

I don’t like that.

I have experienced “deja vues,” I have experienced the “soul,” I have experienced “fortune telling” (which demonstrates the cycle of time) and I had experiences with reincarnation by intuitive experience.

Those are my “proofs.”

Dear soul,
Please do not get caught up in more beliefs, in more dogmas. The bottom line of this knowledge, which is Spiritual knowledge, is to know the self, so there could be self-transformation.
That is all.

More concepts without experience is worthless.
However, If a concept is able to transform you, please continue.

In your deathbed, you can hold on to more beliefs, to more concepts and be afraid to die, afraid of the unknown. No theories will get you out of that feeling.

On the other hand, when there is experience, when you have tasted that which scientists do not know about for lack of experience; then, you will be alright. You will know.

Finally, I am not here to support more dogmatic views of life. To support a particular theory or a religion; but just to share experiences, to share what could trigger something in your spiritual life, a new viewpoint, a new realization, a new feeling… No more concepts or empty theories.

Best wishes!

Om shanti——— Is it true when we give a certain THOUGHT to a crystall, it then vibrate at that frequency for many days/hours depending upon the intensity of thougth.Also how we can increase our frequency of vibration to a heigher lavel.. enlighten it plz.

Answer: Dear soul,
That type of question is not part of my experience. From the spiritual perspective, a thought is powerful for it has the possibility to manifest itself into “reality.”

Best wishes!

Dear avyakt7 do the souls have any consciousness when they resides in the paramdham? is it godlike stage?

Answer: Dear soul,
Thank you for your great question! There is no “consciousness” in Parandham.
Is it Godlike stage?
Answer: what do you think? 🙂 🙂

Best wishes!

Question: Om shanti, thinking is the nature of mind.. wheather the souls in parmdham is also continuesly produces thought…,plz enlighten.

Thank you for your question!
Dear soul,

As explained in the “reader remarks: Free will and Predestination” you will be able to see that thoughts means Drama. In Paramdham, there is no Drama, thus no thoughts. The subtle region is related with this Drama, thus; thoughts. Brahma Baba has pure thoughts for his children… which are blessings for them 🙂

Best wishes!

Question: om shanti…generally we beleive in what we can see, when i think of location of paramdham , is this the fourth dimention which we cant purview with our scintific gadget yet …..please enlighten…

Thank you for your question!

Dear soul,

Please stop believing in what you can see. Usually that is deceiving. 🙂
Paramdham or the “soul world,” could be defined as a dimension by using simple words; however that does not mean anything nor does add anything “good” to your knowledge other that useless information. When you say “Parandham” is a dimension; you haven’t said anything but merely hiding a lack of knowledge behind another word. “Parandham” is an experience. You may ask a Sanyassi according to Sakar Murlis; who has “experienced” that. If he tells you, it is “this and that,” you can share that “information” with someone else; and that becomes just repetition of words of something which cannot be readily experienced by “normal” people trapped in the physical world… that is Science. 🙂

There will never be a “material” gadget to know something “non-material.”
For scientists, the “4th dimension” is what used to be known as “time,” and now; known as “time-space.” However, scientists do not know that time is paradoxical. When trapped in the physical realm there is time; even though for the “soul” time does not exist. According to your consciousness, so is your experience and your perception of reality.

One more thing; Gyan to be knowledge is meant to be experiential. Otherwise, Gyan without experience is just encyclopedic information.

Best wishes!


Thank you for your question.

Dear soul,
Let me ask you to please use regular case letters to write your questions. As it is, I do not have the time to go back and re-write questions. Thank you 🙂

It was shared in other posts about the soul world (parandham) as a “dimension” rather than a “place.” Therefore, location, distance, etc. do not apply.

Our language cannot explain something like that just because our language has been created in a particular consciousness greatly influenced by the physical “reality.”

To put it in simple words, what you are asking is similar to:


A sunset does not exist. The Sun exists. The Earth exists. But a sunset? The Sun is much bigger than the Earth… is illogical!! A sunset is an experience. Can you see that paradox? Even though the sunset does not exist, because it is an experience, it exists. However a “black or white” language cannot respond as “WHERE” the sunset is neither “HOW FAR.” can you see that?
A better answer would be, it is “THERE,” “RIGHT HERE.”

You are asking to explain about an ocean in terms of its”dryness.”

Best wishes!

Question: Hi brother, You told in your post that “it is Brahma and also his connection with god I.e Bapdada has changed from sakar days till now”. Please explain me this and how shiv baba comes in Brahma baba if he never thinks and if he is constantly there in paramdham only,pls clarify this and also when you told that Bks experiencing the company of god is Brahma only not shiv baba as he doesn’t think Then you mean to say it is Brahma baba only who is doing service or you mean to say shiv baba through baba as shiv baba does service through others ,please clarify and explain this also,I am waiting

Thank you for your question!
It looks like the email form wasn’t working again, so this time all questions will come directly to the “feedback” in this site. That means that I will not be able to answer questions as quickly but, I will get your questions in a more reliable way.

You are not asking simple questions there… so bear with me in this long explanation.

Brahma Baba was an “effort maker.” Just like you and I. The difference is that He is the number #1 soul, according to his capacity to become soul conscious. When Brahma Baba first started having experiences back in 1936 or so, He didn’t know what was happening. Obviously, he explained these things through the devotional knowledge that he had. Even He thought that he was God for some years. What it is very hard for souls to understand is that God, Shiva is the “purifier” as long as there is a connection from us. God exists, but He is not quite the way “devotional knowledge” has explained. Divine knowledge has appeared through Brahma Baba. Obviously, we can note in the Sakar Murli, the types of sanskaras that he had, and we can also appreciate that those sanskaras have changed, in the avyakt Murlis. That is his spiritual journey and I know that for experience, because it is happening to all effort maker Brahmins, whether we realize it or not.

That is some background information to answer your first question.

Now, the part the “God comes in Brahma Baba.” I have also mentioned that we shouldn’t take things literally. I also have mentioned that “God is bound by the Drama” according to the Murli, and I also have mentioned that “we do not learn, but we remember.” Basically, every soul has a role already “recorded.” God may be the trigger for it to unfold in Brahma Baba, or maybe something else happened. I can only speculate. I don’t know. The only one who knows that accurately is Brahma Baba. No one else could know that. I have written an article when I explained that ( http://bkgyan.com/2012/11/22/god-speaks-seen-without-the-lenses-of-devotion/)

On the second part of your question, I can see that you are beginning to “interpret” what I said. That is good, for that gives me the opportunity to clarify.
You talk about Parandham and Shiva being “only” there.

Parandham is not a “place,” as we know it. Shiva is a soul. Pure soul. It is our experience to feel God with us or inside us, or merged with Him, because for a soul there are no boundaries OR we can delimit those 3 regions as we have learned and say: Shiva is in Parandham. Subtle Brahma in only in the subtle region. His soul is in the subtle region with him now (how is that possible if souls are only in Parandham?) However, Dadi Ji has taken a physical body, but her subtle body as Dadi Ji, can still be experienced through Dadi Gulzar, etc… 🙂

You see where I am coming from? It is our “physical understanding” which will not allow us to see beyond rationality and logic which only exists in the physical realm because we are bound by physical laws when in the experience of body consciousness. Otheriwse, we are “multi-dimensional” beings. My body of light is already there. My sister have “seen it,” even though her physical vision is impaired, but I have physical vision now but unable to see it. I have felt it only; how is that possible?

Logic cannot answer that. You have to experience it to understand it and then it will be without any rational answer.
So my answer to you is, you will need to experience this, but for now, you have knowledge which as you “practice it,” you will develop a sense of knowing without “rational” understanding. Rational understanding is a very superficial way of knowing, but that is what our educational system values the most.

On you last question about Brahma Baba.

Brahma Baba is the founder of the Brahmin clan. God is there for all religions as all religions believe to have closeness to God or that God founded their religion through someone. God is “just there” for all, without taking sides. Brahma Baba’s connection with God has allowed him to “purify” the self and to become angelic, according to the Drama. In that respect, we can say that “God founded this religion,” but also we can see that every religion emerges at a particular time with a particular founder or avatar, who is believed to be of Divine origin.

Brahma Baba sustains now the Brahmin clan, but He has that connection with God, which is known as BapDada. He is One with God, merged, etc. How?
I have also said that at the soul level there is no “separation.” Remember that?? 🙂

That is why in the first avyakt Murli (when Brahma Baba left the body) He mentioned that: “BapDada will be known as God, at the confluence age.” Evidently, only Brahmin souls experience the confluence age. See?

The keyword is always been to me “Experience” …before “theory.”

Hope this is helpful. Thank you for your challenging questions.

Best wishes!

Point in Depth: Being Combined in Spirituality

“The combined state” is another name for being ego-less.

The word combined brings the awareness that there are 2 items which make up a new one.
Here, you have rice and over there spaghetti. You combine them and you have something new, which is the combination of the former 2 ingredients. In the physical world, it would be very difficult to separate those items again. In spirituality, however; it is just a state of being which could be separated, by ego…

The soul is combined with the body. That becomes a “new” item which is a human being believing that “he is a soul,” or believing that “he is a body.” The experience of any of those states is what will dictate our consciousness. We could believe that we are rice or believe that we are spaghetti, but when we are combined, we are something completely different.

A human being has always been combined. That is the experience. The awareness of just being a “soul” is not even awareness for in that state of being “latent,” in the soul world; there is no awareness.

In the Golden age, there is no Deity that will say: “ I am a soul not a body.” That experience of “being,” without names or separations is what is. That is the experience of being wholesome, one with everything. In the Golden age, there is no “subject” that could say: “I wish I was Narayan,” or “How come He is Narayan and I am not,” or “What do I have to do to become Narayan? “ All of those things are “proof” of our mind separating things, creating rupture and allowing ego to rise up.

When Baba mentions to be “combined” for me, it means that “ego” is out, for if “ego” is “in,” I could never be ”combined,” but rather “separated.”

This idea of dividing everything into pieces, presents a bigger problem when we “know” that the 3 “organs” of the soul are the “mind, intellect and sanskara.” Those “organs” are not the soul, we say; we add that “the soul” is the master of all of those organs; Nevertheless without mind, intellect or sanskara there wouldn’t be an awareness of being a “master.” 😉 Paradox.

The soul is pure consciousness. That is it. Mind, intellect and sanskaras are just part of the role. That role made of those “subtle elements” will tend to “degrade” as time goes by. That degradation is the origin of our current state. Part of the Drama. Another role to play. However, “now” we have the chance to “upgrade” those things which have been “degraded.”

God is pure consciousness. In Parandham, there is no functioning “mind, intellect or sanskara.”
This is why, God does not have a “personality.” For a BK, that personality is given by Brahma Baba. His sanskaras, his mind and his intellect are the ones giving God a personality at different times.

Food for thought. Drink for feelings.