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Question: When we say that Paramdham is out of space and matter, then how we define it in colour (red or orange) and with lights shinning of the soul. Does soul actually radiate light? Does it have a form or is it formless?

Good question! Thank you.
I haven’t had any “visions” of the soul. I am not a soul with “visions.” I had only a couple of them in my entire BK career. I don’t feel “neglected” by that at all. Baba has always mentioned the importance of gyan first.

I don’t recall any Murlis where “Parandham” is referred as the “red element.” I recall Sakar Murlis mentioning “The Brahm element.”
Here is an excerpt from the Q/A dated 4-4-11 mentioning the “red lights.”
“Question: What is the easy way to stay in permanent remembrance?

Answer: In order to stay in permanent remembrance, forget your body and all bodily relations. While walking and moving around, practice staying in remembrance. If, while sitting in yoga, you even remember the red light, your yoga will break. You won’t be able to stay in permanent remembrance. Those who ask for someone to conduct meditation specially for them are unable to stay in yoga.”

Therefore, lights are not important. There are some souls who have mentioned that “Parandham” is a redish/golden-ish element and the soul is a bright white dot. I see the importance on focusing our mind in a “dot,” for there is “something” to maintain our minds busy in meditation. In my experience that is no needed when we “feel the soul.”
Feeling becomes seeing.

One more thing in this topic, “Parandham” is a “dimension” a “realm” which could be poetically phrased as ” beyond space and time and matter” but it doesn’t have to be. It is a matter of consciousness. Parandham could be as “big” as the tip of a needle, for a soul is not a material entity. (Pictures for beginners usually depict Parandham as a huge red space around the Earth and the subtle region.)

In a nutshell: When and If I have an experience of colorful Parandham and the shiny soul, I will write it here. However, it will not mean a thing for those who haven’t had it. We do not need to have those “special effects” to have yoga. What we need is love and understanding/experience through gyan.

Best wishes.

Question: As animals also have soul. Does “paramdham” is also the home of animals soul?

Great question, thank you! 🙂

Your question is pretty tricky as well…. In general we can say that animals are souls as well or as you mentioned: “have souls.”
However, is a bacteria an animal? Do they “have” souls? Then we can easily realize that we are trapped again in the “black or white” trap of language. The definition of an animal.

Not every moving entity “has” a soul. Plants do not, in general.. (See, I have to be careful with generalizations 🙂 )
Those species which are souls in an animal body experience reincarnation as well within their own animal species. An animal soul cannot reincarnate into a human being. We have different intellects. That intellect is the capacity of a soul.

Sure, there is a place like “Parandham” for animal souls, whether it is the same as the one for human souls, I do not know. A soul is …a soul with different capacity, after all….

To avoid the “trap” of going into exceptions and details; Baba has mentioned to care about us, human souls and not to worry about the “furniture.” (animals) 🙂