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The truth starts and ends in self-honesty at every moment


A Life walker, who is bored in Life; may have a narrow consciousness.
A life walker may realize that to “open up” that consciousness is of paramount importance.

How do we do that?
By simple appreciation of “what is.”

In that simple, easy to understand phrase is the “secret” to become One with Life.

To understand consciousness is the key. We could manipulate our consciousness by using beliefs, attachments and concepts. We could manipulate our consciousness by believing in something static which we could label as “truth.”

We could manipulate our consciousness by becoming attached to concepts, ideas, ideologies, scientific explanations and even to a God.

Nevertheless, rest assured that any “effort” that we make to “become better” is pointless. There is absolutely nothing that we can “do.” Because there is no “one” doing.

Awareness of “what is” without labeling, without opinions, without moral thoughts and with high doses of appreciation of the existence of “what is,” becomes that medicine for the soul. Just because something “is” it has a “reason” to be.

Any attempt to label, to put something into the “holy box” of human morality means to express a subtle contempt of “what is.” It is in that rejection how our consciousness remains stuck, paralyzed, into the realm of what is known, traditional, and safe.

Any particular action by itself is unable to change a person’s consciousness.
Want to become a saint?
Help the poor. Help your neighbor. Pray to God. Practice celibacy. Shave your head and cover your whole body with robes (black or white.) Read the Holy Scriptures, practice some penances.
Do we think that we could go to “heaven” by “doing” those things?

Let me give a concise answer.

How is that possible?
Actions mean nothing when intentions are underneath.
“Helping” someone is truly a support of our ego.

Does it mean that “I” should not help?
No. Help by all means, but take away that “I.” The “I” who remembers, the one who keeps track of “good deeds.” The one who deserves “heaven.”
Don’t do it because that is “morally right,” but because there is a passionate feeling in your heart, in your soul, in your core to act in that way.

If that inner passion is lacking, then any action in the name of “high morality” becomes self-delusion.

Empathy is not a “moral value.” It is a sense of belonging to everything that exists.

How is it possible for a world surrounded by so many religions and teachings of “moral values” to be surrounded paradoxically by so much ego ?

The answer is evident. There is no human activity able to change consciousness.
Do we want to pray 1000 times per day? Dow we want to “practice” something to “become good”?

Just observe “what is” inside you. Any attempt to change that “ which is” by force, by following a method, by manipulation, by beliefs or by rejection will create a personality, which lacks self-honesty.
Just observe, become aware. Assimilate your experiences. Change happens in that awareness.
Awareness increases as our consciousness increases. Consciousness increases through appreciation of “what is.”

Truth is to be true to yourself at every moment. Truth is not a paragraph of perceived facts or from some scripture. There is no religion or philosophy, which holds the “truth.”

The truth cannot be held. It flows, just like Life, just like consciousness, just like the River, the Ocean and the aroma of dawn. To try to hold that in our hands so it is “mine,” that is the “sin,” the illusion, the ego trip.
Appreciate its flowing beauty. That is all.

Love: The Totality version


“love is a deeper season
than reason;
my sweet one”
Edward E. Cummings

Many things that we label under the word “love.”
A poet may find that this “thing” which we call love is beyond reason, beyond thought.
It is the “I” confronted with a greater power than reason. Nevertheless, even in the face of this “proof,” we still rely on reason to run our lives. It is through experiencing that love and the way that it manifests, how we could find that “I” hidden underneath.

It is that “I” who feels elated when his love is retributed and the same “I” who feels in despair when it is not. It is the same “I” who will take things for granted when the love “wears off,” and the same “I” who will feel sorrow when that love goes away.
Without a doubt to learn about that type of love, is to learn about the “I.”
That “I” is always seeking for something. Love becomes that thing which is completely out of the “I” control and that becomes a powerful attraction for that “I.”
At the end, the story will be about adding other elements to that “love” such as forgiveness, guilt, remorse, passion, hate, confrontation, etc. All sorts of emotions, which appear due to a belief… and that belief will bring other emotions.

That my friends, is the love of the “I.”

A master once said: “ Life gives you 50% of the whole for you to become complete. The other 50% percent will be provided by life to complement the complete 50%. There is coffee and there is milk coming together to make something greater than themselves. Love does not need a receiver.”

When there is love without that “I,” then the giver is also the receiver. The giver is the receiver in the Totality of it.
At that point, love becomes that attitude of freedom to give without a specific receiver. When we understand that connection with the whole, love is that intention without expectations.

Our intentions, our feelings, our actions whatever we “think” we do onto “others,” we do it to ourselves.
That is to understand that “we” are that Totality.

Human affection could be expressed in different ways. There is no limit…but the limit becomes our own beliefs. As we label every relationship, we also determine that relationship.

“But she is the only one… I have not felt so intense in my life with another person.”

To discover our own intensity is great, but it is not reduced to a particular person. I could feel very intensely with one person, but that does not mean that it cannot happen again with someone else. Every relationship offers something to know about ourselves, the “I.”

As many of us do not spend the time or resources to become complete with the 50% that life has given us to play with, rather than finding a complement with others to make that tasty “milk and coffee,” we look for another person to complete ourselves.

That is the issue. We want for someone else to do the job that we couldn’t finish.

To “merge in love” is not just a pretty word. It is to empty yourself to be one with that Totality, for in that oneness there is completeness. Then life, may show us the other 50% to complement that completeness.. to make something greater than the “self.”

Love then is the universal path to self discovery and its own reward.