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Self-Realization beyond duality- Ashtavakra Gita

I would like to thank one of the readers of this blog, “Seeker;” for sharing this fine scripture from Hindu philosophy which explains interconnectedness with the whole. In other words; the sense that all things are interconnected and not separate, while at the same time all things retain their individuality.

This is something that people lost in logic will not be able to understand.

Attached is the “Ashtavakra Gita.” https://explore7.files.wordpress.com/2013/05/ashtavakra-gita-ebook.pdf

This is not for everyone to understand, but only for those who are ready according to the Drama…in a “numberwise” way.

Now, for those who may think that “this is not BK gyan,” let me break the news that “BK Gyan” is Spiritual knowledge. The “Ashtavakra Gita” is Spiritual knowledge as well.

However, in our spiritual life; some are capable to add and subtract only. Others, can multiply and divide.
Yet others, can do Algebra and Trigonometry and few, can go into derivatives… Similarly will be our understanding.

To each its own.

Best wishes!


Comment: Dear Divine Brother, Accept greetings of peace & love. Thanks to Bapdada & U, for starting an interesting initiative as “bkgyan.com”. Kindly upload Jan 2013 & Feb 2013 ( after completion of the month) Q&A PDFs. Thank you. Om Shanti. IBY Bk Prithvi

Dear soul,

Thank you for your kind reminder. I will work today on January Q/A. (it is my intention to have time for this.)
As you can see the number of questions have increased, thus; a little more time will be required.

As far as the questions, I will select only 3 per day. I will publish several questions received as well with a short answer for some questions which are more out of curiosity. I would like to encourage souls to ask questions but also to be mindful if the questions asked will be of benefit for all.

Best wishes!

Question: Om shanti Because the drama is not good but very good after 2 days I see very good results and it is only 2 days can I post also some of the questions? thank you for the previous post.