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Every spiritual transformation comes alive once a person has experienced silence of the mind.

Any ideology could have great theory and logic behind their beliefs; nevertheless, in the “field” of inner transformation that emptiness or silence is the foundation for inner change.

Note that the words silence and emptiness are being used to describe the same thing. There is silence in emptiness. There is emptiness in silence.

Randy wanted to experience the “depth” of silence and went away for sometime into the woods in search of that precious silence.
Even though he was miles away from the multitude, his mind kept the noise, the thinking, the remembering situations, which was expressed in his changing mood throughout the day.
Noise was with him even though he was away from the noise!

When Randy finally recognized this constant inner chatter and became conscious of it; that was the first step into inner knowledge and his reward was the experience of peace of mind.

As days went by, Randy was aware of himself. Loneliness came to him. It was unbearable to be by himself without company, without anyone close to him.

Randy could have quitted that experience or become crazy, but eventually; Randy felt at ease to be all by himself.
As the sound of his mind diminished for no other thing around him could overcome his feeling of being at ease with himself; Randy developed a natural disinterest for the external world.

That is the first time that Randy felt calmness.

Randy developed love for solitude. Mingling with others is part of a healthy integration with all and necessary, but he developed the ability to observe before emitting any word to the outside world.
He acted and then observed some more, it was almost as if he was taking his own time for everything he did. That observation was non judgmental. It was appreciation.

Randy’s head was empty. He was in silence.

To learn to observe in stillness is a habit that some may call “meditation.”
For some, that period of meditation could be 20 minutes or less before the “symphony” of thoughts arrive again to move the “puppet” around. The “puppet” could be sitting still but his mind is going to places where “no man has ever been before.” 🙂

For Randy, meditation was to live life in that emptiness; that silence, in that appreciation where gratitude arises.

That emptiness is where all creativity resides. That is the space where everything flows, as it has to be. To tap into that emptiness is to find the reward of finally finding ourselves, which paradoxically means, the realization that there is no self.

In silence, “you” are not, even if you are.
The above is not logical. It is called paradoxical.
True spirituality is not logical, but highly paradoxical.
It is not theoretical, but it requires proof.
“You” are the living proof of it. 🙂