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Reader’s remark: Dear brother, Let me thank you for your great service, at times I have found that you openly discuss important topics related to the progress of spiritual life that are uncomfortable for some gyani souls. What I have found in my life is that teaching and learning will not happen until you are free to talk and ask questions. Your role is unique. Father’s blessing will be always there for you. All the best! om shanti….

Dear Soul,
Thank you for those blessings. I truly feel those blessings coming my way and they are helping me a lot. 🙂
My blessings go to you as well, whoever you are…

I thank all the members of the divine family which are in one way or another participating here with your questions and comments. I would like to express my heart felt “thank you,” for those who are non-BK souls as well and who have supported with your “likes” some of the articles here.

The world is a diverse family. When we respect that diversity and acknowledge everyone’s uniqueness and unique role, then we can move forward as a group and make something beautiful out of this great opportunity to live, that is to experience and express.

Best wishes!