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Reader’s remarks on Spiritual stage and visualizations

Below are notes from a reader about a couple of articles shared here.

Dear divine brother/sister,

Shiv Baba,the Supreme Soul is also a Supreme Teacher.No mortal can be His equal. So learn from Him. Take guidance from Him. and No one else. ALL OF THIS IS REPEATEDLY COMING IN THE MURLAI CLASS- which are regularly and daily held in all 8500 Yog-centres of Brahma Kumaris in 135 countries.All these teaching from the Supreme require nothing more than your presence.In this way, u shall avoid all the confusing and contrasting knowledge from different sources.This era called Kali-Yug in Indian scripture is famous as the era of MASS-CONFUSION because of the multiple theories, multiple teachers with their whims, fancies and indiosyncracies borne out of their Body-consciousness.

Remebrance of God, the Conscient point light , just like we the souls, with a single point focus of thoughts, is the only way to attain Satvik or Soul consciousness.With regular practice of meditation for greater and greater duration[Shiv baba says for minimum 8 hours]soon one attains as well feels this stage. A journey of thousand miles begins with a single step. Take one step and u shall soon realize that the Supreme Soul is helping u million times more. In that way, the journey becomes ever enriching and ever progressing. The sadhak or the practitioner himself or herself feels it.In that way one requires guidance from none else than the Supreme Soul, The Supreme Teacher.Believe, Experiment then experience.

i am telling from 15 years of my experience.Every thing is very easy. Our mind and guidance from the mortals make it complicated.

Need for visualization-

Visualization or guided imagery is a powerful mind-empowerment technique in psychiatry.
Another powerful technique for enhancing Mind-power or self-determination is SELF-HYPNOSIS OR AUTOSUGGESTION.
Rajayoga has three steps-
1] Bring the consciousness to Focus on the soul- an imaginary conscient point of light in the centre of the forehead[ This the psychiatrists call as visualiztion]. One passively observes thoughts going at the speed of a super fast train.Again an autosuggestion- LET GO. LET GO. DO NOT CLING.DO NOT CLING.
AFTER SOME TIME, THE FOCUS SETS IN. This is felt by the reduction in the speed of thoughts.u now able to judge the quality of thoughts- 98% negative or waste-they deplete the life-force[Prana].2% positive. Once again an autosuggestion- my negative thoughts are getting burnt out, deleted from my minds computer.
At one point of time the negative thoughts do get deleted.At this stage, positive join with consciousness which then internalizes
2] Internalization- felt by u in the form of totally relaxed physical state[Biological Relaxation Response or BRR] and a totally relaxed as well as focused state of Mind[ The Zone].In this phase, any autosuggestion given to mind goes into the deepest part of subconscious mind and gets permanently rooted there.In this way the cancers have been cured[Psycho-oncology].Intractable addictions disappear permanently.
Actually, I the soul is the master of of mind.If i go on telling “I cant visualize”the mind thinks the master is ordering not to visualize. So u stop visualizing or feel that u r unable to visualize. Contrarily,
Give the autosuggestion- I command mind and so i can visualize or nothing is impossible for me.Within 7 days to 3 months of this practice daily,u shall find that impossible becomes I am possible.
3]Cosmic communion- This stage is pure visualization.U imagine your soul has come out from your body, traversing in the cosmos to meet your Supreme Father, u meet , stand in front of Him.Now, the powerful white rays of purity and red rays of power that are emanating from the Supreme Father, are entering me thE soul.ALL OF THIS IS VISUALIZATION.
So dear friend, give positive auto-suggestions and avoid negative self-hypnosis which, right now u r doing.
If one can imagine very easily to be in the bed with most beautiful girl[ if one is a normal male] or with a handsom male[ if one is a normal female], then why it should be very difficult to imagine that u r with God and drawing all kinds of power from Him.
What do u say dear soul?

AVYAKT7 responds:

Dear soul,

It is interesting the contradictions that we can inadvertently get into.
First, you mention to just follow the teachings of ShivBaba (Actually should be BapDada) which are given at “8500 centres worldwide,” and then you give your own class on visualization for meditation, which I have never heard coming from the same Murlis that you mentioned to follow in the first place. 🙂

For your information, what I share is based on my own experience as what you have shared in your meditation/visualization note. Nothing wrong with that as long as we realize that those are our experiences.

Personally, I do not need to visualize too much anything as I can feel. Why imagine if I can experience right away? 🙂 Feeling is the experience itself.
However, we are all different and as you know BapDada has given many types of advice regarding remembrance. He hasn’t given a formula nor a recipe for every soul needs to find that for themselves.

There is no need to “close doors” to anything. There is no need to discard anything for all is useful. Spiritual knowledge is universal and for that reason, the explanations are similar in many religions and philosophies although the language and terminology may differ. In this openness, acknowledgement of other thoughts and religions is important, for we are a worldwide family.

This is the setting now in 2013; when information is coming from many directions, and rather than rejecting things left and right, to follow the “only way” it is important to learn to take aspects from others which we consider helpful to our own growth and which will help us to understand better our own religion.

BapDada mentions: “See specialties in others.” That is the vision.

Truth is meant to flow uninhibited and like water it is not meant to stay in someone’s closed hand.

Best wishes!

The significance of teaching spirituality according to needs of the time

The world is surrounded by Western culture. Even in India, there is a big change because of that influence; Western culture is everywhere.

When Westerners take a look at one particular religion or philosophy because they found something interesting in them; usually they will explore their history, their whereabouts, reviews from others and their degree of acceptance into “mainstream” culture. This is the typical “check up” list.

Unfortunately none of those items are “valid” when dealing with a spiritual experience.

Pretty much, if someone wants to know how to swim (spiritually speaking,) it doesn’t matter how many “good coaches” that person finds through different reviews; (new age gurus, self help books, CDs and the like) but unless that person is willing to get into the water “of tests” and receive instructions on how to swim “there,” that person will only be a “theoretical swimmer.”

In spirituality, being an intellectual theorist is truly a waste of time, for to know about definitions and descriptions, which is a westerner “sanskara,” is of no help.

In spirituality, it doesn’t matter “who invented swimming,” or the history of swimming, or the “reviews” about swimming that “knowledgeable and respected authorities” have about swimming. What matters is a “personal experience,” which could be “good, bad, ugly or beautiful,” but again that cannot be used as a “review,” by someone else who is willing to learn how to swim.

There is the skill of swimming. There are different types of “styles” on how to swim (religions, philosophies, isms, you name it) and every type will fit a particular “wanna be” swimmer.

A coach becomes important as far as giving guidance to improve the student style as long as it is “personalized instruction,” but at the end; it is about the capacity of the swimmer, his physical strength and stamina which will make the difference if the goal is to be the at the “top,” to be the “fastest.”

Otherwise, as long as someone could float and move in slow motion in the water, that should suffice.
Most individuals are comfortable with “floating,” and enjoying the view… under the “spiritual” label. It is about burning incense, wearing white, the latest book, hatha yoga and a vegetarian diet if they are “really serious.” There is no much about consciousness and awareness or soul consciousness.

Brahma Kumaris is a spiritual path if you want to be a “fast swimmer.”

This path is not for those who just want to float in the ocean away from the waves. This path entails disciplined training, where your “life is your training, 24/7 for the rest of your life.” 🙂

This path will put you in the ocean with waves as soon as you know how to float.

If those who are in the Brahma Kumaris path have not experienced that, then; they are still learning how to float. Perhaps in the comfort of their own swimming pool rather than out there, by the ocean. 🙂

Therefore, the significance that Brahma Kumaris have for the world is in sharing this knowledge, aka “gyan.” The how to swim while in the water. Practical stuff.

This shouldn’t be strange, for originally that was the aim of Brahma Baba but in a different setting, in a Eastern devotional tradition.

To explain this knowledge in function on how the “Father,” the “lifeguard,” will be close to you so you will not drown, is a personal experience which is not really related with the depth of this knowledge; that is the knowledge of how to swim in the ocean, fast.

This knowledge is universal. This knowledge is not about changing the “lifeguard” Jesus for the “new ” lifeguard Brahma Baba. Every person has their own ingrained traditions and this knowledge acknowledges that. Change happens gradually. Not everyone should be a BK. That is not the “law.” Therefore, to acknowledge variety and support variety is very important.

The significance of Brahma Kumaris is in the knowledge that it represents. Note that I am not saying that “it possesses,” because Godly knowledge does not wear specific “t-shirts.” It is universal and manifests according to time through different individuals. At the end, “son shows the Father,” as a great swimmer, makes his coach to be well known.