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Question: What is “Time & Space” in sprituality and in physical world…please explain with some examples.Thanks :-)

Thank you for your great question!
Dear soul,
The answer of your questions lies in your state of consciousness, for according to that, is how you will experience and understand this answer.

Spirituality as the recognition and experience of our “true” nature and thus of God; is not related with “time” neither “space,” as we know it in the physical world.

In the physical world, space is the “place” where objects are located. That distance between objects is what give us the idea of time.
This is the most widely understood view of time and space. This is to be situated in the physical consciousness. For example, you see the Sun and then Venus. Those are objects. In between them, there is space and distance. If I am on Earth and I want to get to Venus, then I will speak about distance (miles) and Time (hours) to “get there.”

If you consciousness is “spiritual,” then time does not exist, for distance does not exist. Then we can see how time is a creation of thought. A creation of that thought which is stuck in the physical dimension and does not allow us to go beyond that. Here is where the “great thinkers” reside as well as the “scientific community” in general; they are stuck in the idea of “time” which is a thought.
For instance:
At the subtle level of consciousness, “space” is equivalent to “movement.” Brahma Baba in his subtle body can be at any place in the world and be “seen,” there is no “physical” barriers in that state. There is no “time, nor distance,” neither “space” for his “body of light” is not really and object…but there is movement.

The understanding of the soul and the soul world will give us a different consciousness. The one which does not have time, space nor movement. Many will get stuck in the concept of “space,” for that I would ask them to take a look at the world of sub atomic particles and figure out if those particles are really “there” or not (quantum physics.) That is the world of “being and non-being,” the world of “possibilities,” the world where “space” as understood in the physical consciousness may exist or may not, depending on how you label or understand those sub atomic “things” to be.

Moreover, in Spirituality, we can refer about those concepts of “space and time,” to make a point, kind of being at the same level of “the majority” who are at the physical level of consciousness.

That is how we can say that “the space between thoughts, is known as silence,” or “Time is not your teacher, but BapDada is,” or “souls are at different positions in Parandham…” (Which carries the idea of space, distance and time) etc, etc…

Finally, comes the experience of being “time-less” that is thought -free. That means living in the present, the now. Neither fantasizing about the future nor bringing past memories in the now, that is the Spiritual state of an awaken soul…. but until then, there is time… plenty of time and space…to get there..:-)

Best wishes!

Being and Non-being: The never ending circular path


The paradoxical aspects of reality are finally starting to be grasped by “quantum physics.” There is a possibility, a chance a “hidden card,” which cannot be known by traditional physics and science.

Realizing not knowing is progress leading into knowing.

When we translate that “finding,” in our reality as human beings; we realize that we are not only “humans,” but “beings.” We realize that to be only in the consciousness of a “human,” is not allowing us to see the other half. At the same time, discovering “being” means to realize that we live in the world of humans. That is the balance.

Gyan is very paradoxical; that is why it is very difficult to be understood by “normal” people who have been indoctrinated in analysis, logic and reason alone. The truth is more than that, and I cannot define it or cage it in words.

In Gyan we have the paradox of “free will and predestination.” We have the paradox of “our future is your past and your past is your future.” We have the paradox of the “unique moment,” which will always come back. We have the paradox of being multidimensional beings according to our consciousness: physical, subtle or the soul.

In spirituality and the knowledge of the self; all of that will take us into the paradox of “knowing or perceiving,” the paradox of ego and egoless-ness, the paradox of being trapped in physical consciousness with emotions and dual thoughts; then to move into a subtle consciousness through feelings, to realize the being, the naked self… however, that is not it… then comes “non-being.”

In Gyan those words are represented through the experience of the physical reality which transforms into a more subtle reality to then be aware of the soul which eventually will “return home,” that is to a world of “non- being-ness.” Once there is that “experience” (There is no “experiencer” at that point) then the cycle will repeat, through the experience of the physical realm again. It is a cycle.

The above knowledge is not a “trademark” of Gyan alone. It is “universal knowledge” of the self. The issue is that it has been “interpreted” in different ways by different people who have not had the experience themselves and then used words “literally” not realizing that spirituality cannot be conveyed literally in words. That experience escapes words.

Christianity is a good example of the above. The teachings that we know about Christianity at this point in time being taught, are not really from Christ. Those teachings have been interpreted by the main “disciple,” that is Paul. That is what we usually know.

St. Paul was a roman citizen. He had more education than any other disciple. He was part of the “in” group of the time. He was part of the “higher-ups” at that time.
To make the point, the verse in Matthew 5:39 (TRANSLATED BY THE NEW INTERNATIONAL VERSION) mentions: “But I tell you, do not resist an evil person. If anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn to them the other cheek also.”

The above is a profound teaching. Here are some interpretations:
and some quotes from Nietzsche, (whose writings I used to enjoy in my teenager days.)

As we can see, everyone has its own interpretation; everyone who does not have an experience on ego, duality, karma and the roles of the soul. An interpretation without Spirituality.

The path of non-resistance has been practiced by many. Gandhi had his own version. At the spiritual level it could mean to “accept” and to strip down that ego who believes in “possessing things.” – “My cheek.” Then, here is everything else for you… 🙂 Buddha also taught something similar when someone spitted on his face. He thanked that person for the opportunity he had to find if there was any anger in him. He told that person that he didn’t have anger. Then when that person came back the next day to ask for forgiveness; Buddha told him that there was nothing to forgive, for that was “yesterday,” and he wasn’t angry. However, if that sense of guilt was so great in him, he could ask for forgiveness to his disciple Ananda, who in fact; became angry by the action of this person.

Different “interpretations” according to our state of consciousness. Many let themselves be taken literally by what the words mean, when the spiritual meaning could be behind those words and could be understood by those who have experienced the experience. Those teachings cannot be understood by the “normal” people who only have analysis, logic and reason in their heads; for spirituality is paradoxical; in the realm of “being and non-being.”