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The unreachable star


You are the far unreachable star
melting my heart with one desire
to be there, to reach to you
be part of the selected few

My day is lit with your presence
my night is just your omnipresence
that is the time where my dreams
meet your name as it seems

In the darkest moments of my life
i could see you and be fine
to be there will take time
for now, to see you is sublime

Sparkling lights are your eyes
their depth is truly a work of art
your beauty matches your heart
you are the star… among the stars!

Earth & I

Oh Earth, How you’ve been Misused!

Taken for Granted, Undervalued, Abused

Both Pleasure and Pain I’ve Given and Taken 

Your Symbiotic, Humble Nature completely Mis-taken

Positive Reverberation you Could Not Provide

When to Gratitude, Balance & Harmony I Died

It was I who took away all your Beauty

Oh Mother you have Given So Freely!

The Color of Love is the Signiture of You

So much Green you have given for us to Bloom

Did we turn Green into Greed and undervalue Truth?

I Vow from now to Care and have Respect for You too!



Silence: Our Hero

To much of this life has been lived unconscious
Have I been present to witness it’s fullness?

Constant chatter, distractions galore
Mindless matters, & looking for more

Skipping from one automatic half-hearted action to the next
Missing the timeless exchanges, connections and contexts

Only when Silent does the debris start to clear….
Only when I Listen can the wisdom appear

How much of the worlds problems would be solved
If we suddenly became mute and had to evolve?!?

Love Poem by: Kristina


We always want to Find, Love of the Perfect kind

Someone, Something to Fill Up the Space Inside

We hope and search and pray it will arrive SomeDay

The Perfect Love that will Dissolve our problems away

We look to God, each other, our friends, our brothers

At the end of the day, we understand….

The only love we ever know is the Love we hold in Our Hands

So I’m writing a love poem for myself today

In this way, I can Care, I can Share it with you

Take a moment, take a minute, Feel the expanse of your existence

It can’t be put in a bottle or saved for tomorrow, so Use It for Yourself

Deep inside, Let the Love Arise and Spill out on ALL sides

Needless to say, Love is Needless

Generous hearts Give Love Away

They are full from the giving, the giving, the giving

Love is Only from the Inside; Fill up, Let it shine

It was always there…. waiting for us to Feel it

It is always there… waiting for us to Share it

So, I’m making a promise to myself today

to nurture This Heart and Play this part- par excellence.