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Truth Be Told

Formally Done with Formality, No longer any Commonality

That is part of Duality, Not the Pure Reality

Systems & Customs needed to Re-align

A Stringency No Longer needed in Time

When the Cleansing of past Karmas is through

the day begins anew

Roles & Positions fade Away

when we understand the Wonder of this Play

Going beyond the need to fit or belong

we sing our Own melodious Song

It’s time to grow beyond the illusion

Of half barbaric, half devotion confusion

First waking from deep sleep, then from herded sheep

Keeping distance, to keep a position- that is Old

As this Unlimited Story Unfolds, Let Truth be Told

Serving the Yagya

Lighting a Flame to All that is old
Honest & Warm, never cold
Allowing Everything to Be
Except false Reality

Uncovering lies and Old defenses
Finding masks and Hidden pretences
Proactive to leave duality
Journey to Breathable clarity

Serving the Yagya, seen Anew
Is not something that I “Do”

I am Delighted when I see
That which is un-pristine in me
Then I know where to Burn the Embers
Of releasing to remember

What is Serving the Yagya to You?

Happy Anniversary BKGYAN!

Happy Anniversary BKgyan!
About your Generosity I could go on and on
Bringing New ideas and Opening up Doors
Encouraging everyone to Churn and Explore

In Variety we acheive So Much More,
After All that’s what this Blog is for!
To write and express, to simply be our Best
Your example encourages us to not Settle for Less

Your love for Truth and Purity, Helps create Heaven
Your Openness and Honesty, Are so Freely Given
Thank you for the wisdom you often share….that
what we do from the Heart is beautiful beyond compare!

Beautiful Reality Awaits an Audience

No Push, No Pull
No Rise, No Fall
Exacting in the Middle
Balance and Being
Like Body and Breathing
Slow Down, Feel the Feeling
Presence is Protection
No Force in Detection
Can’t rush Eternal Perfection
Shhh, can you hear it?
The beat beat of your Heart
Unfolding of your Part
And Feel that Sweet Soft Smile?
God, Time, and Nature Beckons…and
Beautiful Reality Awaits an Audience

Love-It’s what You were Born to Do

Not something you Get or Give
It’s Who You Are and How to Live
It’s Seeing Beyond the Layers to the Light
Understanding Everyone’s Feelings are Right
Sharing from the Innocence of a Pure Heart
Allowing others to Play their Part
Realizing you are Full and Overflowing
Trusting your Inner Voice and Knowing
Being Happy and Sharing Happiness Too
Giving Full Attention to All you Do
Believing in Someone’s Capacity to Change
Operating from the Present, Letting Trust Reign
In a Glance you can know it All,
Whether it’s Love or Ego’s Draw
If it’s Care, Compassion and Faith
Or If it’s Fear, Suppression and Rape
Wanting to Take this or that from the Other
Now it’s time to Awaken the Mother!
The Mother inside who can Nurture and Heal
In this, Mother Earth Teaches a Great Deal
The Time is Upon us to Realize our Fate
That we were Born to Give, Not to Take
Receiving is the Natural Residual
When each one is a Loving Individual!
Love, It’s what you were Born to Do…

world with heart

Eternity-Here and Now

The Wonder of You

Take a Few Moments or minutes, as many as you can compile

If you’ve never done it, try this exercise for a while

Pull up a chair in front of a Mirror and look Deeper than Usual

Deep behind those Eyes, Do you See the Trails of Many Lives?

Unlimited Stories and Stores of Wisdom Galore?

A Plethora of Experiences of Happiness and Sorrow?

We walk around in Disguise, but deep behind those eyes

Lies the incredible, powerful, experienced and wise

If you look long enough, you can almost get lost in the wonder…..

 of You, which is So much more than what meets the Eye!