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“To forget your body and to stay in remembrance of the Father are the same thing.”

The above line comes from the Sakar Murli of last Saturday, March 16, 2013. (line 11, page 2) It also adds: “You have to consider yourself to be a bodiless soul.”

I took a break from my “vacation,” just to post this; for I was wondering how many Bks were able to pick up that line? 🙂

It is indeed a very IMPORTANT line.


Because remembrance is an experience. It is the experience of being body-less. That experience is not related with “seeing the body from the outside,” but it is related with the experience of recognition that we are not the body. That experience comes through being absorbed in concentration so thoughts are not there but the experience of bliss which “shows” the soul.

In this experience, we can recognize what “remembrance of the Father is.”

I thought it was very important to share this, due this paragraph coming to my awareness: ” However, God Shiva point of light remembrance was not part of PBKIVV practise or culture until at least the 1960’s, as we know from recently discovered documents, and personal reminiscences.
Which leads to the question: ‘How did the early adherents of Brahma Baba, (the Dadi’s included), in the Karachi days and early Madhuban days, gain spiritual power, and absolvement of sins, given God Shiva point of light meditation was not practised?’
I am sure one of you bright young sparks will have the answer.”

The answer is clear. For some the picture of the point of light will be needed. For some, the idea of the “Father” will be needed to trigger feelings of love; but the experience of being body-less is the important experience to know “remembrance.” We are numberwise. Some may need “training wheels,” before riding the bicycle.

The above is congruent with many other excerpts from avyakt Murlis which were shared here, about remembrance of the “Father.”


Of course, without EXPERIENCE, all we have is just history and analysis to understand. “True” understanding comes when there is no need for intellectual understanding.

Question: Dear brother, In my experience – arriving to the point where I can feel my self/soul detached from the body is what reduces suffering physically or mentally (mental upheaval) and what gives me the power and bliss. My question is staying at that detachment conscious for long time is not that easy – at least for me- is this something that comes by practice if you want to keep that detachment for long?

Question: Dear brother, I want to know about remembrance, u say that visualization is not needed. Thats very good for me coz my visualization is really weak. Whenever I try to visualize I feel burdened than leave it. How should I start?

Thank you for your question!

Dear soul,

Remembrance is meant so we can experience the soul for the aim of “all of this,” is to be soul conscious again. One way to feel the soul is through love for God. You do not need to visualize this. Just feel and send that love. The point of this, is to get us to feel again without any residual of attachment or any other vice which we cannot have with God.

Also, if you practice the “a-temporal” stage which is described in this blog. Just do a search on this blog with that term.

Here is another article.

You do not need to visualize, although you can think about feeling the soul or its energy traveling from the middle of the forehead to the heart. That thought, when you feel relaxed (breathing easily in and out with rhythm) will eventually manifest. Do not be concerned about this not happening right away. It is a practice that will manifest at is due time. It depends on the clarity of your consciousness, which is always a work in progress.

Best wishes!

Question: Dear brother, Please clarify this point as it is not clear to me , When we become concentrated, “awareness of the point”, feeling the self; how is it possible to remember god as remembrance would mean thoughts, unless I am doing it wrong?

Great question, thank you!

There are many types of remembrance. The ones in the Sakar Murli are based usually on thinking as you mentioned. Remember the beloved and the inheritance. Remember the cycle; remember home; etc.
Avyakt Murlis on the other hand, introduces remembrance as an experience of the self; that is soul consciousness.
The Murli from April 17, 1969 is an example of that.
Last month in the avyakt Murlis, BapDada explained through a group of “seniors,” that to love the supreme in such as way as what the world considers to be “merged” in love with the one being loved, means to become in the same form as the Father. In other words, “To be merged in the Father means to become the same form as the Father.” (October 28, 2012)

Just last Sunday (November 25th, 2012) BapDada mentioned that in order to have all relationships with the Father, we need to become “detached observers,” first. You cannot become “truly” a detached observer unless you are soul conscious. That is the meaning of having all relationships with the Father.

Moreover, I have written several articles already when I am demonstrating that in soul consciousness there is no separation; between “you and me.” That is body consciousness.

In my experience, experiencing the self, the soul and its qualities of pure bliss is in a way remembering the Father. The same qualities are there. A loving thought about the Father could bring this feeling, but ultimately thoughts are not the “objective,” but a tool to get us to feel what soul consciousness is all about.

We need to remember that Baba has mentioned that in order to remember the Father accurately, we need to remember the self first (be in soul consciousness first…) 🙂 Those who can listen….

and here another article about the topic: http://bkgyan.com/2012/10/29/experience-and-question-on-awareness-by-reader/

Therefore, to answer to your question, the thought merely starts the awareness. It is our job to maintain that through feelings and awareness… (in my experience so far.)

Best wishes!

Question: Hello, inspite of knowing that we have to practise a lot and give more time for Yoga, most of us travel thru BK life without practise and experience .It seems it is not possible to be that point (Soul conscious) .Remembering Dadiji (just know her little for some years)on her smriti day was more easy and flow of light ,energy was happening why this is lacking when we sit to remember Shivbaba. Please give your understanding.

Thank you for your honest question! 🙂

Remembrance is one of those points which have many different perspectives.
Let me share my own experience in my BK life; not as an example to follow, but just to have a different perspective.

I started in BK life remembering the point. Looked at ShivBaba’s picture and one good day, “tears of love” came up and I had my first “good experience.” Then, that wasn’t working anymore but I realized that it was my lack of “feelings,” that were hindering me and I recall practicing with ShivBaba’s picture on how to emerge feelings from the heart, until it came out with lots of other emotional baggage in it.

Then as I needed something “new,” the image of BapDada replaced that. This time I could feel that energy coming from Baba’s eyes. It was beautiful.It made me feel as if I was his “wife.” Then I became “ShivBaba’s wife,” but again, that wore off after sometime and I started looking for newness. The idea of remembering a point of light by visualizing it all the time, was a bit futile because there was no experience for me of anything, and at the same time my mind needed to be free for other tasks. I have tried different things and like you explained, looking at Baba’s picture seemed the one option which brought more loving and fulfilling experiences. However, I noticed that my heart needed to be open, the feelings flowing freely for the experience to happen. If my thoughts were bothering me with further thoughts, the experience of feelings weren’t there.

Sitting in meditation without feelings is just like passing time (listening to nice meditation music) UNLESS, you concentrate by pointing your thoughts on something. What I found out is what I shared here:
which is still from Baba’s Murli (Note: is not my own “manmat.”) but from an AVYAKT murli.

I discovered that I am the one producing those feelings and that I need to have the heart open for the experience to happen. Those pictures are like “helpers” for the feelings to flow. By using concentration on the “dot” according to the article explanation, I am able to create a shelter in my mind, a protection if you would, which is powerful to create my own atmosphere and to keep focused on something.

That remembrance brings the experience of “I” the soul first, which is “who I am,” then a loving connection could be opened with God or even with Nature (this morning I had a beautiful experience with Nature, “pure love from the heart and eyes”) or others.
This is my take on remembrance. It is an ongoing discovery.

Now to answer to your question:
Similarly you feel more connected with your feelings with a human being (Dadi ji) than with a point of light.
Specially if you have watched that human interacting with others. Love was created, therefore, you remember that memory with love. With the point is not the same unless you spontaneously have developed that love based on your understanding of gyan rather than the physical/avyakt experience of knowing someone.

Many have had the experience of “supreme love” with the point of light, but if they are able to have that on a daily basis, they would be karmateet in no time. Those experiences are unique and are meant to “hook you” in the discovery of the self or your spiritual path. That is how Baba “gets BKs” without having to convince anyone.. 🙂

If you have an experience the way you are remembering, that is great. Keep at it until is not working for you. Then change to something else, BapDada’s picture perhaps. At the end, Love has to flow easily in you, without pictures.

One more time, what I have discovered is that the aim is to”clean” our loving energy, so the feelings are purified and become easy to express. That love which is coming from you, has healing energy and when you focus your energy in the inner self (soul) you will experience changes in the self.

The soul is latent and waiting to wake up. Remembrance and experience of those qualities will do it.
The aim of yoga in my experience so far, is to “wake us up” into who we are.

Best wishes!