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Positive I-ness

“Life works for you” is an example of positive I-ness; and so other common “spiritual phrases” such as: “I am the master of my destiny.”  “ I am with God and God is with me always,” “Everything that is happening is only for the highest good of me,” “The universe provides for all my needs,” “My mind and body are in complete alignment with the Universe and I am always in the flow,” “I let go of fear. I let go of pain. I live in love.”

Did you notice how many “I” and “Me” are in those phrases? Those “positive affirmations” support the existence of the “I” as if the Universe was there “just for ME.” That sort of egotistical belief in being the navel of the world, it is like opium for the mind.

A honest person knows that those phrases do not necessarily reflect who he IS.
BEING does not change by repetition of words. BEING does not change by “practice” of mantras or holy words or positive affirmations. Change of BEING does not depend on any action or DOING of the “I.”

“Positive I-ness” is the game of the mind. To manifest something in our lives does not depend solely on repeating words, believing in ideas or worship. There is causality in every step and that causality is moved by the way we ARE and FEEL rather than by what we DO or repeat. 

The use of “catchy phrases” only entertains our minds with the belief that by understanding something intellectually, we automatically become that.

If “I want to be peaceful,” I believe that if I imitate someone or behave according to my idea of what a peaceful person is, with practice; I will be peaceful.
That is childish, but it sells a lot of “best sellers.”

PEACE is not something to accomplish. It is not an objective to pursue by the “I.” Paradoxically, it comes when the “I” diminishes.

To “work on” getting rid of the “I” is silly. The “I” cannot get rid of himself.
For the tricky mind, that is possible and “methods” will be invented along with “positive affirmations” to feed the hungry mind with beliefs of BEING something that it is not.

“To repeat 1000 times per day that I am fearless, have helped me tremendously to deal with my boss at work. This stuff really works!”

Nevertheless, the fact is that you ARE still afraid. FEAR is in you. Repetition can divert your mind by numbing it, but fear is not an idea, a word to repeat. Fear is an experience, it IS you… your mind is unable to touch who you ARE.

However, “Positive I-ness” is a step forward into knowing the mind, for those who are aware of it. For those who are not, it becomes another religion, another “solution” to make the white rabbit of fear disappear, by covering it with the magic hat of beliefs,  and by uttering  “positive” words… Then,  presto! The rabbit is not there anymore…

Nevertheless, we know that it is only a magic trick, it is not “real” for to be “real” means to be AWARE that rabbits do not disappear when covered with a black hat…followed by dramatic spells of “positive affirmations.”