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Question: Reproduction, monks and intercourse

Om Shanti As stated in the “Gyan”…reproduction possible with a thought how? Somebody ask me that question. I am also want to know that because as Baba told that ‘who took knowledge in the pervious cycle, same will take this time also’….and when I am look back at my past life I thought perhaps I am the person who took Gyan in previous cycle. πŸ™‚ For this, you also told about yourself. One thing more that I dont want to marry but my parent want. How do I explain to them about celibacy they dont even know the Gyan. If I told them that ‘to follow the Gyan one has to remain celibate’ they’ll said that: Aah! Our job is not to be holy monks. We are human beings not monks πŸ™‚ or sanyasi (As you wrote: Yes, I am a soul; but also I am a human being). One more line you wrote: Similarly in sexuality, many look at it from the perspective of reproduction. There is life. However, that is tinted with the selection of β€œpleasure over pain.” When I talked about the Gyan with my boss’s wife, she said that how is it possible that reproduction possible with a thought? Both follow spirituality but they dont believe in this that without intercourse reproduction possible…you understood the line. πŸ™‚ He believes it is the union of two souls (intercourse). And those who are spiritually high (gurus, monks or sanyasis) are different from ours. They play their role…we play ours which is right but they believe we didn’t became like them (gurus, monks or sanyasis). Same as I wrote above We are human beings & also souls πŸ™‚ not monks πŸ™‚ or sanyasi. One more question I want to ask that sexuality or intercourse whatever…is it right or is it wrong? Because in Satyug we are pure and gradually we are declined (we reproduce without sex and then we reproduce with intercourse). In Copper age reproduction begin with intercourse or not (I know I am asking you a stupid question or perhaps I am unable to ask the question in a proper way) If we are souls why we feel sexual urge? I hope you understand my question or questions πŸ™‚ If you find some grammar mistakes, for this I apologize you. I myself wrote it in English. Therefore, it is possible to mistake. If you understood the question & want to write some lines in a proper way you can do this, I don’t mind. Thank You πŸ™‚

Dear soul,

Thank you for your question.
I see that language is getting on the way πŸ™‚ I am getting “interpreted” but not understood.
I mentioned about being a “second timer” BK in this cycle. Not that I took knowledge last cycle as well, for it is evident.

I didn’t know that reproduction was possible with a thought! Gyan usually mentions that reproduction takes place “through the power of yoga.” That is not a thought.

What it is interesting to know is what is that “power of yoga.” When there is communion (which is yoga) you become combined. That yoga is that. In the Golden age there was no knowledge of God, so yoga is that unity at the soul level which cannot be explained by people who are not in that consciousness. I have written many, many articles about that word: consciousness. As it is your consciousness, so it will be your understanding.

With our limited consciousness of taking things “literally” going by the definition of a word and without an experience, we are just trapped in words.

There is this “stigma” in spirituality that the word “sex” must not be used. It is a “bad” word. Sakar Murlis based on the time frame and Indian traditions are very vague about explaining further on that, because, “sex” is not something to talk about with “little children” and it could be misunderstood when there is no experience of that consciousness.

How does it happen in the Golden age? The power of yoga. That is union. Combination of male and female. There are no more “details” about it. However, we know about consciousness. A consciousness trapped in the form, is called “impure.” That sort of consciousness will think that “actions” are the same at any time, because that type of consciousness does not understand that a quality of action starts with our quality of consciousness.

In which type of consciousness do you think your parents are? Or your boss? Ask the Dalai Lama and hear what he says… πŸ™‚

Dear soul,

You have to have the guts to try celibacy. Experience it, go over sex-lust and then you will understand. Others who have not gone over that “hump” simply will not. WHY? Because it is not their experience. Because they haven’t taken the journey. They are just “theory.” Accha? ? πŸ™‚

Therefore, if you ask them for their opinions, guess what you will get? πŸ™‚

Finally, you asked “if sexuality or intercourse or whatever is right or wrong?” πŸ™‚
It is not “whatever,” it is called sexual intercourse in English.
As mentioned clearly before in another article which you have not quoted. Sex is sex. Neither good nor bad. Your consciousness makes that act, “clean or dirty.” A vicious person will make an act vicious… See?

To be awake is to realize what kind of consciousness we have. That is spirituality.

Best wishes!

Question: Reproduction with out Sex – is that possible? Baba says it happens with Power of Yoga – How does Brahma Baba come down as Krishna (Vishnu) in Golden Age with out the act of reproduction?

Thank you for your question!
Short answer: According to science, it is possible. (How do you like my citation of science for a change…)

First, religions have described “immaculate births,” take a look at this link written by ‘sincerely yours’ sometime ago.
Then, we have a “nice” experiment by science with “Dolly,” the “most famous sheep in history.”
and to close the paragraphs of “evidence,” here an article about “sexless reproduction in human beings” according to an Indian geneticist.

Now, we have the versions of religion, which have been around for centuries and the versions of science from the last couple of years… πŸ™‚ Who do you believe?

Baba says that it happens through “the power of yoga.” We need to be aware that this may be literal or may not. (For Baba’s audience had a child like mentality back then and also the traditional Indian modesty, when it comes to “sexuality” which makes talks about sexuality sort of a taboo.)

For a Brahmin soul, that shouldn’t be a worry now… for things will happen automatically without us figuring that stuff out now, specially since practicing celibacy at this time.

best wishes!