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Questions for June 12, 2013

brother, there are many freshers bk who works in night shift. what can be the approach for amritvela for them?

Dear soul,
Thanks for your question.
Amrit Vela is a matter of consciousness. Where is your consciousness at 4 AM? That is all.

You could be sitting, standing, doing things, etc. Where is your consciousness?

Best wishes!

How do I experience Baba as the child?

Dear soul,
By letting the inner child be free.
You can only experience a relationship as long as you believe to be that which you want to experience.

In my case, “I” am a friend, not a child anymore.

But if you want to have all relationships with the Father; then become a “detached observer.” That is as paradoxical as Gyan could get.

Here some Murli points taken from the avyakt Murlis:

Avyakt Murli dated October 28, 2012. “To be merged in the Father means to become the same form as the Father.” that is to “become combined and become One.”

“By being a detached observer, you will easily become companion of the Father and equal to the Father.” – Avyakt Murli June 10, 2012

“Unless you constantly have the consciousness of a detached observer, you cannot make BapDada your companion. The experience of the stage of a detached observer enables you to experience the companionship of the Father.” – Avyakt Murli, November 25, 2012.

Let me ask you this; why “make effort” to have one relationship when you can have all of them? 🙂

Let me recommend to read this:

Best wishes!

Om shanthi Brother… What is the difference between being Powerful and in silence? Are they same or different? Can you also define each of them. Thank you Brother.

Dear soul,

To be powerful is to be in a constant stage of inner silence. That means beyond thoughts and thinking.

Please do not be content with more definitions. If you define, you cut off the totality of the experience.

No more definitions. Experience the inner self and then everything will come to be understood without definitions.

Best wishes!

Question: What are different methods to make your atttitudes (positive) ..powerful…why iam mentioning powerful because if any act without power even though it is positive is useless….can you narrate your experience of becoming embodiment of powerful attitude

Thank you for your question. 🙂
You are probably referring to today’s slogan:(9-19-12) “Make your attitude so powerful that many other souls become worthy (yogya) and yogi through your attitude.”

Let us define the term “attitude:” -A settled way of thinking or feeling, typically reflected in a person’s behavior.-
The attitude of a Brahmin soul is an attitude of mercy and cooperation for all and at the same time of being a “server.” Please take a look at the Avyakt Murli dated August 5th. Also, this avyakt Murli (8/19/12) has a good content in those aspects.

in the Murli from 8-5-12, we will understand what Baba means by “attitude.” Therefore, what is the “method” to apply this in a powerful manner?
Just to remember that “I am a Brahmin soul” 🙂

In my experience that is the “protection” from other “company,” meaning the awareness of this role while dealing with different souls in my life (including BKs) To strengthen that “attitude” means to deeply understand the responsibility and the task according to time. That is, to have a powerful attitude. That attitude means a behavior and that behavior becomes an “impact” for other souls, thus “making them worthy,” as the slogan mentioned. 🙂

Best wishes!

Comments on avyakt Murli 5-20-12

Become a especially beloved child and make your stage yogyukt and yuktiyukt.

This Avyakt Murli has some deep points in it.
In a nutshell Baba is letting us know that to become powerful is a stage which separates the “wanna be” out there (those who do the “talk” very well, the show, the performance.) from those that are actually doing the “walk.”
To give gyan , knowledge just like any speaker, does not make any difference. As we know, most will not get this knowledge unless they have an experience. This is the task of those powerful souls, to show the Father and not to show themselves first. The interesting thing is that this power to sustain souls is not the power that a “maharati” soul has but he is the instrument, the “water hose” where this power to sustain flows like water. This is the typical “Baba is doing it through him/her.”
Baba mentioned that we need to have the stock of all powers with us.
What is to be powerful? What is to have all powers?
Have you ever asked that question? Most will only say what comes first in their mind. Others perhaps will talk, but out of some personal experience.
To be powerful is to flow with the Drama without being stuck in some “obstacle.”. To be powerful is to clearly see Ego and let it go. Through this emptiness from Ego is how being an “instrument” happens. It is how sustaining the self and others happen. Ego is the greatest barrier. That is what “making effort” means. No ego = soul consciousness.
Many think that the powers are 36 or 84 written in the walls in Madhuban. Nothing further from the truth. We cannot “name” a particular power and separate them from the rest. Powers are observed and labeled by others but not by the person exhibiting those powers. A tiger has strength, but a tiger does not think “I am strong.” If you think that you are strong, life will show you that you are not.
If I say, “I want to become tolerant.” The idea we have about being tolerant is what will be obtained through “effort” through some “yukti.” That idea is like a script, a mental script which will never fit reality.
Spirituality is far away from thinking, however, thinking is needed to communicate what we want to convey in limited words.
Baba also mentioned about “seeing someone’s flaws and considering that our own.” In gyan we know that whatever we perceive from the outside is the mirror of the inside. I can see vices in others because I have them. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to recognize them and label them. This explanation fits right with today’s blessing. “To put a full stop to the past with the power of transformation; to become pure, humble and clean.” That is egoless. Because Ego lives in the past. Thoughts, nature are part of the past. Baba is asking us to transform those thoughts and see purity to “be” purity. To see good to be good. This also fits with the slogan about awareness. It is all about being aware, awake. My stage makes my own reality.