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Doing everything with awareness


Awareness will allow us to perceive the on going climate inside and outside ourselves.
For example, if we are working out in a Gym, many times a trainer will say: “ Do legs squats. 5 sets of 10 reps for today.”

Have you ever asked the trainer what is the reason of his prescription?
Most probably he will not know. As far as we are concerned, we could do 4 sets of 8 reps and probably obtain the same result.
“More” is not necessarily “better.”

If we use our awareness, we could work out based not on a number of reps but on how we feel in that moment. It is called “listening to your body.” How about 80% effort?

This requires another notch of being in tune with our bodies, being aware of it rather than just following the “script” made up by someone else.

In my sharings, the word “aware” and “conscious” comes up every time.

We could listen to different stories: “God is this. God is here.” “I had an angel helping me.” “This person is holy, you must follow him,” etc.
All those stories may bring an idea of something out of the ordinary, but let us be aware that someone else’s experience or view does not have to be our own experience.

“All you have to do to be saved is to believe.”
That translates as lack of awareness from followers.

The world may show us a particular person with “extraordinary powers,” that is just another experience in Life. Let us be aware that “showing off” powers is not the measurement of a self-realized individual. If we meet a self-realized individual, his “attainment” cannot be shared with disciples. Any “magical cure” we may receive does not mean that our consciousness has changed.

Our awareness will remain in the same place.

The above have been the issue with many so called saints, gurus and “elevated individuals.” Destiny has endowed them with a particular gift. Those gifts when used in other people to heal them, to benefit them, etc. will be translated as automatic worship coming from the beneficiary. Many stories could be made up from the fact of being healed.

A religion is made in this way with followers who believe that “God himself is working through those individuals.”

It may be! 🙂
But the point is that none of that “showing off” will change our state of consciousness. No following can change our state of awareness. Paradoxically, to follow someone is not “bad” but just an experience that we may need to embrace in order to know something else.
We are surrounded by experiences in Life. We label those experiences in different ways and then we get stuck with a belief which arises out of that labeling.

An individual may be healed completely from suffering a terminal disease. That individual may obtain that disease again later on from lack of awareness, (by following the same life style) unless his awareness changes.

Being healed from a terminal disease will show the mastery and skill of the healer, but it does not show a self-realized individual.
We are eternal beings. When we are self-realized in that experience; to “die” has a different meaning.

When we read any books on spirituality or even this blog; unless we relate to what is expressed in those words, we may be wasting our time.
It is not a matter of “believing” because of someone’s display of authority or “magical” powers. It is about relating to what is conveyed, according to our current state of consciousness, our life experiences.

Going by “beliefs” sooner or later, inner dishonesty will appear. We cannot believe in something, which we have not experienced.
If there is experience, that cannot be a belief.
Moreover, we cannot believe that our personal experiences are the only “truth.”
Because everyone has their own particular experiences in Life. Their perception is according to their consciousness.

There is no particular consciousness which could be considered “superior” than anyone else. We are all travelers going through different paths.
Where are we going? Paradoxically, to the same place.
Which “place”?
Inner knowledge.

The paradox is that by “inner-knowledge,” we know everything else. After all, we are part of the Totality.

We cannot know the “other” first, or “God” first and then ourselves.
Because knowing is being. Knowing is not an intellectual description or definitions.
Being starts with BEING aware. Conscious.
That path to the simple “Being aware,” may not be that simple, after all. 🙂

Because Life is perceived in a different way by every individual, there is no “right or wrong” way. Although there will be consequences, which in turn are helping mechanisms to change our consciousness naturally. That is why, any belief system does not fit that tremendous variety of consciousness in Life. As we are experiencing according to our perception then, the most sensible thing an individual could “do” is to enjoy that experience. When Life turns into a game, there is enjoyment.

Question: “karma yoga: a state of divinity where actions are performed using spiritual power and divine virtues” quote from Didi Sudesh. Brother could you give your churnings on this? For example I am teaching; in what way do I use spiritual power in that? I think: by studying and churning and meditating I am influencing my way of thinking and so this penetrates in my actions, also in my teaching. But “performing actions using …” seems more active, more explicit to me. So how would that look like?

Thank you for your question!

Short answer: Soul conscious state.
Long answer: It doesn’t matter the activity being performed. It could be teaching, cooking or just walking around. What matters is the state of being. You are right, whatever you do so you can “be” the original self, will definitely influence to emerge that original being. Virtues come automatically in that without thinking about “powers or virtues.” Soul consciousness entails a higher self and higher awareness. Once it is experienced you know what Didi is talking about. Without experience then there is a need to describe the state. That description needs to be very “specific and elevated” so as to avoid misunderstanding. For example if I say that soul consciousness is a “natural state,” and in that state “doing becomes natural, without thinking,” some people will “invent” their soul consciousness and do mischievous activities and say that “they did what was natural to them, therefore; soul consciousness.” 🙂

That is why to use the words “using powers and virtues,” becomes a “disclaimer.” 🙂

Best wishes!

Comments on avyakt Murli 5-20-12

Become a especially beloved child and make your stage yogyukt and yuktiyukt.

This Avyakt Murli has some deep points in it.
In a nutshell Baba is letting us know that to become powerful is a stage which separates the “wanna be” out there (those who do the “talk” very well, the show, the performance.) from those that are actually doing the “walk.”
To give gyan , knowledge just like any speaker, does not make any difference. As we know, most will not get this knowledge unless they have an experience. This is the task of those powerful souls, to show the Father and not to show themselves first. The interesting thing is that this power to sustain souls is not the power that a “maharati” soul has but he is the instrument, the “water hose” where this power to sustain flows like water. This is the typical “Baba is doing it through him/her.”
Baba mentioned that we need to have the stock of all powers with us.
What is to be powerful? What is to have all powers?
Have you ever asked that question? Most will only say what comes first in their mind. Others perhaps will talk, but out of some personal experience.
To be powerful is to flow with the Drama without being stuck in some “obstacle.”. To be powerful is to clearly see Ego and let it go. Through this emptiness from Ego is how being an “instrument” happens. It is how sustaining the self and others happen. Ego is the greatest barrier. That is what “making effort” means. No ego = soul consciousness.
Many think that the powers are 36 or 84 written in the walls in Madhuban. Nothing further from the truth. We cannot “name” a particular power and separate them from the rest. Powers are observed and labeled by others but not by the person exhibiting those powers. A tiger has strength, but a tiger does not think “I am strong.” If you think that you are strong, life will show you that you are not.
If I say, “I want to become tolerant.” The idea we have about being tolerant is what will be obtained through “effort” through some “yukti.” That idea is like a script, a mental script which will never fit reality.
Spirituality is far away from thinking, however, thinking is needed to communicate what we want to convey in limited words.
Baba also mentioned about “seeing someone’s flaws and considering that our own.” In gyan we know that whatever we perceive from the outside is the mirror of the inside. I can see vices in others because I have them. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to recognize them and label them. This explanation fits right with today’s blessing. “To put a full stop to the past with the power of transformation; to become pure, humble and clean.” That is egoless. Because Ego lives in the past. Thoughts, nature are part of the past. Baba is asking us to transform those thoughts and see purity to “be” purity. To see good to be good. This also fits with the slogan about awareness. It is all about being aware, awake. My stage makes my own reality.