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Listening without our own filters


In the movie “Heaven is for real,” there is a moment in which the kid who had the experience of seen heaven was about to die in the hospital. The kid in his state of “unconsciousness,” “saw” his father; the local preacher, having a tantrum in the hospital chapel with God.
The preacher was “telling God” not to take his son away…. Don’t you dare!!!

Obviously God listened to him, because his son recuperated. 🙂

The preacher wants “his son” back. Can you imagine? “God” is going to take him away !!
The same God that he worships. The same God that he preaches about. The same God that he “thinks” that he knows. Shouldn’t the preacher be happy about that instead? I mean, “his kid” will be with God, right? 🙂

Here is when we clearly see that many can “talk the talk but not walk the talk.” Here is the point when a belief turns contradictory. Infantile. Childish.

If the preacher did not have any beliefs, then I could truly understand his desperation… but he has the comfort of his religious belief which is of no help.

Yes… we are humans after all. Humans living in the mind, in thoughts, in ideas of what is right and what is wrong. Humans incapable of seeing something different, just because we are trapped with our own beliefs.

What about if the preacher believed in reincarnation rather than going to heaven right after this life?
Same thing. Another tantrum with destiny, God, Maya, etc. Another complaint with the perceived “boss” of the “big” organization. 🙂
Those are the tantrums of the little kid who does not want to accept what is happening as part of life.

How many believers “fought with God” because a loved one was “taken away”?

Our tendency is to interpret anything that happens in life in terms of our beliefs. We cannot listen without using our beliefs as filtering tool.

“Tammy had a near death experience, she saw light and she felt at peace.”
A believer may say: “Actually Tammy didn’t know that it was her soul who saw God and that is why she felt at peace. She still does not recognize God.”

A scientific believer may say: “It was her brain producing chemical XYZ that allowed her to see that light and to feel at peace. It is a “normal” state under those circumstances.”

Human beings are always trying to come up with “explanations” and to destroy the mystery in life.
There is no one who can assure us that those explanations are “true.”
Thus, most rather than enjoy the experience as it is, will go from one belief into another; from the magical, child like Santa Claus world into the dry, logical, scientific world.

Life just flows. Every being will transform and evolve at a particular time. When we perceive that we are related with the Totality of life, there is no death but only transformation. When we create an “individual” personality out of this life, then we suffer because an individual is unique, although always transforming. We only see the uniqueness, but never the continuos transformation. We learn to hold on to that uniqueness and to avoid that transformation.

When we learn that there is no need to possess things or people to enjoy life, then we let people be people. As they are.
No expectations.

Life is the Ocean and we are swimmers in it. We could make up a competition to add purpose to our time in life. We could believe that this competition is “very important in life.”
Some may try to hold on to a particular “place” in the Ocean. It is “theirs.” 🙂 Then, they will suffer when a low tide arrives. The Ocean moves, it flows… but as we see the human mind usually does not.
It is about “my security,” “my comfort,” “my belief,” “my ideals, “ and we pretend to control the Ocean of life in that way.
Very childish. Infantile.