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Question: There are some people in one’s life who has the capacity to press your red buttons…A rarely found ones and have a close karmic with them. If you remain silent, they would play their repetitive button, insisting you to answer, and if you answer you know that it would lead to further disturbances. You have to face them anyway. How shall one handle such papers, because under such situations either one find the self in trouble or in guilty??

Thank you for your very good question! 🙂
I know exactly what you are saying.
As you mentioned, that is a signal of karmic accounts which need to be settled. It may not be with those particular souls, but as BapDada has mentioned in the avyakt Murlis , “those souls become instruments” so you can experience those karmic accounts. The goal is just one: Whatever they do, whatever they say, whatever they feel; none of that should affect you. That is all. Once you experience that without making any effort; you have passed the ‘test.’

In my experience there are 2 things which have been working for me:
1) The experience of the “a-temporal,” the “point” or the soul on a repetitive basis through meditation. That creates an stage by itself, without you making any effort on “doing things.” Actually, it is a way to settle karmic accounts.
2) Good feelings and pure wishes. If you do not have those, you will have waste thoughts which will not allow you to experience the “a-temporal” stage, yoga, the stage of the point, etc.

I could add the following as well: Check to see if you have any expectations out of those individuals. Check to see if you have any sort of dependency on them. if you do, those expectations and dependencies (psychologically by getting their approval) of any kind are the source of the karmic account, which is really emerging some of your weaknesses. That is all. Once those weaknesses are taken care of, you are good to go… 🙂

In this particular case, if you respond with a ‘good stage’ with good feelings and still your response is taken adversely, then see if that is affecting you. At that point is important to excuse yourself and leave. Your stage is the important item. How you feel during the test will create the impact on those souls.

Finally feeling “guilty’ is wasteful.
If it could be “repaired,” then there is no need to feel guilty but to have the desire to learn from the situation and improve with determination.
If it cannot be repaired, then there is no reason to feel guilty for something which cannot be otherwise. Many times this just takes acceptance of things as they are, rather than having hope and wishing for something which is not reality. Move on with life.

Best wishes!