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“Real” solutions for “real” problems

That was a time of uncertainty, fear and turbulence among people in the world. No one expected such a time, for most were busy and entertained, producing wealth and pleasure for themselves. No one expected the unexpected. The news were flowing with unusual distress and the ‘experts’ talking heads, were spreading their own stress and emotionality non stop, through the omnipresent tube.

The disciple asked: “ Master, many people believe that spirituality does not give any real solution to the problems that the world is facing. For example, what kind of advise could spirituality give to a person who is watching over his older parents and relatives going through emotional and physical issues, while at the same time living a time of high Covid-19 infection; where cash flow is uncertain and there is fear of catching the virus or giving it to someone?”

The master smiled and gave a comforting pat on his disciple shoulder pad before continuing.

The master said: “ Spirituality is not a source of advise. It is a source of strength and inspiration. Strength for what? you may ask. Strength to go through the test or problem that Life may offer. Spirituality will give you an overview on Life’s laws. That should give a person a starting point in their understanding. Experiences will arrive to test that understanding and to make that theory into something practical. Without those tests there is no possibility to move on in consciousness. Those are the tests of the school of Life itself.

Observe your intention. Through that intention establish a good conversation with your relatives. Merely put your ideas, worries and hopes on the table. Do not look for solutions and rationalizations, but for understanding at the emotional level. After that meeting, the sense of unity should be there rather than finding a solution.

Most humans think in terms of ‘solutions,’ that is an ideal formula that will make sure the outcome of circumstances will be according to their wishes. There is a solution to fix a computer, but among humans and Life, solutions are very rare. Have you noticed that? Someone will be discontent or dissatisfied despite a rational ‘solution.’ Life is not a problem to be solved. It is an experience to be experienced.

Once your good intention is known, that is the lighting candle that will light up the others. Life, death, health, disease, abundance or shortage…. Those dualities are part of experiencing Life. Sooner or later we will experience those experiences. Therefore; be aware of your intention behind your actions, behind your words for there resides our liberation from making a Life experience into a bitter traumatic experience. Finally, be open to accept Life as it comes to you. Some call that surrendering to Life, others trusting it.

Fear comes when we have our minds set in a future which Life may not bring to us. Then, we want to fight, we want to oppose, we want for others to be on our side and help us to get our way. At the end, Life will continue on and so, are we. Do you understand? We will continue on.”

The disciple understood as the master explained in a calm, non emotional voice. However, he wanted to summarized what was already digested in his BEING after hearing those words, with a couple of catchy words perhaps to remember the teaching or remind others. The disciple then said: “ Master, you are basically saying to DO my best then?”

The master laughed and responded: “As you said; but even better, BE your best. Meet the movie of Life as a hero actor.”

To be a witness is all there is

Witness of Life. When we have the time to sit down and observe how Life moves, we may discover that it is completely unpredictable. It is in that realization, how we could come to terms with those past experiences which we made a trauma of, still lingering our subconscious. We cannot “prepare” for something unpredictable, but we can learn to accept what comes our way.

Like many, I have experienced very low times in my life. But those times went away, like everything else does in an unpredictable fashion. I am still here. I cannot predict how long it will be, thus; it makes sense to enjoy what “IS” for it will change.
Waves in the Ocean of “problems” come in different shapes and sizes. It is obvious. Expected. Making a trauma about a fact of Life will take away our ability to enjoy it and rather fear, will be in its place.
What to do? Learn to surf thoses waves. Learn to dive and come out alright on the other side. Most live in despair when they see one wave coming their way. What is required is a change in attitude. It is not enough to learn to survive, when enjoyment is the spice of Life.

Many times losing now, is winning in the long run. Death is not the end but the beginning. We are tourists in Life. We could try to control the route of the “bus of Life” which is taking us to different places, but then we will never relax and be open to experience different scenery. Destiny is the driver. The “bus” may have a flat tire or an engine failure and we could be stranded. That is part of the adventure. No matter how hard we try to control, we cannot. Everyone has to taste ups and downs.

Life experiences are valuable for we can understand anyone going through the same ones. That is how empathy appears, then compassion.

Compassion doesn’t appear because we “must put ourselves in someone’s shoes.” That is only an intellectual exercise. Compassion appears when we have experienced the experience with a particular feeling (we know what it is,) and become a witness of that. In other words, there is no emotionality, a trauma inside.
A fully digested experience, will definetely help a person to become “better” in Life, that is open to Life by trusting their destiny.

Ups and downs are a fact of Life. Then; we could understand that pain and pleasure are two sides of the same coin, and to attach ourselves to one side, will only bring the other side closer… and it will not be welcomed when it arrives. It will be a traumatic experience.

Many “spirtual” people have decided not to experience pleasure, so they don’t experience pain. That “theory” only works on paper. That is to rob ourselves from experiencing Life. That sort of repression brings its own traumas. At the end, it is not by avoiding how we “solve” Life “problems,” but by assimilating the complete experience.

We are in the world of duality. We have signed up to go through this tour and experience it.
We could have our own beliefs which could bring us comfort and make us feel good in hard times; but as we grow up in consciousness, we could be able to see “what is” and learn to focus on that which is ‘good’ and unique of every situation, even though the rest may appear as ‘bad.’
What is “good” about the current state of events in the world, we may wonder? Nature has the unprecedented chance to rebuild itself. That is great news for our future.

Every Life experience is needed as it is. We are here not to “change the world” or to “make a difference.” Those are childish beliefs to pamper a self-centered ego. We are here to witness.

A witness or a detached observer, begins by “fixing” his own traumas in Life.
There is no way that we could enjoy watching a TV program when we have preconceived notions on how the program should be, when we want to judge every scene and qualify it as “good or bad.” We are only wasting our precious time.

When we leave the heavy burden of trying to control life, so it can fit our expectations, needs and wants; a witness is born.
That one is ready to fully enjoy the experience of Life, for Life is meant to be enjoyed.

Human Problems

Human society is based on agreed upon conventions.
Conventions may have different names: Laws, morality, regulations, ethics, etc.

Under those circumstances, our idea of religion/philosophy/spirituality is a byproduct of those conventions and so, is our idea of what is “good and bad.”

Human problems arise through compliance of those conventions. Sometimes it is possible, sometimes it is not possible to comply; thus, there are consequences.
Some humans may feel that they do not fit the “standards.” A deep void is created in them. A “problem” is born and the reactive mind will try to change things around. Many labels are used for this circumstance: “Rebel,” “justice,” “rights” are few of the common labels used.

Part of the process of self-realization is to “realize” that Human society, as we know it; has only a perspective on how Life “should be.” That perspective is not the standard of “truth” but merely a perspective, and so are all byproducts of that society.
Therefore, in this understanding there is no rebellion or duality of rejection/acceptance. Society becomes sort of a “game” to play with, and so; byproducts of it.

Ahnanda plays the game. At work, my behavior is as expected under the rules of the “game.” It is not a question of judging whether something is “good or bad,” but to realize that, it is a game. Then, you can enjoy it! It is not a serious thing anymore.
Most may believe that my behavior equals my personality and label me accordingly. That is OK. Labeling is part of the game.

Similarly is with all experiences that humans experience.
There are many ways to die. Many ways to live. Many handicaps, many diseases, many types of “success,” many types of relationships, etc.
Most conditioned humans will judge every single one of those experiences and look for the “ideal” to comply; effectively creating “hell” on “heaven.” Unaware individuals do not realize this, but yet are frantically looking to gain recognition to comply, to be someone.

Life is not interested in our findings of  “problems and solutions” in Life.
Life offers different experiences to everyone at every moment. The range of experiences is very rich indeed. Humans will experience that variety in many lifetimes.
Today you are rich. Tomorrow or in your next Lives, you will not. It is a “money back” guarantee. We see that perception as “good or bad.”  We can call it “karma.” But in  Life those are necessary experiences for Life to continue on. We are one with Life.

You have a puzzle and all the pieces are there, it is complete! We may label that as “paradise, heaven, avalon, the kingdom, the golden age, etc.” 
What is the next step? Pieces of the puzzle need to disperse. Life changes. It is never the same. Pieces will disperse a little in the beginning, as time goes by; pieces will be completely mixed up… We label that as a “problem” nevertheless, pieces will keep on mixing up, despite our “efforts” until the complete puzzle is no longer recognizable! That is the time, when all pieces are gathered together again… It is the natural consequence of dispersion. Expansion follows contraction. Life changes.
Life is truly a game, not a “problem.”

The duality of completion and incompletion of the puzzle of Life, is part of the game and not a situation to maintain or reject as “ideals,” as we have been taught.
So what is the practical “spiritual” teaching of Life?
Play. Enjoy. Live.  🙂

Solving the “problems.”

Tired of hearing easy solutions from others, I decided to find those solutions by myself.
The solution and the problem are different ends of the same rope.

Feel tired?
-Take XYZ. You will feel energized.
Feel rushed and stressed out?
-Meditate. That will solve the problem.
Your girlfriend is angry with you?
-Just love her. Love is the answer.
Have a disease and want a cure now?
-Pray to God. He can help you.
Your “I” is the problem?
-Become One with Oneness… Practice “less-I-ness” to accomplish that.

Tell me your “problem” and “I” will give you the “solution.”
It is free of charge!

“But all your talk deals only with observation and awareness…”

Isn’t it interesting how we feel in a certain way, and we do not know why?
Nevertheless, “to know why” will not do a thing for us. To become aware of it, will.

“But… just awareness?”

My dear, if you were aware…really truly aware of what is going on, you would know.
Aware of your feelings, your emotions, the way your body feels during the day, aware of the way you talk. Aware of how you move. Aware of the way you breathe. Aware of how the “outside” penetrates the “inside,” and the inside the outside…aware of the thoughts going on in your mind…

“But… that is a lot of stuff to keep track of…”

For the “I,” yes.
Become aware of that.

“But what is the method, what is the thing that “I” must do to achieve that awareness?
There is no method. There is nothing to do.
Please keep this mantra in your awareness: “Everything the “I” does to fix his own perceived “problems,” it is just a distraction to be aware of itself.”

“That is nonsense. Then how can “I” “improve” “myself”?
By being aware that there is an “I” wanting to “improve.”

Want for an angel to help you “improve”? Want for a way to control things and the outcome of those things?
That is the “I” looking to survive.

Paradise as a distraction; anyone?
Do you think that “I” will go to Heaven?
One thing is for sure. “I” cannot go “there.” Neither “you.”

Don’t understand? Too cryptic? Perhaps “I” am too difficult?
Want for things to make sense? To be logical? Some nice story so you can tell “others”?
Your “spiritual” age may be the equivalent of a 1-year-old baby. This stuff may not make sense to you but in a few years, it may…

At that tender age, to believe in punishment by God or the Devil is a good thing. It is meant to shape you up… You, “bad boy…” 🙂
Pushed to “do things” so you could be rewarded by God in the future? Great tool to discipline you.
At that age to believe that your Life “now” is about “getting salvation” in the after life is indeed, a nice toy to play with. It will keep you busy, so you don’t get in trouble…

Oh…I see, you don’t believe. You call yourself an “atheist.” Are you “saved” from this sort of childhood?
No. You are in the same boat, but the opposite side. A believer or a non-believer call each other through the same phone number. A message is left in the answering machine, the other party will hear it, erase it and leave his own message. That is the game.

Enjoy that childhood because it will change… Sooner or later it will change.

At that time, you may want to read this article again. Perhaps it will make sense then.

“Cow does not remember when it was veal.” Paradoxically, even though the same…they are different.

Beyond our limits


Let us say that the world is a “shoe box.” There is “John” all by himself in it.
What would be “moral or immoral” for John? What would be “right or wrong” for John?
Answer: What he believes to be.

Let us say that there is another person who joins John later on.
What would be “moral or immoral” to do? What would be “right or wrong” to do?
Answer: it depends on their belief.

Besides beliefs, there are matter of fact consequences. John may enjoy the company of that other being for he was alone before, but at the same time, John likes to have his own space all for himself.

If john was a “black or white” type of individual; he will either choose to be alone or to have company. There is no awareness of integrating both experiences without choosing.

The paradoxical and beautiful thing about the world is that every moral value, every belief system that someone may cherish as “truth” is contradicted by another living species in Nature.
Do you think that a caste system, a hierarchy based on being born in certain social class is “bad”?
Take a look at bees and ants.
Do you think that family life is a thing of the past?
Take a look at how wolves live.
Do you think that to be a loner and to mingle with the opposite gender just to procreate is to take advantage of someone?
Take a look at the life of tigers.

If we observe life as it is in Nature and not the artificially created “world at the office,” we will discover those beautiful contradictions, which make this world what is.

What could be God’s law then, in the observation that every species of “his” creation acts contradicting any written law that could ever be?

Perhaps there is a law for every species?
I have not seen any written codes of conduct for Tigers yet. But because there is that diversity around, could I make myself such a narrow minded, judgmental person who takes sides to label something as “good or bad”?

If there was a law of “good and bad” coming from God himself wouldn’t that be a contradiction of what already exists?
That is why many individuals have decided to create their “own world” in their own “shoe box” to fit their beliefs as “righteous” in their world.

As John’s “shoe box” becomes populated, there is obviously a problem of “logistics” in the human world that animals are unaware of.
Thinking, logic, analysis creates that contradiction which a human being will pretend to resolve through moral standards.

An animal adapts and harmoniously is able to live in balance with its surroundings.
A thinking, “rational” human being is unable to adapt like that.

The question is not “why is that?” because that will take our logic and rationality into greater contradictions.

The point is to observe, feel and act.

Nature has a completely different way of manifesting beyond logic, rationality and belief systems… well beyond our “office world” morality.

The “world of the office,” John’s “shoe box” has rationality, analysis, judgment, comparisons, separation, and, ifs, or, not … computer operations, that we have learned to troubleshoot by breaking the problems in “halfs” until we discover the “culprit.”

Nature does not work like that.

Which world do we choose?
Wrong question if we could see beyond duality, but a rational “good” question for those who cannot.

Integrate everything. Welcome the “office world” and Nature. Experience both.

At that point, we could understand practically that “God” could never have given us any laws to be followed, but to allow us to make sense of things for ourselves…Not intellectually, but by using our “instincts.”
That is insight, intuition, love for the Totality, appreciation of what is, gratefulness and a sense of balance.
When we discover in ourselves what is beautiful, then we have discovered what we have in common with “his” creation.

Reader Remark: The “ideal center” – A step towards paradise

Dear brother, if a brother cant attend class in the centre, he should be helped by supporting through the net or any site. This is because there are many souls who cant go to centre. In some centres the rights of students are denied. For example, the centre i attend, a brother who is ADHAR KUMAR who is in charge, does not like kumaars and he tries to undermine them. I truly believe that 99% of the centres are properly managed in the whole world but there are centres where powers are abused and misused at the detriment of the spiritual progress of many souls. So it is better to follow classes through PMTV and get murlis through email than to go to the centres and suffer the deprivation of the many spiritual rights of students in the hands of people who are not well experienced in gyaan and wh have become in charge jjust for name sake . Not everybody can follow brahma baba to become large hearted like him to uplift the children. The sustenance that brahma baap gave to dadis and dadas are unequalled. Therefore, i am kindly requesting you when you advise souls here to keep in touch with any centre, please specify a bk centre where the in charge is selfless, altruistic like brahma baap like those where sister jayanti is in charge. I strongly believe that the best place where bks are well-versed to serve is in madhuban. That is why i keep in touch with madhuban and not any local centre here in mauritius where some in charges have crooked mind. And i am not going to limit my mind in any centre here, but always remember my baba, my madhuban and murlis. OM SHAANTI

avyakt7 responds:

Thank you for your feedback, dear soul.
Your opinion is respected and appreciated.
In this blog, the main interest is to explore gyan and go deeper than in a typical “7 day course.”

Once we explore gyan and get to understand it, we will know about the law of karma. Your experiences are there because you deserve it. That is the bottom line.
However, you have the “choice” of solving that issue. That is to settle that karmic account.

Some may choose to stop going to a center. If you feel that this is the way of settling a karmic account; that is your call in life. That is why we have this knowledge.
Some others will choose something else. That is fine as well.

In knowledge, we also understand about the concept of “numberwise,” so i will not go into the game of “which center I think is better.” That is pointless when we get to go where we need to go according to the Drama.

In your note: “Therefore, i am kindly requesting you when you advise souls here to keep in touch with any centre, please specify a bk centre where the in charge is selfless, altruistic like brahma baap like those where sister jayanti is in charge.”

Gyan is meant so we can deal with anyone at anytime. For that we need to be able of dealing with ourselves first. Searching for “motherly love” is good when we are babies; after that, we are the ones who have to develop that love to give. We cannot be taking “baby formula” all the time, we need to grow up and become strong.

Last but no least, what you think is good for you may not be for someone else; so I will not “advertise” any centers here. That is not what this blog is about.

Best wishes!