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Spiritual Efforts: Good Wishes and Pure Feelings

It may sound simple. Even silly; but behind that simplicity lies one of the greatest methods to maintain equanimity in our wellbeing, our stage.

Good wishes and pure feelings are not a thought. Something like:” Let me send good wishes to so and so,” Good wishes and pure feelings are manifested as a state of being, in other words, what you have in your “heart” at any moment of your life are good wishes for all as well as pure feelings. It is a constant “giving.”

It is this fact, what changes the “simplicity,” into something harder to obtain.

That stage comes out of a peaceful being, that is expressed in a mind whose thoughts are few, rhythmically slow and because of that powerful. An ongoing concentration may be needed at first to “get” the feeling. Then it is a matter of practice to make it automatic, part of the self.
In this realm of pure feelings, there are other important points to be aware of:

1) When karmic accounts are being settled, we will experience sometimes that our activities bring “instant” karmic return. Here it is important to maintain those pure feelings for if we do not, that “test” was “flunked.” We didn’t pass with “honors.”

2) Even if we pass that karmic test, there is another layer to be aware of that is when we “share” a particular karmic episode with others. If we are relating details of what we went through, when the karmic account hasn’t been settled, a feeling of being perturbed will arise, emotions all of a sudden will pop up. Therefore, if you share an episode of your life where a karmic bondage was not settled, it is my suggestion not to go into details or better yet to keep quiet. Otherwise, the stage of “pure feelings” will go away.
For instance, if I tell someone how “bad” I felt when this person said something about me in front of others, I am re-living “past” episodes which will bring disturbing feelings/emotions. That will generate a karmic bondage. (Even if while I was present during the “defamation” I did not react, for I was “storing” emotions so they could be “dumped” to others later on.)

3) If “pure feelings” are gone, waste arrives. Our mind will be an easy prey of outside forces and we will not be centered anymore.

4) Pure feelings and good wishes bring an easy attitude in life, a peaceful demeanor, thus; when we go away from that, we need to be “awake” to catch that. It is a good “checking point” to recognize our stage.

5) Pure feelings and good wishes is the basis of conquering “sex-lust.” From that, we can see how important this “practice is.” Lustful energies from lower “chakras” could be shifted to the “heart chakra.” Here is where “feelings from the heart” reside. This was explained here.

To be at peace is to have pure feelings and good wishes for all, at all times.

Question: Thanks for sending me the comments on Murli, questions answers,exploring the depth of BK Gyan etc.I am receiving all these since June this year and I find them very encouraging . The classes from seniors are so powerful that I feel that I am not going to achieve that, but the replies you give to the questions are so practical and self experienced that I feel that I too have experienced that.I have couple of questions for you. Your explanation on yogyukt and yuktiyukt and how to apply that in practical life.To send out good vibration for a person to change their bad habits and become normal again is it pure desire or service or my own selfish desire?For me I have mixture feelings of sympathy, bit of attachment as well.I am had good positive feelings and meditation for that soul but no changes visible.

Thank you for your questions!
Many thanks for your kind words as well. Yes, as you mentioned; what you will find here is out of experience and like you said, If I had experienced those things, then others will feel related with those experiences for I am not a “self realized” “enlightened” human being, but just a human being living life in appreciation of what these spiritual teachings have been able to bring into my life.

On your first question, both words, “yogyukt and yuktiyukt,” are related for yoga will give you the stage to face or relate with someone or something, but the “method” will give you the “form” on how to do it.

For instance, I recall this story of a soul who took the Raja yoga course and was very happy. She was so appreciative that the next day she brought a cake for the teacher who gave the class. (The cake had eggs in it.) The teacher didn’t accept the gift and also mentioned that ” we do not eat eggs or anything cooked by anyone else.” That soul (the one who took the classes) felt rejected and didn’t go back again.

The stage of yoga (yogyukt) would have been given you sweetness/mercy/ good feelings, etc. (stage) to deal with that person, by accepting her gift. The “right method” would have emerged there as well, which was to thank that soul for such a kind thought.
Because someone gives you a cake, it doesn’t mean that you have to eat it. That wasn’t the reason for the cake to be brought, but as a means of appreciation. This is a teaching on the “method,” the form.

On your second question, when we send “good wishes and pure feelings” the aim is not to “send them” (Paradox) the aim is to BE those good feelings and pure wishes, constantly. There is no expectation in that, otherwise; they cannot be called “pure feelings.”
We do not know about someone else’s karmic accounts. It is not for us to “change them,” nor to expect for them to change. Otherwise that would be “subtle manipulation.” 🙂

Thank you again and Best wishes!

Question:If your child is beaten by the other students in the school or simply hit, how should the child be empowered and what kind of thoughts and feelings will help……?

Great question, Thank you.
According to usually understood, theoretical “be good” gyan, it is just Karma. Your child is “paying his karmic accounts” so if he can be passive for some time and accept being beat up on a regular basis with happiness, then theoretically; he should settle his karmic account… 🙂
Of course, we know that this is “unreal.” So we need to use gyan with common sense, being “down to Earth.”
What you are describing is called “Bullying” and it is very common nowadays in the school system. The root of it is “cowardice.” A Kid (child) has been frustrated by his parents and he wants to “get even” but he can’t so he looks for other kids to “get even.” Usually kids which they have perceived physically/emotionally weaker than themselves. That is the action of a coward.
To empower that child means to allow him to understand that any perceived wrong must be denounced; it must be put forward so it is known. The child should be able to understand that this is never about taking the “law under our own hands, “ but to allow the system to play its part. Many times to denounce means to be left “alone,” to be lonely, but it is better to be alone than in the company of “bull-ies.”
1) The child should understand that it is not about him. It is a frustration that others have.
2) The child should understand that he needs the courage to “speak up.” That means for him to let parents know what is going on as well as the school administration. For this, the relationship between a parent and a child should be of encouragement to speak, to express, with respect and good feelings between them. Here is where BK gyan comes into the picture because it gives the “soil” of a good, strong relationship. The child is not alone. Just like Baba behaves with us. This is where gyan is important as parents have the responsibility to sustain a child.
3) The child should understand that every action has a consequence and he should look into his own activity and improve on those elements which may trigger a reaction from other children.
4) The child should be encouraged to participate in sports at school and to be physically fit. To develop the whole being in balance.
5) This is a very good time for the child and the parents to recognize the evil of fear. To denounce that in the open is a good step to “settle that karmic account.”
6) If the school administrations do not act promptly, parents should denounce that lack of interest to a higher administrative authority and remove the child from that school.
7) All of that should be done with good wishes and pure feelings. That is “this is nothing personal” but I am doing “my” part as well.
This point is what makes the difference between a “simple Joe” out on the streets and a BK: Doing but at the same time BEING full of good feelings for all.