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What is the purpose of being here? (The World)

This is the question that a young intelligent man asked in a spiritual gathering that Avyakt7 attended this morning.
Everyone gave their opinions.

Is there any way to answer that question without giving opinions and beliefs?

There is no known “purpose” for being here, unless you create that purpose. However, it is not something that you create by “doing” something in life; but by “being” aware, conscious, awake.

If you were conscious of your own immortality, your only “purpose” would be to express and experience.

To observe how life lives through you. That is to watch the eternal movie. To be a detached observer, a witness. To enjoy, to be naturally happy and to become amazed at the beauty and perfection of life.

That is why in spirituality, consciousness, awareness, the self, the soul, atma, bindi all of those labels, represent the observer observing everything without attachment, letting one scene of the movie of life go by so he can fully be in the moment. To take “pictures” with you (of some scenes of life) means not to travel light in life.

Here is when experiencing that inner self becomes important. Therefore, the “purpose” in life is to know yourself.

Your own existence should remove any doubts you have; for you exist without depending on anything.

You are in everything for everything only exists in your consciousness when you are there, conscious of it.

Life is a movie, a dream which you can truly enjoy when you are awake in your dreams, so you know that it is a dream and enjoy it.

What is the purpose of a dream? 🙂

To make the dreamer aware of its own existence.